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Customer Testimonials
I tried your printing for the first time and was thrilled to receive a free, sample 8 x 8 scrapbook page. It's absolutely beautiful and I will definitely return to get more of my pages printed. Thank you for the wonderful service!!
Cheryl ~ Fort Myers, Florida, November 5, 2017
I was pleased with my order. The couple I ordered it for loved it. Thank you.
Maria in Ohio, October 17, 2017
The pages were lovely, I liked the look of the photo pages, wish I got the same quality with the textured papers.
Terri in Nederland, Texas, August 27, 2017
My order arrived in its usual perfect condition. Evidently you upgraded the print as you found some pics of poor quality. How very thoughtful to do that. I am even more thrilled with your company. Keep up the great work. Debbie, New Port Richey, FL
Debbie S ~ Florida, July 27, 2017
I am beyond thrilled with the excellent quality of the prints, quick service, and ease of communication. Thank you VERY much!
Joanna ~ Lombard, Illinois, July 3, 2017
As always, everything was perfect. The pages are beautiful, the colors are excellent and the service from Scrapbooks Please is top notch! Nancy
Nancy ~ Fort Collins, Colorado, April 23, 2017
I was beyond pleased with my order. The paper quality was very good and the colors were so vivid and exactly what I wanted!
Melanie in Aliquippa, PA, March 24, 2017
Its been a couple of years since I have printed anything. My order was the same quality as the first time I ordered years ago. In fact I already just put in 2 more orders since receiving my most recent purchase. Thank you! I plan on doing a lot more scrapbook printing this year.
Pam in Ohio, March 23, 2017
I was quite happy with my 2 photobooks. And my husband loved them!
Marsha ~ Jefferson City, Millouri, January 16, 2017
Once again one of the best Christmas gifts was a family scrapbook. Thanks to scrapbooksplease.com it is fun, affordable and easy to make high quality scrapbooks as presents. Thanks
Don Holt, Michigan, January 1, 2017
I'm so happy I found you!
Annette ~ Phoenix, AZ, December 22, 2016
I order 12x12 prints for my mother every year. I design these pages for her grandkid scrapbook, and it is her Christmas gift that I add to them yearly. I use photos of my kids, and the children of my sisters. She loves them, and I am so happy to see her beautiful book growing year by year.
Heather in South Carolina, December 18, 2016
My order was a bit unusual and you responded promptly with resolving the issue so I received my order faster than expected. Thank you. It's an excellent product
Lydia in Mesa, Arizona, December 17, 2016
My name is Abbie and if you like to print out your digital scrapbook pages this is the best place to use,,,,great product and great customer service
Abbie - Hialeah Springs, Florida, December 17, 2016
the quality was better than expected...
Raymond - Pensacola, Florida, November 1, 2016
My pages arrived in perfect condition. The Color and quality is TOP notch.
Marj in Topeka, Kansas, September 26, 2016
I think I have ordered from you over 20 times- always a good experience and always a great product!
Gaylene in Vancouver, WA, August 14, 2016
Haven't printed anything in awhile, but as usual, the quality and service from you was superb! Thank you for such promptness and the sale price that allowed me (on a strict income) to produce a copy of my creations. Appreciate all you do!
Maryanne in Texas, August 10, 2016
A fabulous deal! I have ordered many times because I know that my 12x12 sheets will come out just like I want. I recommended the site to lots of folks at the most recent scrapbook convention I went to.
Sally from Portland, Oregon, August 8, 2016
Wonderful as always. Char
Char ~ Michigan, June 7, 2016
Someone recommended this site to me, and I was very happy with the quality of my order. Thank you. Ferrisa
Ferrisa in Texas, May 16, 2016
We were VERY pleased with the product we got! We ordered individual page prints and felt that they turned out even better than we expected! We love the quality and feel of the pages ... we will for sure order again ... especially at these prices!! Jenise
Jenise in Deer Creek, Illinois, May 9, 2016
I was looking to print a photo in a 12x12 format, but could not find anywhere to get it done. I found you online and thought I'd give it a try. I was so excited to see my package from Scapbooks Please when I got home! Once I opened it, I was thrilled with the outcome! I can't stop looking at the print! It looks fabulous! Thank you for providing a great product at a great price!
Jodie ~ Manvel, Texas, May 9, 2016
Overall, I'm pleased with the product I received, great alternative to basic background paper you find at Michael's, Hobby Lobby, etc.
Tara ~ Mobile, Alabama, May 7, 2016
Outstanding, as usual. I finished my church-life scrapbook project and took it in on Easter Sunday. Thanks for the 2-dy shipping - that was a real treat! Keep up the great work.
Sharren in Gainesville, Florida, March 28, 2016
Yes, delighted with the product. Nice texture of the white covers! Nice matte-finish! Beautiful!
Paula - Washington State, March 11, 2016
Highly satisfied!
Carol in Texas, November 16, 2015
Better than 10 - I have never had even the smallest problem.
Deborah in Dover, NH, October 27, 2015
love your site everything arrives beautiful
Antonia ~ South Carolina, October 19, 2015
I was so excited to get my order and in record time I might add. I couldn't wait to put them into the new book that I bought. I ordered 50 pages and they all turned out great! Will definitely order again and again/ Thank you so much for making my day! Linda
Linda ~ Flint, Michigan, October 11, 2015
Everything was and has been of the best quality. And the last order I made was sent the very next day to my home. I was so surprised and VERY pleased. Scrapbooks please is the best. Nancy
Nancy ~ Fort Collins, Colorado, September 23, 2015
I have been very pleased with the print quality and value that ScrapbooksPlease provides for my digital scrapbooking projects. Just recently, I sent a print as a gift but I entered the address incorrectly and the post office returned the package to ScrapbooksPlease. Ling Zou, the Director of Customer Service, corrected the address and resent it, all without recharging me for shipping. What a great service department you have there! Thank you all so much! ~Diana
Diana in Boca Raton, Florida, July 28, 2015
I loved the prints I got this year! Last year I ordered a lower quality (sounded good in writing, but not great in reality). But these new photo prints looked great and were within my budget! Tara
Tara in Wisconsin, July 17, 2015
Scrapbook pages were very sharp and clear, much better than Costco's 12x12
Robin in Michigan, June 17, 2015
The photos were absolutely gorgeous!! The quality was amazing and professional and exactly what I was hoping for!!! Lori
Lori ~ Elizabethtown, KY, June 17, 2015
I'm always very pleased with my orders. Keep up the good work!
Char ~ Michigan, April 12, 2015
Delighted? Yes, very fast processing and shipping. Thanks!
Tammy, Napa, California, April 7, 2015
Order came quickly and was exactly what I ordered!
Catherine in Michigan, February 19, 2015
I recently ordered 50 pages. They arrived a day earlier than expected and in great condition! As long as I am recording family memories, I will count on you guys to be there to help me preserve them! -Gaylene
Gaylene in Vancouver, WA, January 19, 2015
All I could say when I opened my package was WOW! I did not expect the quality of print. My original photos were not very good, so I did not expect that great of a scrapbook page. I was extremely delighted. I was so happy with my 12x12 scrapbook page, it laid my fears to rest of being a digital scrapbooker. I had found the company to print my digital scrapbook pages. On top of that I received my order fast, I put in my order Friday evening and to my surprise I found my package at my door that Wednesday morning. Thank you so much scrapbooksplease,you have a new client!
Maria ~ Avon Lake, Ohio, January 5, 2015
The standard 12x12s are very nice! My only problem is I'm scrapping for twins!! So double everything! They were very pleased!
Kay in Texas, January 4, 2015
I was impressed with the prompt answers t emails and the resolution to my problems. The quality was amazing and the fact that I recieved my order within the or used 2 days was awesome !!! IM gettng ready to place another order. Thanks Janice
Janice ~ San Antonio, Texas, December 20, 2014
There aren't whole lot of places to order 12x12 prints. It was an added bonus to find the prints on sale as well and they came out exactly as designed for a Christmas Gift Project. I couldn't be more pleased.
Judy aka Pixel Palette, December 12, 2014
I am absolutely thrilled with the pages that I had printed through your service. The past year I have been hunting for a company to print my pages at a reasonable price due to the large volume. Costo..nope. Local printer..nope. Thank you. You folks are a God Send and I will be using you again in the future.
Pam in Ohio, December 10, 2014
After I ordered, my product arrive promptly, even a day before it was promised. I was pleased with the order and quality of the pages for my scrapbook Louise
Louise ~ Pennsylvania, December 10, 2014
Wow!!!!! Just wanted to let you know I received my order TODAY!!! That was super fast!!! Thank you so much for your excellent service! You can bet I will be using Scrapbooksplease.com for ALL my scrapbook printing!!!
April ~ Savannah, Georgia, October 24, 2014
Delighted? YES!!!! I just love the 12x12 page prints! Great quality!!
Michelle in Minneapolis, Minnesota, October 15, 2014
This was the first time I'd tried the wedding photo quality paper, thanks to your great sale prices. When first opened, I thought you must have changed your print quality somehow. The pages turned out so sharp, with such vivid colors.
Kathie in Bellingham, Washington, October 12, 2014
I think the quality of the photos is very good. Placing them beside another developer you can definitely see the difference. Thank you!
Char ~ Wisconsin, October 12, 2014
I'm always happy with my orders.
Pam in Ohio, October 6, 2014
great 12x12 prints but important to get the samples first and order the quality that best suits your purpose. It may be worth it to pay a little more for a higher quality print unless all you need is a temporary print or poster.
Connie ~ Oklahoma, September 30, 2014
I am thrilled with pages printed by your service. Due to the quantity of pages I needed, I chose the value price and was a little nervous the finished product might not be the best quality. However, I was happily surprised once I saw my pages. They are excellent quality and surpassed my expectations. The service was very fast and cost reasonable. Thank you very much!-Joanna
Joanna ~ Lombard, Illinois, September 25, 2014
I love the quality and the quick turn around I received with my order. This was for a special friend daughter that I wanted to help her get started with her Senior scrapbook. Thank you!
Deanna in Indiana, September 10, 2014
I am so glad I found this site! The layouts are brilliant and beautiful and they have arrived both times I ordered them with no damage at all. I have had pictures printed in the past and been disappointed that they didn't look as good as they did on my computer screen. The prints from scrapbooksplease.com always look as good as they did on screen or better! Thank you!
Melinda ~ Pasadena, Maryland, September 2, 2014
Awesome prints, thanks so much
Marianne ~ Nova Scotia, CANADA, September 1, 2014
I am in LOVE with my Instagram prints!!!! I posted your website on Facebook right away!!! I want everyone to use your services!!! My prints are beautiful!!!
Donalene ~ San Diego, CA, August 31, 2014
I've ordered from you 21 times! Obviously, you are doing something right. I always love my pages and I tell all my scrapbook friends about you. Keep up the good work!
Gaylene in Vancouver, WA, August 31, 2014
We recently made two small "picture walls" and we wanted to use pictures of multiple sizes on the shelves. Your 8x8's were perfect. Even though I am a scrapbooker, these pics served a different purpose. Quality was perfect. Linda
Linda in Pennsylvania, August 24, 2014
The pages look fabulous!
Carmen ~ Texas, August 24, 2014
Thrilled with how fast my book arrived, every page was of good quality printing..the gift was a hit! thanks you!
Jodi in New York, August 10, 2014
I think I squealed like a little girl when I open up my purchase and saw just how beautiful my prints turned out. Completely surpassed my expectations!
Chelsea ~ Idaho, August 10, 2014
Wedding Book prints were beautifully done!
Lynne in Florida, July 21, 2014
I love ordering from ScrapbooksPlease! The clarity of the finished product is excellent. I accidentally ordered a duplicate photo collage from a local retail store photo kiosk. When I put the ScrapbookPlease page next to the other company's I became an instant convert! I don't mind waiting a few days to get my prints when they are so much BETTER than what I can get locally.
Sally from Portland, Oregon, July 9, 2014
I wish I could describe my absolute satisfaction with a flourish equal to the quality of the scrapbook! This was my 3rd complete album and I am eagerly awaiting albums 4-6. I have every confidence I will be as thrilled with the next 3 albums as I have been with the first 3. Love these albums and Scrapbook Please so much! I am already uploading scraps so I will be ready to get my Christmas order in. Thank you all so much!
Dawn ~ Oklahoma, July 8, 2014
This sale gave me an opportunity to catch up at an economical price.
Courtney ~ Oklahoma, July 7, 2014
I just love Scrapbooks Please! They offer great products at a really good value. They tell you when it ships - which is a really good turn around time too! Thank you!!!! Michelle
Michelle in Minnesota, July 7, 2014
Quality of prints was great
Char in Wisconsin, July 5, 2014
Totally delighted with my order. I have 7 brothers and sisters and the 8x8 digital pages are just perfect for making and duplicating early family photos for each....thanks! Therese
Therese ~ Grand Junction, Colorado, June 20, 2014
The quality of the pages were better than I anticipated! I had a lot of old photos and wasn't sure how the project would turn out. My daughter loved it!
Shelley in Oklahoma, June 9, 2014
Thanks again for your quick service.. I use you so often but this was super important, my granddaughters graduation invites. I used you last year as well. She loved them.. cannot tell you how much it means when I can count you on you for such an emotional and important event!! I tell everyone about you!!!
Antoinette ~ Texas, May 5, 2014
I am very happy with my order. I received it much sooner than I expected. The quality is excellent.
Deborah in Tennessee, April 30, 2014
I absolutely love the two scrapbooks I ordered!! Not only was the print quality excellent but the pages were in plastic sleeves, and I didn't expect that (but was thrilled!). I will be ordering my Christmas albums every year from now on, as well as special occasion albums.
Dawn ~ Oklahoma, April 26, 2014
Just getting into digital scrapbooking. I have a long way to go. The product I received was great. I will be back.
Anita in Virginia, April 17, 2014
I really enjoy shopping here at scrapbook please.
Glynis ~ Mississippi, April 11, 2014
As always, Scrapbooks Please did a phenomenal job. My pages printed beautifully and look marvelous in my album. My daughter is going to be thrilled to receive her baby's First Baby album. Thank YOU Scrapbooks Please, DebbieS FLorida
Debbie S ~ Florida, April 10, 2014
Prints are always great, service is quick!
Pat in Indiana, March 18, 2014
I loved my prints. I will definitely order again. Turned out MUCH better than my Heritage Makers order.
Lynn - Dexter, Michigan, March 14, 2014
I was so excited to find a place to print my digital scrapbook pages. There were so many choices in papers. My order took about a week from start to finish. My pages arrived safely and they are everything I imagined they would be and more. Very Happy and will use them again and again!
Sunanne in Beaumont, Texas, March 13, 2014
I sent in a mail in CD order because my internet is so slow. I also uploaded some more to be printed. Both ways worked great! They are great quality prints! They even shipped my orders together! Thanks, Lori, Wisner, Nebraska.
Lori ~ Wisner, Nebraska, March 11, 2014
Your service is awesome. You respond to emails rapidly (which is great!!!) and you deliver on the product ordering. All I have ordered is page prints for my digital scrapping, but they ALL have been absolutely perfect and I love them.
Nancy ~ Fort Collins, Colorado, March 5, 2014
I received my pages within a week and they looked AMAZING! The price was unbelievable and the quality was better than professional! I will definitely order from you again, and soon!
Ursula ~ Ft. Wayne, Indiana, March 2, 2014
I am very happy with the product! My only wish is that my pages would come faster -- which they would if I upped my delivery choice!
Vicki in Minnesota, February 26, 2014
The 12x12 pages I ordered were delivered quickly and turned out lovely. What great value and quality. I will place another order again soon!
Jennifer in Maryland, February 5, 2014
My page was beautiful and exactly as I envisioned it when I created the graphic. The paper quality is excellent with just enough texture to really make the graphic pop. I'm very happy!
Jude in Wisc., February 2, 2014
I'm currently working on a family project for my brothers and sisters and with a total of 7 that makes a lot of scrapbooks, so I decided to go with 8x8 digital photos which makes duplicating so much easier and the quality and price of my pages through Scrapbooks Please makes it even easier to do....thanks! Therese
Therese ~ Grand Junction, Colorado, February 1, 2014
The standard matte print that I received was exceptional in quality. The colors are bright,accurate and sharp. I am really impressed. I was a Creative Memories consultant for 15 years and Scrapbooks Please is a great place to get 12x12 prints printed. Please shorten your shipping time and I will be your customer forever! Lexi
Lexi in Ohio, January 31, 2014
I order from you every Christmas, pages for my mother's scrapbook. It's become a tradition to add her pages in December. We both look forward to it.
Heather ~ Mississippi, January 30, 2014
I order from you every Christmas, pages for my mother's scrapbook. It's become a tradition to add her pages in December. We both look forward to it.
Michelle in Minneapolis, January 20, 2014
The print pages were beyond my expectations. Especially when the photo's were scanned and taken 20 years ago. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality and bright vibrant colors. I'll be ordering again. Deanna
Deanna in Illinois, January 19, 2014
Yes, it was perfect. I am glad you sent me samples of the different papers you print on. Next time I'll know what I'm getting for paper quality. Thanks!
Kelly in Iowa, January 18, 2014
Very delighted, great job... Thank You!
Donald - Augusta, Georgia, January 11, 2014
I love the ease of use. I have recommended this all my scrapbooking friends.
Lynn in Lancaster, Ohio, January 9, 2014
Delighted? - Yes! Many compliments received!! Michelle
Michelle in Minneapolis, Minnesota, January 9, 2014
Since this was my first time ordering I was unsure of what to expect. I was happily surprised and delighted with my product. I was glad you company provided me with paper samples. Very helpful for future ordering. I am a long time Creative Memories consumer and now with their company going chapter 11 I needed another printing company. Your company has fit the bill nicely. I have recommended you to many others. Thank you for your service!
Joyce in Maryland. , January 1, 2014
Great service every time. I will be back to order soon.
Debbie from Vermont, December 31, 2013
Absolute perfect! I couldn't have asked for anything better. From start to finish it was a smooth transaction, even during the holidays!! WOW
Sherry ~ Georgia, December 30, 2013
Pages were beautiful, full of color and clear. I've used other websites to print my scrapbook pages but find some of them don't do a true 12x12 page. I hate that. So I come back to Scrapbook Please and get what I want.
Nicki in Texas, December 26, 2013
I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the paper - I even ordered the value matte. I will definitely use Scrapbooks Please for all my pages!
Michelle in Minneapolis, Minnesota, December 24, 2013
I have always been delighted to receive my pages or my photobooks from scrapbooksplease, and this time was no exception. Thank you! Marsha
Marsha ~ Jefferson City, Millouri, December 22, 2013
I was absolutely thrilled with my 12 x 12 scrapbook page printouts from Scrapbooks Please! The color, clarity, and overall quality was perfect! Thank you for making it so easy to preserve and display my family memories. It is something we will treasure for many years to come, and I will be coming back to you to print new scrapbook memories!
Lara in Texas, December 16, 2013
Tried several different places and this site is my favorite. I even had my daughter get me a gift card for Christmas! Carolyn
Carolyn ~ Nashville, Tennessee, December 16, 2013
The service and quality of prints is great. I love to scrapbook and feel sure that the images I send to Scrapbooks Please is going to be of excellent quality when they are returned to me. I LOVE Scrapbooks Please. Judy
Judy ~ Texas, December 15, 2013
This is the first time I have had any of my scrapbook pages printed after doing digital scrapbooking for many years. I was very happy with the quality and the price. I have already started picking out other pages to have printed. Christy
Christy ~ Indiana, December 14, 2013
Great value. Great improvement on the packaging. In the past I have received bent corners
Cathy in Idaho, December 12, 2013
I do LOVE Scrapbooks Please and would never order anywhere else. ~Angie
Angie ~ Las Vegas, Nevada, December 5, 2013
Excellent value, fast efficient service.
Simone ~ Delray Beach, Florida, December 1, 2013
My scrapbooks turned out beautifully- the quality was great and they were packaged for shipping so nicely. They make a wonderful Christmas gift for my children every year! ~Kristin
Kristin in Indiana, November 25, 2013
I am always delighted when I receive an order from you.
Tinaca ~ Orem, Utah, November 2, 2013
I love the finished product@ They're full of color and something I am proud to put in my book!
Char ~ Michigan, October 20, 2013
I was happy with my order and very happy with the sales price. I will continue to watch for those sales and order again. Thanks so much!!
Joan in Pennsylvania, October 18, 2013
my second order with scrapbooksplease was hassle free and my finished product was perfect. i had a few questions regarding shipping that were answered promptly and efficiently. working on more pages and definitely will be sending to scrapbooksplease for printing. happy customer Susanne
Susanne in Oregon, October 9, 2013
I created 3 12x12 sports event scrapbook pages recently and, as always, your work was beautiful. The colors were vibrant and gave full life to the pictures, the finish was just what I was expecting and the paper weight was perfect. I always look forward to receiving my work back from Scrapbooks Please--it's like waiting for a gift in the mail. -Lyndie
Lyndie in Maryland, October 2, 2013
This was my first time using Scrapbooks Please and I was very happy with the 12 X 12 page prints that I ordered!
Kelly ~ New York, September 13, 2013
Absolutely love the scrapbook pages I ordered! Colors were correctly printed and the pages look great!
Shana in Pennsylvania, September 8, 2013
I am always thrilled with Scrapbooks please. The quality and clearness of all my pictures are exceptional. The service is done in a very timely fashion and I would recommend your company to anyone. You do EXCELLENT work. Thank you!
Vicki in North Carolina, September 8, 2013
Quality, price, the sales really help, and speed Thanks Simone
Simone ~ Delray Beach, Florida, August 25, 2013
This was my first attempt at digital scrapbooking and was very pleased at the quality and vibrant colors of pages.
Sharon ~ California, August 8, 2013
Beautiful work. Thank you.
Carol in Texas, August 7, 2013
So happy to receive my order and receive it so quickly. The print quality is good. The color is true. I have already recommended you to several friends and will continue to do so.
Donna ~ New Market, Tennessee, August 6, 2013
I love the colors of my prints. It makes me proud to give them as gifts.
Celeste ~ Florida, August 3, 2013
At $.99 per sheet for 12x12, can't beat the price. The quality is very good as well. I have ordered several times from SprapbooksPlease and have not been disappointed. Thanks.
Anne in Lakeside, Texas, August 1, 2013
I ordered the special 12 x 12 for .99. I had not printed my pages because most places charge too much so when I saw your special I decided to try it. So glad I did, finally I can share my digital pages in a book.
Nancy in Arizona, July 25, 2013
Ordering was a very smooth process, pages arrived within the week. Looks great! Will be ordering again... SOON! Thanks so much,
Terri R. ~ Fort Worth, Texas, July 24, 2013
I love the free Shipping you offer several times a year. I also love that you offer 99 cent prints at the same time. Thanks! I recommend you to everyone!
Elizabeth ~ Holladay, Utah, July 10, 2013
I am very happy with the quality of my 12x12 scrapbook pages - the color seems perfect, any borders are perfectly centered, the order is returned promptly, the price is good. I will continue to use Scrapbooks Please for all my printing needs!
Priscilla in Rockland, Maine, July 7, 2013
Your prices are very comparable and the quality and service are excellent! Thanks! becky
Becky in Virginia, July 6, 2013
Loved the quality of my prints!
Letitia ~ Maine, July 5, 2013
I ordered 12x12 photo pages and they were better than I expected. I don't do much scrapbooking but I will use scrapbooks please again. There were a couple of hitches in ordering, but they were taken care of in a timely manner. Ruth
Ruth in Illinois, June 22, 2013
The colors were as on my monitor and the paper and print were excellent quality. Better than what I print myself on my Epson even when my monitor is calibrated. Very pleased. Margaret
Margaret in Michigan, June 13, 2013
I ordered the Standard Matte prints since I was using them as scrapbook pages and didn't want the white edge. I was SO pleased with the quality!
Michele in Missouri, June 6, 2013
Delighted!! I will use it more often!!
Carol in Florida, June 5, 2013
The pages I ordered were excellent quality and I'm very pleased with them.
Cindy in Florida, June 1, 2013
The pictures were great! Everyone at the party wanted to know where I got them printed at. Thanks
Dixie ~ St. Mary's, Ohio, May 27, 2013
Great quality and the price was right. A nice surprise. Thank you!
Mary from the Garden State, May 26, 2013
I am extremely 100% satisfied with the website, service, and product quality. I ordered a photo book and 12x12 prints. Everthing was very high quality, for a very reasonable price. I will definittely be using Scrapbooks Please again!
Anne in Storm Lake, Iowa, May 20, 2013
Easy to use website...great variety of sizes...beautiful quality. Thank you!
Diane ~ Arizona, May 18, 2013
Received my scrapbook 8 x 8 prints and was delighted with the quality of the prints! The service was timely and I definitely will be ordering more in the future! Thanks Scrapbooks Please! Pat
Pat in Indiana, May 14, 2013
I ordered scrapbook pages for my mom for Mothers Day and they arrived on time and she was pleased with the quality!
Christine ~ Massachusetts, May 14, 2013
The quality of the pictures was great!!!. And they arrived so quickly. You will not be able to find a better price for the quality of pictures. Thanks. Dixie
Dixie ~ St. Mary's, Ohio, May 13, 2013
I was very happy with my order. I had many digital scrapbook pages that I had been waiting to print until I found a good deal. When I found scrapbooksplease deal for 99 cents a page I jumped at it. The pages turned out wonderful, the colors were vibrant and I was very impressed with the quality of the products. For comparison purposes I ordered one page in both the 12x12 premium matte and in the 12x12 standard matte. They were both very good quality, but I did like the 12x12 premium matte color and picture quality better. However I ordered about 80 12x12 standard matte pages and was very happy with them and will use those for most of my scrapbook pages in the future. I will definitely use scrapbooksplease for all of my digital scrapbook page printing and will recommend to all of my friends!
Katherine in Massachusetts, May 9, 2013
I always receive an excellent product from SBP. The print quality is clear and sharp and the paper quality is great. I am very satisfied with the service and speed in which I receive my prints.
Janet ~ Florida, May 7, 2013
YES - all my pages were PERFECT. I would just like to see more offers on 8.5 x 11 pages like you do for 12 x 12. Thanks!
Ann in Minnesota, May 7, 2013
I love Scrapbooks please and save all my scrapbooking pages for your company. I am very impressed with your product and how fast and efficient you handle your orders! Thank you for all that you do!
Vicki in North Carolina, May 5, 2013
Was absolutely satisfied with my order-beautiful!
Char ~ Michigan, May 2, 2013
I created a beautiful scrap book page of my 14 year old grandson at the Provincial Hockey tournament. One of the picture I used was taken moments after he had scored a goal and the glow of excitement was shining on his face. The page looked so nice on my computer I ordered it printed from you for him so that he could frame and hang it in his bedroom. He loved it, I look forward to my next visit and seeing it hanging in a place of honour in his room.
Lynn ~ West Vancouver, Canada, April 28, 2013
Absolutely delighted, as usual! Can't wait to take another trip so I can make a special album. You help me do such a good job. Thanks!!! Sharren
Sharren in Gainesville, Florida, April 27, 2013
I was very pleased with my order. This was the first time I have used Scrapbooksplease and I will use your services again. Louise
Louise ~ Pennsylvania, April 26, 2013
My order came a lot quicker than I expected! I love the follow up tracking email! It is so easy to order on your site and you get exactly what you order! The quality is great and I will definitely order again!
Allison in Ohio, April 23, 2013
I liked the products I ordered, I just wish I could afford your other products with better paper, and no white border, but for my project, I really want it to keep it low budget, and your 99c 12 x 12 page is great. I was pleasantly surprised with the colors of the print. I had printed these pages in two other different places, and even though I like the matte-photo paper is nice, the colors were dull and dark. I will keep ordering from you, specially if you have the value 12 x 12 print. I will try other products after I am done with my scrap booking albums for my 4 kids. Thanks
Graciela ~ Florida, April 22, 2013
I love being able to get 12x12 prints! I am perfectly happy with the quality of the .99 special. I love to print out a huge photo and use it as the background paper for a scrapbook layout.
Sally in Portland, Oregon, April 21, 2013
I really like the look and feel of the linen paper
Meredith - Evansville, Indiana, April 20, 2013
Order was a great value for the prints I got. The free sample was a great addition as well.
Jennifer in Atlanta, Georgia, April 3, 2013
Love Love Love my books! So glad you were able to work with me to make the cover page look the way I wanted it to. I will cherish these books!
Aubrey ~ Richfield, Utah, March 27, 2013
I actually HAVE recommended your product to friends this week. I've done a lot of comparison shopping online and in stores. Your prices are excellent and your site is easier to use than many similar ones.
Nancy in Hickory, N.C., March 22, 2013
I was so happy to see the final product!! I tried printing at home and the quality was marginal. I thought it was my pictures and was a little worried when I sent it in. But I got it yesterday and everything looks perfect! I love it! Jennifer
Jennifer ~ Kansas City, Missouri, March 13, 2013
I was very pleased with the 12x12 prints I ordered. The color was exactly what I expected. Mary
Mary in Kansas, March 6, 2013
I will certainly order again. Was surprised and delighted with the quality of the product. Deb
Deb ~ California, March 5, 2013
I've always printed my own pages but didn't have any way to print 12X12 pages. $ 0.99 a page was a little hard to believe so I was a little hesitant. It would cost me more in paper and ink to print them on my own and I had 68 pages for my twin Grandaughters 1st grade scrapbooks. I like to get individual pages so I can still do some 3 dimensional scrapbooking too. i was amazed!! They turned out great and didn't even cut off the edges like some print companies do. The paper was fine since I put them in sleeves anyway. I have already sent out my second order I was so pleased.
Edna in Indiana, February 14, 2013
I was very happy with my order. The price is great and the quality awesome! Defiantly will be ordering from them again! -Carolyn
Carolyn in Pennsylvania, January 29, 2013
I ordered my sons birthday invitations. Quick ...easy and a nice product. Very affordable too! I will be ordering from you again. Thx!!!!
Christi ~ New Jersey, January 17, 2013
very pleased with my order and will be ordering in batches..I have 250 digital scrapbook pages I hope to print for my daughters :) to give them an album next Christmas.
Tina in Hyde Park, Massachusetts, January 13, 2013
Sad to say since the economy has declined so had most companies standards, but not Scrapbook Please! The quality and service has been exceptional and perfect in every way! Thank you so much for making an affordable way for me to share my memories with future generations!
Sherry ~ Georgia, January 8, 2013
I was delighted to find a place to get 12 x 12 prints at an affordable price.
Melodie ~ Kansas, January 3, 2013
I was impressed with the photo paper samples that you included with my order. I didn't realize the differences that were available. Next time I want to try a texture like "linen"...how neat!!! - Jessie
Jessie in Kentucky, December 31, 2012
It was perfect..i enjoy this store very much
Glynis ~ Mississippi, December 27, 2012
WOW! This was the reaction when we saw the flawless replication of my husband's family photo album made in the 1950s. In fact, people go to touch the pages expecting to feel the raised pictures and are shocked to see its a copy. The handwriting in white on the black pages looked just like the original. GREAT job, wonderful company.
Madelyn in Massachusetts, December 26, 2012
I have ordered from scrapbooksplease.com many times. I have absolutely LOVED my products every single time! Wendy
Wendy ~ Cadilac, Michigan, December 24, 2012
I received my order and all my pages were beautiful! You all do such wonderful work! I love taking advantage of the special you run for the pages at 99 cents and they look like a million dollars to me! Thank you for doing such a great job!!! I am so glad that you are here!! Sylvia (Chocoholic)
Sylvia in Pennsylvania, December 24, 2012
I was very pleased being my first time ordering printed pages from anyone let alone your Please site. I asked several Flair friends who have done business with you and they recommended to place an order as they were always happy with their prints.Thanks for making my Christmas presents arrive in time...I will try hard now to continue making orders as money allows.
Sherry Moosman, December 23, 2012
I am very happy with all my pages i have order from you guys . Very good quality and money worth spending. I will contintue with you guys with all my scrapbook projects. Thanks again.
Debbie from VT, December 22, 2012
Thanks for adding in the little pieces of paper to protect the corners. A little bit of effort on your part that made a big difference. I didn't have any creased corners during shipping.
Gretchen - New York, December 21, 2012
I love the 4x4 magnets! The first one I got was free and I have loved them ever since!
December 20, 2012
I was so pleased to find your sight and the pages I had done. I had been trying to talk my wife into a wide format printer. We print most of our own picture, but alway wanted so full page backround or a Photo page down.
Tom in Wisconsin, December 19, 2012
The 12x12 scrapbook pages were awesome, loved the quality and timing was great. Price is exceptional and shipping price still makes for a great value gift item.
Marianne ~ Nova Scotia, Canada, December 19, 2012
I was so delighted by the price and the quality that I ordered additional pages the day after I received my original order. I've been doing digital scrapbooking for years but found the price of printing them too expensive. As a digital artist, this is exceptional quality and more than resonable pricing.
collene in New Jersey, December 18, 2012
I rely on your service often and for the quality far outweights the pricing. I utilize this for most of my page printing needs. The prints are always bright and crisp! Thank you for your service!
Antoinette ~ Texas, December 17, 2012
My 12 by 12 digital scrapbook page was perfect, and the packaging was great. Linda
Linda - Stratford, New Jersey, December 8, 2012
I wasn't sure what to expect from my order bc I was worried about the size of my piece and the resolution of the pictures used so I had it sent to me first rather than the person it was for. I was extremely pleased with my print--it was perfect! I love that I was able to have you print a piece I put together, exactly how I put it together rather than requiring me to insert my pictures in a pre-made scrapbook theme/format that was created by the site as so many others do. Thank you for having just a blank scrapbook page that allowed me to use my own format! Will definitely use you guys again for anything else I need!
Christina ~ Illinois, December 7, 2012
As usual, the cards are of excellent quality and I am thrilled with my purchase!
Lisa in New York, December 7, 2012
I needed a large number of copies so the sale price was great. Some of the pics were old and not very clear yet the printing came out very well. I was pleased and would recommend ScrapbooksPlease. Anne
Anne in Texas, November 20, 2012
You all have always been good at helping me. I forgot the 25% off code and you corrected that when I asked. And I really appreciate the extra effort of making the outside back of the card just like I wanted it to be.
Marcia ~ Indiana, November 11, 2012
I was very pleased with my order. Even with the cost of shipping I can't beat the cost of my scrapbook pages. Darlene Badgett
Darlene in Oklahoma, November 10, 2012
Love you guys! Your prices are great, the service was fast, and the quality was exceptional. Thank you Scrapbooks Please! Karen
Karen ~ California, October 23, 2012
I was beyond satisfied! I love the quality of the linen paper and the shipping was really quick! I will definitely recommend and use this company for all my printing needs. Thanks!
Andrea - Jackson, Tennessee, October 22, 2012
Wonderful prints. I am always thrilled with the quality of the print outs.
Heidi - Phoenix, Arizona, October 15, 2012
This company is amazing! I actually have hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth of patterned paper that I will NEVER use. As scrappers, we usually have to buy a whole pack of patterned paper just to get the few that we want from that series. This company eliminates all that wasted paper. Most scrappers now create our own digital papers to match our photos, but very few can afford an expensive 12 inch printer that can provide the quality that Scrapbooks Please provides. The quality is far better than commercial paper. I have had to remove even Scrappy Glue from this paper and it comes off without damaging the paper or the ink. I have only ordered the Linen Prints because they suit me, but the finish of print on the paper is nicer than any paper I have ever used . . .EVER!
Suzanne in Michigan, October 14, 2012
I have never had a problem with my orders from Scrapbooks Please. The printed pages are beautiful and the prices are good. I received the pages in just a few days and that is wonderful too. Thank you so much. Ann
Ann ~ Arkansas, October 12, 2012
I worked for 3 months putting together a scrapbook of my father's life. I then ordered the 38 layouts in a bound scrapbook. The books (my sisters ordered duplicate copies)arrived quickly, were packed well and the prints were beautiful. Thank you for helping make this project as perfect as possible.
Sarah ~ South Dakota, October 8, 2012
This is the first 8 X 8 scrapbook I ever ordered or made. Its quality was extraordinary for the price. It was just what I was looking for and arrived before another order I placed a day or two before. Janet
Janet in Virginia, October 7, 2012
I loved the way the pictures looked on the big 12 by 12 sheets. Darlene
Darlene in Oklahoma, October 6, 2012
I love this place. I can get 12x12's with ease and for a price I can afford! Thank you for this easy and great service!
Judy ~ Texas, October 2, 2012
I am very pleased with the quality of the printed pages Cynthia
Cynthia ~ Adelaide, AUSTRALIA, September 29, 2012
I have gotten many orders from Scrapbooks Please and I am never disappointed. It's always just the way I want it.
Cindy in Georgia, September 24, 2012
OH Yes, everything was perfect! I loved the clarity of all the pages. We will enjoy these pages for years to come! Thank you, Annita aka Lavender Passion
Annita in North Carolina, September 23, 2012
The customer service was amazing--I would email my issues and was responded to quickly and with workable suggestions. I couldn't have done it without all their help! Patience
Patience ~ Miami, Florida, September 16, 2012
Great deal if you don't have a Costco account. Even if you do I didn't have to buy a Costco membership and drive there and pick them up. Overall I would rather buy these on-line. Noreen
Noreen in Colorado, August 29, 2012
I ordered two 12X12 prints and received 3. One print was done twice on different papers to show how much better it could look. I also received samples of the different papers they use, which was nice since I was not sure of what the differences were. Very happy with my order.
Kathryn ~ Florida, August 25, 2012
I am thrilled with my 12x12 page. I showed it to friends who thought it was purchased paper. LOVED it!
Teri in Ohio, August 20, 2012
It was as ordered. I'm pleased with the value matte print. I actually think the colors came out truer than the sample page you included to show the difference in quality. I still prefer the value matte over the other sample.
Nicki in Alpine, Texas, August 18, 2012
This was my first time printing my digital scrapbook pages, and I was very impressed. Considering the low price, the quality was great!
Mallory ~ Kansas, August 18, 2012
It was great. Many Thanks. Carol
Carol in Texas, August 17, 2012
I always love getting my package of new scrapbook pages. This time I made two orders within a week of each other and was pleasantly surprised with the speed of delivery. In my first order one of the pages didn't not print nicely, but you provided a second copy on your premium matte paper to show me the quality my pages could be. Thank you so much.
Cerise ~ Carrollton, Texas, August 17, 2012
Great product, great prices. Very good customer service. Laura
Laura - Tucson, Arizona, August 16, 2012
I ordered approximately 15 scrapbook pages when they were on sale for .99/each. Great price. They sent me an extra copy of one of the pages in a better paper, etc so I could tell the difference in quality. But truthfully I could not tell because the print quality is so wonderful! Thanks again!
Karen in Green Bay, Wisconsin, August 16, 2012
I have used Scrapbooks Please many times to print my own designed 12x12 pages. I am happy with the quality prints and the ease of uploading my images.
Kathryn - Lynnwood, WA, August 13, 2012
I was surprised to see an extra print in my order. Turns out the matte finish I ordered wasn't ideal for one of the pages. So ScrapbooksPlease included a higher quality page in addition to the one I ordered for free. Very thankful you took the time to make sure I was happy!
Ellie in Texas, August 9, 2012
Everything turned out perfect and arrived earlier than expected!
Kristen from Newnan, Georgia, August 7, 2012
Great quality and service for the price! I will definately order again. Nancy
Nancy -- Texas, August 7, 2012
The quality was great, service terrific! Thank you.
Deb - Michigan, August 6, 2012
You guys rock!
Lydia in Illinois, August 6, 2012
I am very happy with my first order of prints, and I will absolutely be ordering more in the near future! I will recommend your company to all of my crafting friends! Also, I liked getting the paper samples and the extra page printed on higher quality paper!
Rita ~ Warwick, RI, August 1, 2012
We were on a time crunch for an adoption. You folks expedited my order and went out of your way to get it to me ASAP. I will never forget your kindness. They chose our family, by the way! Ang
Angela in Texas, July 31, 2012
Reida - Mississippi, July 22, 2012
I ordered the Linen Paper 12 x 12 for memory scrap for my sister's husband who passed away. It was amazing quality. The scrap was beautiful and the paper an extremely nice weight and it looked beautiful in the shadow box frame I had chosen.
Rebecca - Evansville, Indiana, July 21, 2012
i have never had pages printed on the matte papers before so i was worried that i may have spent money for a product that would not meet my standards because i have always used glossy papers at home and also requested glossy when i send the pages out for printing. But, being a bit short of $$, i decided to give the standard matte a chance. S.P. exceeded my expectations! Thank you for your attention to detail! jayleigh
jayleigh ~ Exeter, NE, July 20, 2012
The quality of the page was fantastic and when I put it in a shadow box and embellished it, it was so beautiful. I gave it as a bridal shower gift and the bride teared up when she saw it.
Andrea - Thorton, Colorado, July 15, 2012
This was my first order and I was pleased with the results. I received paper samples and may upgrade the next time I order. Your site was referred to me by a friend and because of that, I will definitely order again. Thank you.
Ann in Minnesota, July 7, 2012
I just received the final pages of the wedding album I am doing for my daughter and I am THRILLED. Scrapbooks Please produces an amazing product. I cannot wait to begin another album and take advantage of your phenomenal deals and outstanding productions. THANK YOU Scrapbooks Please.
Debra from Florida, July 7, 2012
Loved my pictures.
Carol in Texas, July 6, 2012
Great value. Beautiful printing job and excellent service!
Angie in Tucson, Arizona, July 5, 2012
I was up against a deadline, a state convention where I was entering my digital scrapbook into the scrapbook contest. I submitted the images on a Wednesday, eight days before the start of the convention which started on the 22nd. I received an email that my order was going to be shipped on the 18th and I freaked out. I contacted ScrapebookPlease and told them of my deadline and needless to say I received my order on the 16th. My scrapbook won first place. Anyone who asked me about it I told them I had it printed by ScrapbookPlease.com.
MB - Westminster, Colorada, June 24, 2012
Love your website and products. All my scrapbook friends would agree it is the best out there
Kelly from Illinois, June 19, 2012
I received my order of 42 12x12 value prints in a very timely manner. I am thrilled with the quality of the prints. The colors are so vibrant and exactly what I see on my computer. The printing is clear and crisp. Ordering the prints was simple and easy. I have more layouts to do for this album and I will definitely be ordering them from ScrapbooksPlease! I can't say enough good things about your wonderful company.
Pat - Omaha, Nebraska, June 13, 2012
Gorgeous prints!
Glenda in New York, June 8, 2012
Thank you so much for delivering a quality product right to my doorstep. I will treasure the special memories for years to come!
Shannon - New York, June 6, 2012
This is the first time I ordered 12x12 pages printed off....I had a hard time finding anyone local and was glad to find you!! The copies were great! Lori Apgar
Lori ~ Nebraska, June 6, 2012
I wanted to compare the quality of printing so I sent 1 picture for 1x12 printing to Scrapbooks Please and Costco. The print from Costco was dull and colors were off. I was hoping that Scrapbooks Please would do a better job. And they did. I was estatic that the quality was great, the digital flower on the page came through vibrant and even the shadowing missed on the Costco print was there. Now I know were to print my other pages for my scrapbook that I am giving as a gift to my daugter-in-law. Jeanne
Jeanne ~ Washington State, May 31, 2012
I continue to be amazed at the quality of the prints I'm receiving from Scrapbooks Please! I had a coupon from one of your major competitors so I had a couple of my pages printed there just to compare quality. The ONLY difference I found was a slightly, ever so slight, heavier card stock. Given that the pages are going into protective sleeves....they were definitely NOT worth the extra dollars. THANK YOU Scrapbooks Please for continuing to provide outstanding quality and service.
Debra from Florida, May 28, 2012
I am always pleased with my prints. You do wonderful work. I have used you for years and hope you don't go anywhere because I will stay with you-a trusted company. Colleen from TX
Colleen from TX, May 24, 2012
Each time I have ordered I have been very pleased.
Rebecca - Evansville, Indiana, May 16, 2012
I always recommend your site to my friends!
Gina ~ Cheasapeake Beach, Maryland, May 8, 2012
Love the 99 cent sales!!
Kristen - Salisbury, Maryland, May 8, 2012
I was THRILLED when I received my first order. I was a bit apprehensive but all doubts were erased and I promptly sent in another order. The Value Matte prints are PERFECT. Once in their protective sleeve you can't tell they are not glossy prints. THANK YOU SCRAPBOOKS PLEASE! Debra
Debra from Florida, May 6, 2012
My pages look great! The pages came just when you said they would and are such high quality that I couldn't be more excited. Your affordable prices allow me to print a page for each child and for the "family" scrapbook, something I couldn't keep up with traditional scrapbooking. I have told several people about your website, quality products, and excellent service and will continue to do so. Thanks again and I'll be ordering again. - Anastasha
Anastasha in Missouri, May 6, 2012
I am a serious scrapbook aficionado. Scrapbooksplease.com is the only place I order my high quality prints from. I want my work, skill, art and journaling preserved for those that follow behind me in my family, and the archival prints I get will assure the preservation that I am looking for with my work. Thanks!
Kelly ~ California, May 5, 2012
I received over 60 of my pages today. Roughly, with shipping I paid $1 per page. Who wouldn't be happy with that? The quality is excellent. You can tell that in just the way it is shipped. It's like Christmas all over again. I am so glad that I found your service/website. Thanks again and again, Kathie
Kathie in Pennsylvania, May 4, 2012
I appreciate your printing a 12 x 12 that I sent you on a higher quality paper because you felt the resolution was not up to standards on the paper I had selected. It doesn't get any better than that.
Julie in Kansas, April 30, 2012
Love ScrapbooksPlease! My orders are always quick and the quality is fabulous!
Star A. - Saint Augustine, Florida, April 23, 2012
It was great. It was actually my first attemp using digital scrapbooking techniques and the pages came out great. Your Attention to quality was awesome!. Thanks Again!
Joe in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, April 16, 2012
Once again, I am absolutely thrilled with these photobooks. You help to make my travels come-to-life on the brilliant pages. Awesome! Paula
Paula - Washington State, April 10, 2012
I am always pleased with the prints I order through Scrapbooks Please, and I refer all my digital scrapbooking friends to this company for their page printing needs. -Leah, digital scrapbooker, wife and mother of three.
Leah ~ Jacksonville, NC, March 12, 2012
I ordered 12x12 Premium Luster Matte prints for my scrapbook during your print sale, and they looked excellent! I'm pretty fussy about my prints--I can't stand seeing pixels/graininess. These prints were impressively crisp! And the colors were sharp and true. Thanks for putting out such a great product accompanied by excellent customer service. And I especially appreciate the sales as I am on a limited budget! :) --Paula
Paula in Michigan, March 11, 2012
I was very pleased with my order. I love the Premium Luster Prints; they almost look as if they are in 3D.
Cheryl ~ Kentucky, March 9, 2012
I was a first time digital scrapbooker and had no idea what I was doing or which paper to use to have my image printed on. After I submitted my order for linen paper I received a phone call from your company stating that the linen paper would not look the best for my images. I so appreciate your phone call and help with my order. You didn't have to call and let me know, you went above and beyond my expectations! Thank you for helping me preserve my memories!! Loyal to you, Lora
Lora in Dodge City, Kansas, March 6, 2012
As a pretty picky customer, with very high expecations, I was thrilled with the quality of my 12x12 pages!
Anne-Marie ~ Virginia, March 1, 2012
My scrapbook pages were amazing. The images are so clear and the color is perfect!
Heidi in Michigan, March 1, 2012
I love my glossy scrapbook pages. They make the embellishments look so real! Karen
Karen - Green Bay, Wisonsin, February 27, 2012
I have been paying more for my 12 x 12 pages elsewehere. Very pleased to find a new site! Kristal
Kristal in Tennessee, February 20, 2012
I just wanted to let you know that I am soooooo pleased with my 12x12 scrapbook pages. They turned out just beautiful!!! Thank you! I will definately be a returning customer!!
Jenny in Michigan, February 19, 2012
I was absolutely thrilled with my prints! I was concerned that the tiny details wouldn't come out clear, or the orange in my carrots wouldn't be bright. I was so happy (and relieved) when I saw them. I will be ordering from you again. Pam
Pam in Massachusetts, February 17, 2012
Delighted with order and the service that I received from the company. Have used other scrap book publishers but this was the best for the value
Janis ~ Berkshire, England, February 3, 2012
Loved receiving my pages! The kids were so excited to see all of the neat designs with themselves being the stars! Wendy
Wendy - Cadillac, Michigan, January 5, 2012
I was very pleased with the quality of the order. I ordered the free test print expecting to be disappointed and I was totally surprised at how clear and defined the elements were in my layout. Definitely planning to order again.
Cheryl in Kentucky, January 2, 2012
Yes - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the speedy shipping!
Jennifer from New York, January 2, 2012
This company provides consistent quality at a low price, I've ordered repeatedly and will continue to do so. Thank you for offering such a great product!
Rosanna ~ Colorado, USA, December 18, 2011
I buy 12x12 prints to put in my scrapbooks. I love the pics. Micki
Micki in Minnesota, December 17, 2011
I love ordering my prints from ScrapbookPlease. They offer great service, great value and great products. Jennifer Roberts
Jennifer - United Kingdom, December 16, 2011
I was very pleased when my order came. The mailer was sturdy and well closed. The photos were nicely enclosed in clear plastic. There was a thumbnail print page of the order with the order number for quick reorder reference. The prints were of nice color and printed on sturdy matte paper that reminded me of a book. When is the next sale?! Geri
Geri in Medford, Oregon, December 14, 2011
to date I have only gotten my scrapbook pages printed at our local camera store. I was hesitant to order on line because I was not sure how things would turn out. However, when I saw the 99 cent sale I couldn't pass it up because I needed a lot of pages for a heritage recipe book. Although the pages came a day or so later than the tracking said they would, once I did receive them, I was very happy with how they turned out. I would order fron Scrapbooks Please again. Ellen
Ellen ~ Oshkosh, Wisconsin, December 14, 2011
I was extremely delighted with the quality of the printing. I have been wanting to print my scrapbook pages for some time now and was really hesitant about spending the money without knowing the quality. So glad I chose your company.
Micki ~ Texas, December 12, 2011
Wow! I didn't know what to expect when I placed my order. I'm completely happy with my scrapbook pages. I will be ordering from you company again thank you.
Sandra in Missouri, December 4, 2011
I create 11 copies of a 12x12 page for each of my family members every year. My siblings, parents and grandparents do the same thing each year so we each get a copy of each others family albums. Your site allows me to create my page in just a few minutes and it is always great quality!
Holly ~ Pennsylvania, December 3, 2011
Delighted? I was, I thought the quality was excellent.
Deborah from North Carolina, December 2, 2011
My 12x12 page prints turned out great! I used the standard matte & they turned out really nice. Will use you for my prints from here on out! Keep up the great work! :)
Jennifer in Florida, November 20, 2011
Very wonderful website. Quality prints,service and very quick to ship.I think this is a super place to buy my customers prints!!!
Sabra - Kentucky, November 17, 2011
I have worked for two years on a genealogy scrapbook and ended up with quite a few pages that I needed printed. The price could not be beat. This was a very special project that I bought an expensive leather album to put the pages in. The quality of the 12x12 prints that I received was stellar. Together with the album, the pages have made a project complete and sure to become a family heirloom. Thank you for excellent quality of product and service.
Jennifer in Michigan, November 16, 2011
The order was wonderful. I am even more impressed with the fact that I made a mistake when I chose the content for the card I ordered and an employee caught that I might have made a mistake. I was contacted, the order was fixed and although I was and still am very willing to pay extra for the reprint, was not charged, even though it was my mistake. I have ordered from SP several times - both cards and scrapbooks, the quality has always been excellent, and now I am even more amazed by the service!!!! Thank you and keep up the great work!!
Lisa - New York, November 15, 2011
Was very pleased and am getting a big order ready for the $.99 special.
Mary in Iowa, November 12, 2011
"Scrapbooksplease.com has been my choice for ordering prints for over 5 years. Fast, easy and convient; with a price that fits my budget." Don
Don - Michigan, November 5, 2011
I am very happy with my pages. Finances are an issue for everybody, and you have the best value for the money.
Rebecca - North Carolina, October 14, 2011
Super fast shipping and the quality was more than I expected, I will order again!! Loved the linen prints!! Maxi
Maxi ~ North Royalton, Ohio, October 13, 2011
This was my first time to use Scrapbookplease.com...we most definitely pleased with the entire process. The order was completed in a fast and efficient time frame and when I received it I was most satisfied!!! Thank you.
Cathy in Texas, October 11, 2011
I love to get my scrapbook pages from here. Great quaality and service.
Sabra - Kentucky, October 9, 2011
the folks I made them for were extremely pleased and delighted.
Mary Ellen - Colorado, October 8, 2011
Everything was great. My pages came faster than I expected. I cancelled my breakfast plans the next day coz I couldn't wait to work on my scrapbook. Thanks, Janice
Janice in Illinois, September 21, 2011
For a new digital scrapper, it's so exciting to open the mail and see a completed page! The quality is excellent and I have recommended you to all my scrapbooking friends! ~Michele
Michele - Illinois, September 20, 2011
It is always the highlight of my day when I receive my pictures from your company.
Gina ~ Cheasapeake Beach, Maryland, September 19, 2011
Yes, I was and am delighted with my Family Brides order. It was worth all the hassle for my beautiful daughter to have a genealogical record of the strong, amazing women of our family...and her of new family...on her most special day. Creating it is a bond between me and my future son-in-law's mother. We forged a friendship and now share a wonderful secret, the Family Brides album, that we hope will delight the couple now and in the years to come. The most moving moment will be when I add THEIR wedding picture to the album later and they become a part of the families' history, as well. This is an idea I started with my nieces when they were married and it was much appreciated by the 'brides' of both families in attendance at the wedding showers. The album was given a place of honor at the wedding reception and everyone enjoyed looking through the Family Brides album, seeing themselves or those they knew, and 'oohing' and 'ahhing' over it. I was very proud and pleased. Now it's MY daughter's turn and this will be an especially sweet moment for me. Thank you.
Connie ~ Milford, Connecticut, September 1, 2011
I was very excited to receive my order..I was like a giddy school girl when I saw the package had arrived. I was not disappointed when I opened it. It was even shipped and arrived a day earlier than scheduled!!! THANKS!!
Shannon - Fort Worth, Texas, August 31, 2011
I am always so excited to get my package from Scrapbooks Please. It is fun to see my pages come to life. Love it.
Julie in Kansas, August 30, 2011
I am so excited to get back into scrap booking. Now that I have two kids, I don't have the time to do it manually, so I'm a digital girl now!!! And I LOVE that I can create my pages, place my order, and have them in my hands in less than a week. Memories for a lifetime.
Amber ~ Bristol, Tennessee, August 29, 2011
I needed my order quicker than your original date to recieve it. I emailed you about my situation and you moved up the date to process my order. I received it on time and the quality..like always...was excellent. Thank you! Colleen
Colleen in Texas, August 15, 2011
My daughter just got married and so I'm making my first digit scrapbook. I'm having so much fun with it. I was so eager to see the first 8 pages. I was really happy with them when I opened the envelope. Just what I hoped for. I can't wait to continue with this scrapbook. I'm obsessed. Thanks, Janice
Janice ~ Illinois, August 14, 2011
Delighted as always! Such good quality work. It's nice to know all the work I put into creating this book is evident in the final version. Thanks!
Sharren - Gainesville, Florida, August 13, 2011
Super Fast Shipping! Its like Christmas when I get the package in the mail! My whole family loves to look at what Mommy created for them! Thanks for printing from my imagination!
Jennifer in Georgia, August 12, 2011
Yes, I 've ordered once before, but this time my pages came back fabulous! They were a much better product and I was very pleased.
Cari in Fort Worth, Texas, August 11, 2011
I used your service for the first time and was extremely pleased with the quality, price and overall process. Definately will use you in the future for my printing needs. Thank you for a wonderful experience
---- Abbie - Pembroke Pines, FL, August 10, 2011
Beautiful quality. Super quick shipping. Great price. Could not ask for anything more. Will be ordering more prints soon.
Stacey in Toledo, Ohio, August 9, 2011
I placed a fairly large order of scrapbook pages to be printed and was amazed at how quickly they arrived, as well as the superb quality of the prints. This was my second time ordering from you and I will continue to use your fantastic products. Thank you! -Caroline
Caroline - Houston, Texas, August 8, 2011
As always I loved opening my order and looking at my lovely digi pages. The quality and value is wonderful! Thanks again for another great experience.
cerise ~ Carrollton, Texas, August 8, 2011
I have ordered several times from ScrapbooksPlease.com. Every time I have been very satisfied. I used to try and print my own pages at home, however paper jams and the cost of colored photo ink started to make it quite difficult. ScrapbooksPlease.com makes everything so much easier!
Heidi - Derby, Kansas, August 7, 2011
Very delighted! I'm always excited to see the pages I make in actual print. I have tried many sites, and I like the quality of ScrapbooksPlease the best.
Wendy in Oklahoma, August 7, 2011
My scrapbook pages arrived fast and were packaged nicely. This was my first time ordering from you so I didn't know what to expect, but the paper quality and print quality was fantastic. I will definitely be ordering from you again! Thank you! Kristen p.s. The $0.99 sale was great....hope you do it again :)
Kristen - Salisbury, Maryland, August 6, 2011
I was extremely happy with my order. This is the fourth order from your company and the quality of the prints is great. Service is wonderful. Keep up the good work.
Judy in Texas, August 5, 2011
Great service.
Jane from Kansas, August 4, 2011
Thank you very much. I received the package today. It is beautiful. I am satisfied completely. No regrets at all! Even though I did not get a sample done before I placed the order, I love what you have done. This was my first order with you for 142 pages and I will certainly recommend and come back to you again.
Mary in Louisville, Kentucky, August 1, 2011
The pages I received were beautifully printed. I love the fact that they are pre-cut and I can just place them into my album.
Kiley - Dallas, Texas, July 31, 2011
I was hesitant at first, but once I open my package I was tickled with the results! They were wonderful!
Heather in Ohio, July 30, 2011
I am absolutely sold on your product and order all my scrapbooking pages from you. You do a fantastic job. Thank you!
Vicki - North Carolina, July 30, 2011
I was giddy when I opened the package! It was my first attempt at completely digital pages and they look way way better than I anticipated!! I am impressed with the print quality of the standard matte finish and will definitely order again.
Michele - Illinois, July 29, 2011
Pages looked great. I am sure the grandkids will love thier birthday scrapbook pages. Thanks for wonderful service!
Jane in Bremerton, Washington, July 29, 2011
Scrapbooks Please offers an excellent product for an amazing price. Great Value. I plan on being a regular customer.
Kathleen ~ New York, July 28, 2011
My 12X12 pages printed Beautifully! I LOVE THEM! Will be ordering more soon. Hope you have another great sale :-)
Jenifer <> Ohio, July 27, 2011
This was my first time ordering printouts of my digital scrapbooking pages. The colors were great, it was safely packaged, and I have recommended you guys on my blog!
Sue in Mississippi, July 26, 2011
VERY VERY PLEASED WITH YOUR SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!!! I was very pleased with my order. Can't wait to come home from our cruise and make a scrapbook!!!
Sylvia ~ Miami, Florida, July 26, 2011
Love, love, love the quality of your printing!!! And I got it 3 days ahead of the promise date!! Thanks! So nice to get a good price on such great stuff!
Jewely in Illinois, July 26, 2011
I love my pictures!!! You make everything so easy.
Gina - Columbia, South Carolina, July 25, 2011
great paper quality!
chelsea > arizona, July 21, 2011
When I placed my order with Scrapbooks Please I was in a bind. I needed the pictures for a project with a deadline fast approaching, and finances were tight. My decision to go with Scrapbooks Please was soley based on the price - which beat every other site I looked at by a mile! I expected to be "underwhelmed" by the quality of the pitures I would receive, but what could I do. They were beautiful! The quality was excellent and the service fantastic! I have already deleted links to all of the other sites who provide prints of 12X12 scrapbook pages. I will never use anyone other than Scrapbooks Please for my printing needs!
Sheri in California, July 18, 2011
I was pleasantly surprised when I received a duplicate order to replace my first order. I am not sure where the first order was creased (probably in the US postal system) but Scrapbooks Please sent me a new set without question. The service is great and I really appreciate it!
Sarah - Watertown, South Dakota, July 17, 2011
I was extremely surprised at the quality.So glad I found your site. I only ordered 5 of the 50 pages I needed to print to make sure I was happy with the quality of the prints. Boy was I ! I will be ordering again soon. Thanks for a awesome site!
Beth in Florida, July 16, 2011
I was hesitant to order since I have never used your company before but decided to give it a try. I had used Creative Memories which is much pricier. I must say I was delighted with my picture pages. Not only are they of great quality, but also arrived within a short period of time. The value for the price is exceptional. I will definitely use your printing company in the future. Thank you so much. I am very happy!!!! Alice
Alice - Celina, Ohio, July 15, 2011
The order was great! I was very impressed by the quality of my pictures. It came exactly as I thought it would. Thank you.
Tinaca - Orem, Utah, July 13, 2011
I had been having scrapbook pages printed by a photo service that prints on actual photo paper. The paper from Scrapbooks Please is SO much better. I will be ordering again. Thank you! - Brandie
Brandie in North Salt Lake, Utah, July 12, 2011
Yes! I got my pages faster than expected, especially ordering on a holiday weekend.
Amanda - Phoenix, AZ, July 11, 2011
You cannot go wrong with ScrapbookPlease. Excellent value for printing single pages.
Sharon in Pennsylvania, July 10, 2011
I was pleased with the quality of the product!
Diana from Iowa, July 9, 2011
More than I expected. Can't wait to digi some more. At these prices everyone should digi.
Kathleen ~ New York, July 8, 2011
The printing was just absolutely beautiful. Several of them have been framed and the quality could not be better. Just gorgeous work. Thank you so very much!!
Marianne - Palmdale, California, July 6, 2011
I just want to thank you. I ordered some pages that I had made for my foreign exchange student - a young lady from Denmark - about 9 days before she was to leave. I knew it was going to be close and sure enough I recieved an email from you saying it would be shipped on the Friday before she was to leave on Sunday. We were not going to get them on time. On a whim, not really thinking it was possible, I wrote to you pleading to have a rush put on the order. You guys are the best! You prioritized it and got it out to me the next day and even upgraded my shipping! It got here on Saturday, just 2 days later and I was able to get her album together just in time for her to pack it to take home. She loved her album and I am so thankful to you for doing that! You are proof that good customer service is not only still alive, but there are even those who will go above and beyond just good customer service and really take the customer's needs to heart. Thank you so much!
Joy Meade - Tennessee, July 5, 2011
I love this service and it fits my needs perfectly!
Madelyn in Massachusetts, June 29, 2011
I really appreciate the sales Scrapbooks Please runs. I receive e-mails in advance and can use the sales to my best advantage. I often wait for the style I buy to be 1/2 price or for free shipping. My pages are always sturdy and album ready, no trimming of white edges.
Sarah - South Dakota, June 28, 2011
It was fast. Quality was good. I will be ordering again.
Shari - Aberdeen, South Dakota, June 27, 2011
I loved my order. The prints were of exceptional quality. I will be doing business with your company again!!!! Terri
Terri in North Carolina, June 27, 2011
Loved the 99cent price! Everything was just PERFECT! You rock!!! Thanks!
Jewely - Illinois, June 26, 2011
Very happy to get 12x12 page prints done at such a reasonable price for our little boys album. Easy to upload pictures, and order came quickly and packaged well. I'll continue to reorder from you!
Kim - Michigan, June 25, 2011
My pages were wonderful. The quality was really nice and I love the disc with examples of the photos finishes I received to help with my next purchase. I will definitely order again!!'. Thank you Robyn
Robyn - Lake Charles, Louisiana, June 19, 2011
As in the past......I am overall very pleased with the product and timely manner in which I recieved it. A great way to continue with my scrapbooking for my family of 26!!
Vicki in Michigan, June 8, 2011
My prints look awesome! I can't wait to put them in my books!
Kristi - Portland, Oregon, May 21, 2011
I am so glad you sent the samples of the different kinds of photo paper you print on. It is a great resource to use when ordering in the future. Everything turned out great and I love my pages.
Cindy in Florida, May 19, 2011
Yes, excellent quality and customer service...Thanks!
Lisa - Bismarck, North Dakota, May 16, 2011
yes, it was done beautifully and meets all my expectations as usual. Mary Ellen Sibigtroth
Mary Ellen - Colorado, May 14, 2011
Great transaction, no problems. Thanks
Rolfe - Colorado, May 6, 2011
I absolutely love the pages. You do a great job printing. The quality looks wonderful
Jo from Nebraska, May 5, 2011
i love that i can print off my projects so much cheaper than walmart or other place in my town. i will order over and over again.
debbie in Vermont, May 2, 2011
Very pleased with my order. Especially happy to get the sample packet so I know how to order in the future.
Carol - St. Louis, Missouri, May 1, 2011
I was very happy with my order
Shaunna ~ Manitoba, CANADA, April 22, 2011
I am a big fan and have recommended Scrapbooks Please to at least a dozen friends. Doreen
Doreen - Gainesville, Florida, April 20, 2011
Absolutely delighted. You've come through yet again with the excellence I've come to expect. Sharren
Sharren - Gainesville, Florida - 8 time customer, April 18, 2011
I was extremely impressed with the product I got from scrapbooksplease.com. I will definitely be using this website as my primary resource for scrapbook pages. Thank you for such a great experience. -Meg
Meg in Maine, April 18, 2011
Thank You, Very Happy With My Pages.
Karen ~ Ogden, Utah, March 30, 2011
Very pleased with the quality and will definitely order from Scrapbooks Please again.
Kathy from Kansas, March 29, 2011
I was very surprised at the great quality that my scrapbook pages were printed at. They were so cheap I was a littel leary, but they were wonderful. I will defintiely be ordering again and recommending you to my other scrapbook friends.
Roseanne in Illinois, March 5, 2011
I have ordered from Scrapbooks Please many times and have always been absolutely thrilled with the service, quality, promptness and overall excellence. I will return again and again!! Karen
Karen - Clinton, Iowa, March 3, 2011
The print quality was superb to anything I have had printed! The rapid service was better than expected! I will continue to recommend your service to others! Thank you!
Antoinette in Texas, March 2, 2011
I appreciate the fact that I was able to see the sample papers before I placed my order. I thought that I wanted the matte finish but when I received the samples, I decided to go with the Premium Luster paper instead - a great choice! I also ordered during a sale and that made for a super deal. Thank you! :)
Ann -- Illinois, March 1, 2011
The books were absolutely beautiful! I had ordered the same book for my mother at Christmas from another company and realized after Christmas that these books were less expensive, so decided to order two more to give to other family members. The books I received from Scrapbooks Please were as good or better than the original and much more economical. I will definitely be ordering again.
Michelle - Missouri, February 14, 2011
I was amazed at the quality of the book I made for our son's 40th birthday! It was so wonderful that I am ordering a new book for my daughter right now.
Katherine - Lincoln, Illinois, February 12, 2011
Love my scrapbook pages! This is the third year in a row that we have ordered pages for our pom girls! The girls always love them! Thank you for doing such great,quality work!
Meredith - Midwest City, Oklahoma, February 10, 2011
very happy with my prints
Maureen - Auckland, NEW ZEALAND, February 4, 2011
Website Ordering was super easy and quick. Shipping was beyong fast- never imagined I would have received the product so quickly. VERY VERY Pleased with the entire process, and beautiful product. -Jennifer
Jennifer in Georgia, February 2, 2011
I love the Premium Luster prints. I would have a hard time returning to Value prints after receiving the higher quality prints. Thank you for the great sales and free shipping. I have not been to another printer since finding Scrapbooks Please. Deanna S.
Deanna - Michigan, January 14, 2011
This place is the best, I do not even compare prices anywhere because I know there isn't any place that is better. You guys rock!!
Sherry - Austell, Georgia, January 12, 2011
I am so very pleased with the three orders I have placed with Scrapbooks Please. The printing quality was beyond what I expected and the ease of ordering and navigating your website is a plus. Thanks for making ordering so easy. I will be placing orders in the future. Thanks so much! Judy
Judy in Texas, January 11, 2011
Love the website, just started doing digital scrapbooking and you make it easy to get the prints.
Tiffany - Louisiana, January 10, 2011
I am so very pleased with the three orders I have placed with Scrapbooks Please. The printing quality was beyond what I expected and the ease of ordering and navigating your website is a plus. Thanks for making ordering so easy. I will be placing orders in the future. Thanks so much! Judy
Judy in Texas, January 10, 2011
I am so happy with your service. Each year, our group, the JPD Warrior Project host an annual ice fishing jamboree as a fund raiser for suicide awareness and prevention. Each year I go through the hundreds of photos taken and make collages of the photos. We put up a picture board of all the participants from the following year. People love looking at the board to find themselves ~ almost like a "where's waldo" search. Your service just makes it so easy for me to provide those pictures in a 12x12 format. Thank you!
Melody in Wisconsin, January 9, 2011
I love it!!!!
Darrah, - Quebec, CANADA, January 9, 2011
Love the website, just started doing digital scrapbooking and you make it easy to get the prints
Tiffany - Louisiana, January 8, 2011
I was very happy with the final product of my order. It is great quality for the price. My kids love looking at their scrapbook pages!
Kat - Washington, Utah, January 6, 2011
This was my first time trying Scrapbooks Please. When I recieved my order, I was pleasantly surprised to see the quality of the prints and I got them on sale so it was a fraction of the cost of other companies. For an "extra" like this in life with our economy...cost DOES matter!
Lisa - Missouri, January 1, 2011
I was delighted with my order. I submitted it later than intended so I was concerned about it arriving before Christmas but it arrived sooner than promised which gave me one less concern at Christmas time. I had part of the order shipped to another address which also arrived in a timely manner - such a easy way to do it! Nice quality and very easy to work with. Thanks, Linda
Linda - Wichita, Kansas, December 31, 2010
I was thrilled ! My order arrived so quickly and the quality was amazing . I will be a loyal customer from here on . You have made what could be an expensive hobby affordable. Thanks
Janice - California, December 30, 2010
I loved the pages I ordered. I made a scrapbook for my father in law of photos of my mother in law who passed away in September. The book is beautiful but I am waiting till after the holidays to give it to him as he is having a rough time right now. I know he will love it.
Christina in Pennsylvania, December 30, 2010
the 12x12 prints are magnificent. I will definitely be ordering more. Thanks for your service.
Ronda in Michigan, October 3, 2010
I have ordered the premium luster prints several times. They are absolutely beautiful - somehow I think Scrapbooks Please makes them look even better than the pictures I actually took.
Stephanie in California, October 1, 2010
I received a free offer from Scrapbooks Please. It was an 8x8, and I think that it's a good deal to offer a first time customer offer because, as a customer you a skeptical to order on-line to begin with. This way you see the product before pouring a fortune into something. I really like my picture and will order again. I received my order in a timely manner and really appreciate the great customer service they have to offer. Karena
Karena - Cedar City, Utah, September 30, 2010
I'm totally impressed here. I didn't check until the day after delivery. The post office left the package on the porch & it rained. I knew the pictures were ruined but they were also wrapped in plastic. I've framed and hung the prints at work and have given your name to everyone who has commented on them. The quality of the prints are outstanding, I'm still amazed at the prices. An outstanding value for the money!
Shannon - Texas, September 29, 2010
Thank you again for your services...My order arrived a day earlier than scheduled and it just made my day!
Wendy - New Jersey, September 28, 2010
This was my first time ordering digital scrapbooking prints. They came out so much better than I expected. The colors are amazing and it's high quality printing. I am now a convert from traditional paper scrapbooking to digital. Thanks so much!
Valerie in South Carolina, September 28, 2010
Very happy with the products! Good pricing, that makes digital scrapbooking affordable! Haylee
Haylee - Provo, Utah, September 27, 2010
Every time I have ordered from Scrapbooksplease.com, I have been extremely happy. My order comes so quickly and is always in perfect condition...and the quality is wonderful! This is the best site I have found to order my 12x12 scrapbook pages, and I will continue to use you! Thank you so much! Kim
Kim in Virginia, September 27, 2010
I was very pleased with my order. The colors were true and the image appeared just as it did on my computer screen - no extra cropping. I ordered the same print from another company at the same time to compare, and while the competitor's product was acceptable, Scrapbook Please was superior. The price is great, too! I will be ordering all of my scrapbook prints from Scrapbook Please. Linda
Linda - Texas, September 26, 2010
I got the value prints for myself and only ordered one Standard as a gift because I was a little wary of ordering online, but they're wonderful and I plan on ordering more in the better quality for gifts.
Lynn - London, Ontario, Canada, September 23, 2010
Very pleased with my scrapbooking CDs. Received them very quickly (considering I live in New Zealand). Communication with ScrapbooksPlease was also very good.
Jacqui - Auckland, NEW ZEALAND, September 22, 2010
i was extremely delighted in what I ordered, I wasn't sure how the page would look but when I received it today, I was more than impressed with the quality of it. I only ordered one page just to see how it turned out but now that I see the great quality I will be ordering a whole lot more. Thanks very much for the great service and quality.
Diane, Vancouver, BC -- CANADA, September 21, 2010
This was my first time experience and I had a lot of fun, playing with my project. I was extremely happy with my first experience. Bonnie
Bonnie - Fresno, California, September 20, 2010
I loved that you sent samples of the different finishes with the order. Also I think your company provides are very good value for the money.
Felix in Seattle, Washington, September 19, 2010
your orders have always arrived promptly and are perfect. I love your sales! I can print more pages! Ellen R.
Ellen - Knoxville, Tennessee, September 9, 2010
My first digital scrapbook experience was made even better by Scrapbooks Please! Easy to order, great prices, fast delivery, great quality. Jill
Jill in Iowa, September 7, 2010
Excellence again as always! Superb quality and so expediant. I adore all the photobooks I have ordered, and will be ordering more soon. Thanx for your consistent dedication to perfection. Maryanne
Maryanne - Texas, September 1, 2010
I was delighted with my order. The prints were good quality, the price was right, and I received them quickly.
Ellen in Virginia, August 30, 2010
This was my very first attempt at digital scrapbooking, so I was a little apprehensive about trusting someone else to do my printing. I was extremely pleased to see the kind of work that I can expect from Scrapbooks Please. You will definitely have more of my business!
Carrie from Michigan, August 28, 2010
I was very impressed with the quality of the 12x12 page prints I ordered. Love the price too. Thanks
Nancy - Alberta, CANADA, August 24, 2010
My pages came out wonderful! Thank you for the wonderful product!
Kimberly - Philadelphia, PA, August 22, 2010
I was extremely pleased with the value matte photos -- pleasantly surprised actually since these are the least expensive. I have ordered again, however, may not do so again due to the postage costs. Ann
Ann from Lincoln, Nebraska, August 21, 2010
Second order and was as pleased as with the first. Thank you.
Lydia in Arizona, August 20, 2010
Love your product! I just got my pages- WOW! I love the results, and I am very pleased with the price as well. It cost me 4 times as much to go to FedEx/Kinko's to print my 12x12 pages, and the resulting product was not as nice. Thank you so much- I am going to recommend you to my scrapping friends!
Gaylene - Vancouver, Washington, August 19, 2010
I was very pleased! I was told to allow time for processing, but it shipped the day after it was ordered. I received my pages about three days later! And for only 6.99 for two 12x12 pages and shipping?! Cant beat that!
-Kacie in Texas, August 19, 2010
I had it sent to my son directly and he was very happy with the quality and how quickly he received it after it was sent. It was the next day! I am very very happy and I will be ordering in the near future yet again. Thank you so much for excellent Services and Product.
Donna - Minnesota, August 18, 2010
Seriously, I love printing here. I always make a point to tell others who are looking for printing to check out this site. I just received my latest order which was pretty massive. The ordering process is so simple and the processing of my order had a really quick turn around! I have ordered here several times and I know I will continue to in the future! If you are still unsure about placing your order you shouldn't be!! Take the plunge and bring your layouts to life!
Theresa B. Kansas City MO, August 17, 2010
This was the first time I've tried printing scrapbook pages. I am so happy with the outcome. I'll definitely be back.
Rhonda - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, August 16, 2010
U work very hard to please, lovely attitude, BEAUTIFUL pages and are very prompt. Thanx and keep up the good work.
Maryanne in Texas, August 15, 2010
My experiences with SBP has always been exceptional. I'm so excited when opening my prints. Never have been disappointed. The 12 x 12 prints are so affordable I just wish I had more ready to order. Folks always are amazed at the beautiful prints which I embellish to make them even more beautiful. Don't stop what you are doing because you are doing it quite well!
Alfreda in Illinois, August 14, 2010
Very sharp and clear prints. Definitely scrapbook worthy and heirloom quality!
Regina - Asheville, North Carolina, August 13, 2010
I was very pleased when I received my order and to know that I have found an affordable printing resource for my digital layouts.
Jeanette - Houston, Texas, August 12, 2010
The quality of the page was super!
Melissa from Ohio, August 12, 2010
Very happy with my order. Pages look excellent. I will always order through scrapbooks please. Sharon
Sharon - Pennsylvania, August 11, 2010
I love these prints!
Rosanna in Colorado, August 11, 2010
I caught a sale and that price was very good, which made me order a lot more than I normally would!
Jean - Michigan, August 10, 2010
I was very pleased with what my digital scrapbook pages looked like. I hope that when family and friends receive the copies I had made for them that they are surprised at the quality of the pages. Annette
Annette in New Jersey, August 10, 2010
I found your website searching for a reasonable price on 12x12 prints. Yours was by far the best price and my pages look great! They were delivered quickly too. I will be ordering again!
Marla in Delaware, August 9, 2010
My photos were treated as if I paid full price at your wonderful sale, that shows what a good company you really are, it probably was very busy time during that .99 cent sale but no corners were cut. You must have terrific employees.
Theresa - New York, August 9, 2010
I was more than delighted. The quality and price have won you a new customer. I don't need to go anywhere else. Cindy
Cindy from Maryland, August 8, 2010
Awesome quality for the value. I tell all of my digital friends about your site. Thanks so much for a great product delivered on time as always.
Kelley - Texas, August 7, 2010
I was completely delighted with my first ScrapbooksPlease order. I received my order before I was initally told it would be mailed and the packaging was superior. I would definately use ScrapbooksPlease again. - Sally
Sally - Jacksonville, Florida, August 6, 2010
As always, my order arrived earlier than I expected and the package was in great shape. I am so happy with my prints! Your service has to be one of the best deals around! With this kind of service and quality, I'll always come back to ScrapbooksPlease!
Laura in Michigan, August 6, 2010
Phenomenal experience! I had printed a memorial album for a friends mother and wanted the album for her services. After I had placed the order found out I needed it a day earlier and expected....Scrapbooks Please came through for me! I ordered it on a Saturday night....had an email exchange with support on Sunday...and the order shipped Monday morning!! I was so excited and the family absolutely thriled with the result!
Lauri - Connecticut, August 5, 2010
I have always been pleased with my pages from Scrapbooks Please. Especially when the 12x12 pages rae on sale! Keep up the great service! Letha
Letha - Newport News, Virginia, August 5, 2010
Was hoping that your bargain was not going to be "getting what I paid for" - I was not disappointed! Great value for the money and I now have my pages printed and in an album instead of forever living in my computer.
Charlene - California, August 4, 2010
love, love, love my order!
Barbara in Texas, August 3, 2010
Excellent service, packaging, price and product. I am truly impressed. A rare statement in today's market where nothing seems to be as promised.
Lydia - Mesa, Arizona, August 2, 2010
I love the quality for the price. Heidi
Heidi in Michigan, August 1, 2010
I received the order very very quickly! I am very pleased with the quality of the pages I printed as well! I have already recommended you to others, and will be shopping there again soon!
Lauri - Hamden, Connecticut, July 28, 2010
I am very pleased with how the pages turned out! Colors were right on!
Robin, Illinois, July 20, 2010
I love the birthday book I created for my granddaughter's 1st birthday. I can't wait for more sales - especially the 12 x 12 half off specials so I can order all my pages I have made! Thanks Scrapbook Please
Kimberly in Florida, July 13, 2010
loved the pages I received in my order! They were better than what I dreamed they would look like! The only thing I would change is to offer free or discounted shipping more often so I could get pages printed more often. Thanks, Becca
Becca - Texas, July 12, 2010
The Wedding Album was EXCELLENT...the 8x8 was perfect sized...all 50 pages. Will definitely order more. Thanx so much for your wonderful work, promptness and superior quality!
Maryanne in Texas, July 11, 2010
Okay, so I thought my first experience that was so good might have been a fluke - it wasn't! My second order was just as fabulous as the first! It makes the hours and hours I spent constructing these special pages worth all the time and effort. THANK YOU, Scrapbooksplease! Sharren
Sharren - Gainsville, Florida, July 10, 2010
I loved getting my order of Scrapbook pages. I love them. It was super fast and great price. I will definitely order again. Thanks Scrapbooksplease I love it!! -Kandice
Kandice - St. George, Utah, July 7, 2010
I sent a positive feedback through the "Contact Us." I hope you received it. I was completely satisfied and delighted with my order! Thank you very much.
Pat - Omaha, Nebraska, July 6, 2010
I love the pages I just received! The colors are true and vibrant, and the quality of the pictures is excellent. The cost is great. I will definitely order from ScrapbooksPlease next time.
Audrey - Brigham City, Utah, July 5, 2010
I love my pages that I received back. Your 12 x 12 pages are a great value and I love using your specials on discount printing or free shipping. Thank you for providing this wonderful service at reasonable prices. I usually have small piece orders but you still have specials I can take advantage of.
Deanna, Michigan, July 4, 2010
Great job! Thank you so much!
Marilyn, Ohio, June 26, 2010
Every time I order from Scrapbooks Please I am so surprised at how quickly I receive my prints. And my scrapbook pages are always printed perfectly with no unexpected cropping.
Joy - Florida, June 21, 2010
I was unable to print my 12 x 12 creations from my printer, and scrapbooksplease helped me tremendously by printing the pages I created for my parents' 50th wedding anniversary scrapbook. I don't know what I would have done without your service!
Carolyn - Tennessee, June 19, 2010
I am so glad that you sent this email. I had every intention of giving you some feedback!!! I was so pleased with the service that I got and I loved how the prints came out. I knew that some would come out better than others, considering where I grabbed the photos from. I chose the least expensive paper to try out your offerings. I LOVED what I received. I will be sending many more photos your way to be printed!! I am going to try every paper type that you have!!! I think that there is a purpose for each one. Please, keep that .99 cent special going! What a great deal. Keep up the great work and thank you for a great experience. Oh, and what fast delivery!! (I wish it did not cost so much, but...) Kindly,
Malinda Blakey, New Hampshire, June 17, 2010
This was my first time ordering digital scrapbook pages and I was delighted in the turn around time and quality of the prints I received. I will definately order again in the future!
-- wendy bauman, New Jersey, June 16, 2010
Quality is great and the order came super fast! What more could I ask for? Thanks!
Laura in Michigan, June 12, 2010
Easy, affordable and the final product looked great! Thanks for making my memories look thier best.
Sally, New York, June 10, 2010
Thank you very much for your fast and good quality service.
Karrlayn - Washington, June 9, 2010
For a first time buyer I am impresed with the quality and service of your business
Lily, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA, June 8, 2010
EVERYONE to whom I've shown the photobook, has thought that it was an absolutely stunning product. Thanks for 325 pages (total).
Paula, Washington , June 3, 2010
Wonderful! I'm so glad I found you. I will be going all digital soon so I am sooo happy! The basic matte was awesome.. I love the white border. Great sales too!
Kathie, Pennsylvania, June 2, 2010
Again, you guys Rock! Such an affordable way to save our precious memories! Thanks
Kristy - Texas, June 1, 2010
I was really impressed with the image quality of my 12x12 pages. They look great!
- Kristi -- Syracuse, New York, May 30, 2010
As usual, my scrapbook pages were printed beautifully and shipped very quickly. Wonderful service!
Joy - Florida, May 28, 2010
Awesome! I was concerned if I was ordering a high enough quality print, but the print I ordered came out awesome quality, fast service, and cheap price! I will never drag out tubs of scrapbooking supplies again! And the best part is that my scrapbooks look nicer and neater and more orderly!
Shari in Indiana, May 24, 2010
Your Premium Matte Prints are the only things that I'll use in my frames. I have ordered from other companies because of a sale, but I have always been dissapointed and come back to scrapbooks please. Your premium print sale every now and then provides a great price and even the regular price is good enough to order again and again.
Carola <> San Antonio, Texas, May 22, 2010
Delighted? Absolutely! Everything about this order (my first one ever) - process, options, guidance, and most definitely the final product - was just superb! I'll be back!
Sharren - Gainesville, Florida, May 21, 2010
I was delighted, the pages turned out beautiful. I am very pleased!
Bonnie... Ohio, May 17, 2010
I was so happy with the order. It makes me want to do more digital scrapbooking!
Laura - Florida, May 14, 2010
When I completed my post-order survey, I mentioned that, although the packaging was intact, my scrapbook pages had a slight fold on each page. This wasn't severe enough to request reprints, just something I mentioned for quality control. Soon after submitting the comment, I received a complete replacement of my entire order. This time no corners were bent. Excellent customer service!
Joy - Florida, May 11, 2010
My daughter has helped create her "highschool album" using this site. It makes scrapbooking fun for her.
Lori...Rockford, IL , May 6, 2010
I ordered invitations for my parent's 50th Wedding Anniversary and they are wonderful. I can't wait to get them in the mail.
Desta - Payson, Utah, May 5, 2010
My second order from Scrapbooks please....this order was over 100 pages....all were printed beautifully and packaged well for international delivery.
Jennifer - New South Wales, AUSTRALIA, May 5, 2010
Perfect, as always!
Gina - San Antonio, Texas, May 4, 2010
Delighted? - I was. I can hardly wait to take pages up to my sister-in-law's this weekend so she can see the beautiful job I did on the old family pictures. One less job for the kids to do, figuring out who is whom in the photos. Now they'll know and the photos are gorgeous.
Connie; Connecticut, May 4, 2010
LOVE THIS SITE! Best prices around!
Kelly, Utah, May 3, 2010
This was my third 60-page album. And I have another one ready to send to you. What an awesome product.....I show them to EVERYONE ! Extremely happy,
Paula in Washington State, May 3, 2010
As usual, my order was processed quickly and efficiently, and cost less than my local pharmacy could have done. And they don't offer the size I wanted anyway!
Esther, St. Louis, Missouri, April 28, 2010
I was delighted, as usual, with my order. It will be used to make a Christmas gift for my daughter. Thank you so much.
Edna B. - Massachusetts, April 24, 2010
Being this was my first time ordering scrapbook pages I wasn't sure what to expect but they turned out awesome. They arrived in excellent shape and I could immediately put them in my scrapbooks. Thanks you Lisa
Lisa, Michigan, April 21, 2010
I'm always impressed!
-- Meg D. , Boise, Idaho, April 19, 2010
My pages are beautiful with rich, saturated color.
Liz, Ann Arbor, Michigan, April 8, 2010
I know I can count on Scrapbookplease to provide me with quality printed scrapbook pages quickly. I don't print my digital scrapbook pages anywhere else.
Angie Jensen, Minnesota, April 7, 2010
As always your service is great and the quality very good even at the standard (and on sale) level.
Norah, Colorado, April 5, 2010
Excellent quality prints at the best prices available! The information you give on your website show that you understand how important my scrapbook pages are to me!!!
Rhonda, Texas, April 1, 2010
I was very happy with my order, print quality was exceptional, and shipping was fast and reasonable.
Vicki, West Virginia, March 26, 2010
It was fabulous! Now I'm so excited to do some more digital scrapbooking!! Thank you!
Kristi, Portland, Oregon, March 25, 2010
Your service was prompt and I was delighted with the product for the value. I will definitely do business with you again.
Deborah, Colorado, March 24, 2010
I was delighted with my scrapbook prints. I especially was very pleased with the Luster finish. The quality is what you would see in a photographers studio. I do display some of my better scrapbook pages in 12 x 12 frames in my office at work. I can defintely see the difference in my "home glossy prints" and the scrapbooks please Luster finish. They are by far a better quality. Also the color matched perfectly, it was identical to the color on my monitor. Thanks so much for sending the trial print papers. As much as I liked the Luster finish, I will probably order the "linen" finish, next time. I really liked the texture feel of that paper also.
Melissa Wedgeworth, Tyler TX , March 24, 2010
The pages arrived while I was out. When I returned home, my daughter came running out with the box exclaiming, "They're here!!!!". The whole family excitedly hovered around oohing and aahing as I removed each print. :) -Dawn
Dawn, Anaheim, California, March 23, 2010
Over all I am very pleased with ScrapbooksPlease.com. I am looking forward to using it again and again... Thanks for your service.
Mary, California, March 22, 2010
I loved my order from Scrapbooks Please! It is like Christmas waiting for my order to arrive, and then...it's like unwrapping the best quality scrapbook pages ever. You do a beautiful job! I like having the option of different types of paper and your prices are excellent. Thank you so much!
Michelle, Columbus, Ohio, March 21, 2010
I would recommend this company to everyone, you get what you ask for and how many companies can offer and deliver that? Amazing A+
Gary Grant (nyc/london). , March 20, 2010
I was very pleased to receive my scrapbook pages. They showed off my work beautifully!
Carrie, Indiana, March 18, 2010
I love the 12x12 prints I received, great quality and plan to order more. Thanks,
ReBecca, Texas, March 17, 2010
This is the third order I have placed with you and I am just as pleased this time as I was the first two times. Thank you for providing such excellent service in an age where much is promised but not always delivered.
Linda, Illinois, March 17, 2010
For the price, this is an excellent way to print your scrapbook pages! The quality is great, and the service is great!
Adrienne, Holladay, Utah, March 16, 2010
My new scrapbook pages were great. These are the first photo pages I have ever ordered, and they will be hard to beat. Beautiful color, high quality and great paper. Thanks
Linda, Cambridge, Minnesota, March 14, 2010
I was very happy with the clarity and the quality of the prints!! They are so nice they are also going up on my gallery wall. Can't wait to get more layouts printed for my albums.
Terry, Michigan, March 13, 2010
I love Scrapbooks Please!! The ordering process was easy once I downloaded the "uploader" software. It was my first time ordering so I wasn't sure what to expect...The quality of the pages far exceeded my expectations! I will definitely use the service again...Thanks for a great product!
Shari, New York, March 12, 2010
I have been a digital scrapbooker for about a year and never printed any of my pages. I chose Scrapbooks Please since I had ordered some cards and was very pleased with them. My 12x12 pages were the highest quality and the colors where exact. I was worried the large pages may get bent during shipping, but they were packaged so that they were in perfect condition. I love my pages and show all of my friends who are also impressed with the quality. I will definately be a long-time customer.
Gina, San Antonio, Texas, March 11, 2010
Thank you for printing my memories. This was my first order, it arrived in great time in Australia. It was great quality print, I will be back to order more.
Lianne, Queensland, Australia, March 10, 2010
Very impressed! The pages were even better than expected...would definitely order again!
Kimberly, Atlanta, Georgia, March 8, 2010
OMG! I am very happy with this order. It was totally worth every penny to get the premium prints...They are so perfect. Thank you, thank you, thank you for excellent quality, ease of use and timely service. There was no downside to using your printing service.
Lezlie, Connecticut, March 4, 2010
Amazing quality. Thank you so much. The bonus paper samples were awesome as well!
Heidi, Montana, March 3, 2010
I just got my first set of digital papers, I had a friend do a comparison of three papers and I am so happy with the premium matte pages that I got. I am amazed of the quality and how much it looks like the orginal pictures, from the small details to the colors. I also saw the standard Matte and Glossy and they are good for the money to, but I am sold on the premium pages. Thanks so much!
Jaime in Kansas, March 2, 2010
Was I delighted with my order? The answer is YES! Completely delighted as always. You provide an excellent service, with an awesome product. I have always been happy, and will continue to use Scrapbooks Please for all my scrapbook printing needs! Thank you, thank you.
Karen, Iowa, March 2, 2010
Once again SBP has come through! My pages were beautiful. I immediately began to embellish and get into my book. You guys are so great. The best part for me is the "price". I'm on a fixed income so I wait for the "sales" when possible. I have never had anyone else print my pages. I know that when you do them they are going to be extrordinary. Thank you so much from a very satisfied customer!
A. Rogers-Calumet Park, IL, March 1, 2010
I love the pakaging ... it really looks like someone did it very carefully and meticulously
mimi, Virginia, February 28, 2010
I am very happy with the quality of the 12 x 12 pages I ordered from Scrapbooks Please. The price was amazing, and the pictures look great. A fantastic way to preserve the memories of our honeymoon trip! Thank you so much.
Sarah, Ontario, Canada, February 25, 2010
It was my first time using scrapbooks please....I was pleasantly surprised with the excellent quality of the product and the international postage was reasonably quick.
Jennifer, New South Wales, Australia, February 24, 2010
I loved my pages that I ordered. I got the value prints and I loved the price. I loved that I got a sample of all of the other prints and what they look like so if I want to order in a different print I know what it will be like. Thanks Scrapbooksplease!
-Kandice, St. George, Utah, February 23, 2010
I work hard on my projects and want them to look great and last for my grandchildren, the quality of paper is wonderful and my pages look fantastic . . .
Carol, Texas, February 21, 2010
I was very impressed with the quality of my pages when I got them. I was also very happy with the price - its very reasonable! I'm very happy with Scrapbook Please and I will certainly order from here again! Thank you!
Joyce, Massachusetts, February 21, 2010
My 1st time ordering the Premium Luster pages and they are awesome!!!
sherry, Georgia, February 20, 2010
The quality of my 12 x 12 page is great. It is printed on high quality photo paper. The colors are perfect. I love the fact that there are no white borders. The communication was very good & my order arrived much sooner than I expected. Thanks for the awesome service.
Linda, Maine, February 18, 2010
I'm not computer smart and have just started doing some digital scrapbooking but found it fairly easy to upload my pages from my Mac.
Sara, Oklahoma, February 16, 2010
Thank you for a great products at great values :) I didn't think I was going to be able to print my 12x12 scrapbooking pages until I found scrapbooksplease.com. Now my scrapbook pages are printed out in quality and delivered right to my front door. It just doesn't get any better than that. I will being using your site again and I have already told my friends and family about your site. Thank you!!!!
~Julie~ Oklahoma, February 14, 2010
My orders from Scrapbooks Please never fail in any capacity! They are always just as (and often better than) I imagined them to be when I was designing them.
Jude, New York, February 12, 2010
I've been toying around with the idea of digital scrapbooking for quite a while, since I don't have space to spread out paper scrapping projects and store supplies. But the cost of printing 12 x 12 pages was out of my budget. Thanks, Scrapbooks Please! Your range of papers and prices is excellent, and with the Scrapbook Flair free software, digital scrapbooking is within my reach at last!
Ronda K., Idaho, February 11, 2010
I am new to digital scrapbooking and have really enjoyed it all. With 4 kids, and 5 scrapbooks, your site was the best value around to get all the pages I wanted printed to scrapbook my kids!! I appreciate the value so much!!
Jenna, Kansas, February 10, 2010
This is my second order for Photobook. AM VERY PLEASED with it! I will be ordering more in the very near future. Have not ever been dissatisfied with any order I have from you! Thank you so much for your dedication to quality and excellent service.
Maryanne, Texas, February 9, 2010
I am very happy with the quality of the scrapbook pages I receive. The notifications of when my items are received and shipped are great and the package alway arrives quickly. I will order many time in the future.
Julie, Kansas, February 9, 2010
easiest scrap booking site I have found so far
- Susan, Connecticut, February 8, 2010
I Loved my Card, it came out perfectly the Qualty was excellent.
Virginia in Virginia, February 7, 2010
I created two scrapbook pages digitally and sent them to some local stores for 12 x 12 developing. Neither store was able to come close to matching the correct colors. ScrapbooksPlease did a beautiful job of developing the pages, packaged them securely, and returned them in a very timely manner. I'm looking forward to placing my next order from ScrapbooksPlease.
- Lyndie, Maryland, February 4, 2010
I ordered Valentine cards - my first order from Scrapbooks Please. The cards are superior quality and took just over a week to come in (from the day I ordered them). I am very pleased with both the service and quality and will definately order again. Also, thank you for the samples of the different types of printing you do. It is so much better to be able to see and feel the different types of finish. My order for my digital scrapbook pages will be coming soon...
Gina, San Antonio, Texas, February 1, 2010
This was my first time even using a digital program to create my scrapbook pages. I found your site by simply using Google, and was pleased with the price per page. When I received my order I was very excited! The pictures came out crystal clear and the colors are very vibrant! Thank you so much - I'll be ordering more soon.
Diane, Michigan, January 31, 2010
I was so excited when i found this website because me and my friend exchange homemade cards for holidays and this year i made hers on a photo editing website and couldn't print it because of its size, then i found Scrapbooks Please and was SOOOOO relieved because it was an affordable price for quality prints! I will definitely order from here again!
Katie - Indiana, January 28, 2010
I was more than delighted. The pages looked amazing (my first pages) and they turned out better than I could have expected. Can't wait to print more!
Nicole, Missouri, January 26, 2010
I loved the pic I received. Very very pleased. Thanks!
Candace, Kentucky, January 23, 2010
All was great as always. I look forward to ordering again soon.
Alice, Pennsylvania, January 20, 2010
I loved the pictres they were just what I wanted. everyone enjoyed them, thanks
Barbara, Connecticut, January 19, 2010
My scrapbook pages arrived quicker than expected and the quality is excellent. I had a question during the order which was answered promptly. I have already shown the scrapbook to several friends and everyone is very impressed. Thank you for a great way to print my pages.
Anita, Texas, January 18, 2010
I love my pages that I order from Scrapbooks Please.
Brooke, Wyoming, January 16, 2010
This was my first experience with digital scrapbooking. I did 2 years worth of family events in the free Scrapbook Flair software. I will probably use this software for my next book though there are a couple of features that would be nice to have with it that it is lacking (Can't copy and paste embellishments, for example). I had a photo book printed from Scrapbooks Please and I just love it! The entire process was so easy, and the book is very high quality. I ordered during a free shipping time and I thought the price was reasonable. I will be using Scrapbooks Please for my next book, even if I change software.
- Joy in Colorado , January 14, 2010
Your products are always exactly what I order, and it always arrives to me in the time you had promised.
Esther, St. Louis, Missouri, January 13, 2010
Love my scrap prints!! I will be showing them off to everyone! Thank you so much!
Lorraine, California, January 11, 2010
This is the first time I've printed my digital pages! I'm very pleased and look forward to printing more!
Kimberly, Kansas, January 10, 2010
I was amazed by the quality of the prints I made and how easy it was to make them. They were so much more reasonably priced than anything else I looked into and they look like they were done by a professional.
Rachel, Indianpolis, Indiana, January 9, 2010
I have been very pleased with all of my orders from ScrapbooksPlease. Love those prices and the quality is excellent.
Sharon, Pennsylvania, January 8, 2010
I was very pleased with the quality of my cards and scrapbook pages and will definitely order again!
Penny, Missouri, January 5, 2010
Delighted? - Yes, we are very happy with our order.
Diana, Oregon, January 5, 2010
Wonderful quality and fast service!! Will order again real soon. Thank you so much!
Melinda, Wisconsin, January 4, 2010
I'm delighted to find your site to get 12 x 12 pages.
Mary, Ohio, January 3, 2010
This was the first time that I had used Scrapbooks so I just sent one page for print to test the quality. The result was excellent and far better than I expected. I am in the process of uploading the other 14 pages of my scrapbook for print. Cannot wait to get the other pages. I am sure they will be equally as stunning.
Steven, Brisbane, Australia , January 2, 2010
As Always I was very happy with my order and will continue to order from Scrapbook Please.
Patti, Illinois, December 31, 2009
I was thrilled with my order - the quality was excellent. The whole process of getting the scrapbook pages into a digital format was a challenge but doing business with you was a breeze. Thank you so much for making it possible for me to have these pages for all of my children.
Linda, Illinois, December 30, 2009
It's an awesome product you offer, I am delighted with the quality & price. Plus, I received my order quicker than I was promised and was able to give the photobook I ordered as a Christmas gift. Thank you very much!
Jamie, St. George, Utah, December 29, 2009
I did send an contact email on Scrapbooks Please Feedback letting you know how excited I was to receive my prints - and how impressed I was with the quality and prompt service. Will definitely be doing more 12x12 scrapbooking now that I know I can get such fabulous prints. Thanks
Trish, Queensland, Australia, December 28, 2009
The quality is always great.
Joy, Tennessee, December 27, 2009
i was delighted with how well packaged my order arrived - it is obvious how seriously Scrapbooks Please takes protecting other people's special scrapbook memories.
Cara, Iowa, December 26, 2009
Excellent service and delivery. Thanks very much!!
Anna, Illinois, December 26, 2009
Delighted? - Yes good quality and hard to find square prints. I will be purchasing some 12x12 photos soon. Thank you.
Rachel, Arizona, December 24, 2009
I had heard good things about Scrapbooks Please from others who had used it before. I was very happy with the product I received from them and definitely plan to use them again!
Claire, Tampa, Florida, December 23, 2009
Everything was wonderful. Thanks so much and Happy Holidays!
Lauren, Savannah, Georgia, December 23, 2009
Once again, you deliver an exceptional product with service to match!
Beth, Virginia, USA, December 22, 2009
I was very pleased with my scrapbook pages and plan do do a lot more digital scrapbooking now that I have found Scrapbooks Please!
Valerie, South Carolina, December 22, 2009
Beautiful quality, was very pleased, and they arrived earlier than I expected. I will order again soon.
vickie, Tennessee, December 21, 2009
This was the 1st time I have ever printed my digital scrapbook pages. I found the site by accident. They were having a great sale on 12x12 pages so I figured why not try them out. The pages look awesome!!! I can't wait to make and print out more. Thank you,
Christa Cervone, Massachusetts, December 20, 2009
I have 3 boys, 3 scrapbooks and of course a family one for us. Ihad been a paper scrapbooker, except I rarley brought out all the 'Stuff" to complete them, so I was 7-8 years behind. I was too overwhelmed to even start until I started learning the digital way, now I can sit at the computer even for 30min( in between kids) and do a pager or two. Thanks to the low prices and quality of scrapbook please I have completed one boy up to date and am working on the next! Way cool, because they are almost out of highschool! Thanks
Julie, Minnesota, December 19, 2009
Just thrilled to see my hard work printed out in a format I can show off! I was worried with the prices of other sites I may never see that happen! Thanks for such a great value!
JoAnn, Utah, December 18, 2009
I loved the pictures they were just what I wanted. everyone enjoyed them, thanks
Barbara, Connecticut, December 17, 2009
After searching the web for a good price on 12 x 12 prints I found ScrapbooksPlease!!! Excellent service and quality product. Will use this company again for my printing needs. Thank you!!
Donna, Georgia, December 16, 2009
I love scrapbook please its easy and fast. it also is great for the things i need.
Mandy, Clinton, Utah, December 16, 2009
My orders, so far, have been for our parent group Our scrapbook is one of our recruiting tools so parents can see what kind of events we offer. But our existing members get excited when I mention we received new pages after an order to you. When I took over historian, I had been told with the budget allowed I would only get about 20 pages a year, but with your sales we get about double that for the same budget. Thanks!
Billie Jo, Hoffman Estates, Illinois, December 15, 2009
I received my order yesterday--it was the first time I had ordered from Scrapbooks Please---but it won't be the last!! I LOVE the pages and can't wait to do some more! The colors are beautiful and so bright!! I made these pages of my daughter's competition cheer team and made copies to hang at their gym--hopefully you will get some more business from them too!! Thanks again!!
Anne, Texas, December 15, 2009
This was my first order of a photobook and was I ever excited! The book was even better than I had anticipated. I will DEFINITELY be ordering more! Thank you so much for your dedication to quality and excellent customer service!
Maryanne, Texas, December 15, 2009
I was thrilled with the quality of my prints. I've been looking for a good, affordable printer who could print 12x12 scrapbook pages, and I've definitely found them. I will be ordering many more prints in the future!!
- Joy, Utah, December 15, 2009
I loved the ease of ordering and the quality of the printing.
Linda, Michigan, December 15, 2009
Quality of pages is Great: they look perfect in my scrapbook! Amazing value: will definitely be ordering again!
Annette, Oregon, December 15, 2009
I had more than a few 12x12 digital scrapbook pages that I'd completed, but had not printed yet. I was looking for a good online source to do the printing, when I received an email from your website about your 99 cent sale. I decided to try your site out, and I was very pleased with the pages I received. The quality was great and even your regular prices for printing were reasonable. I will definitely order from your company again! Thanks.
Donna, Arizona, December 15, 2009
The 12 x 12 pages I just received look remarkable. You could not ask for better for the price. Very good quality.
Kelley, Texas, December 15, 2009
I have come to expect very high quality work from Scrapbook Please. And once again my expectations have been surpassed.
William, Georgia, December 14, 2009
This is the first time I have printed any of my scrapbook creations in the 12 by 12 size. I loved how they looked! I have only been digi scrapping the last year or so.
Mary, Columbus, Ohio, December 13, 2009
It is so easy to order with scrapbooksplease.com. The website is easy to navigate and you get exactly what they describe.
Alison, Las Vegas, Nevada, December 12, 2009
I admit I was hesitant at first when I decided to try printing some of my digital scrapbooking pages, especially in the standard matte finish. I was skeptical and wasn't sure it was going to be good enough for a gift to my mother-in-law. At $.99 each, I couldn't pass up such a bargain! I was very pleased with how all my pages turned out!! My only regret was that I should have ordered more pages!
Lesley, Iowa, December 11, 2009
Very pleased with the product! Thank you for offering an reasonable priced service with great quality!
Angie, Indiana, December 11, 2009
Great quality! Great value! Really fast delivery! Wonderful all the way around! I'm recommending it to ALL my friends!
Belinda, Texas, December 11, 2009
I have never ordered pages on line before, and was nervous about the quality, but i was extremely happy with my pictures when i got them. I can't wait to do more. The price was better then making the pages myself in a book. I gave them as Christmas presents to family.
Tonya, Indiana, December 10, 2009
The scrapbook pages I ordered looked perfect--even better than I expected! What a deal for .99 cents! Shipping was super fast, too. Thanks so much!
Katie, Syracuse, Utah, December 10, 2009
I am definitely delighted with my order. It came so fast that I wasn't even watching for it yet. The quality is just fine and everything was perfect. Thanks!
Laura, Michigan, December 10, 2009
I was thrilled with the quality & finish of my photobook. You did a wonderful job. Thank you so much.
Mary, Auckland, New Zealand, December 10, 2009
I have ordered here a few times and I'm always so pleased w/ the results!! The prints are wonderful and at such a great price!! Thanks so much!
Theresa, Missouri, December 9, 2009
I received my Christmas cards today and I am pleased as punch. Once again Scrapbook Please has outdone themselves. This is my second year of using your services for my Christmas cards. The cards are beautiful. The color is so vibrant and the paper is magnificent. Best of all the price was affordable. Thanks SBP for a job well done!
- Alfreda, Illinois, December 9, 2009
Your printing was true to the original color. I was thrilled with my order.
Sally, Jacksonville, Florida, December 9, 2009
I absoultely love my scrapbooks! Digital pages make my books smaller and lighter weight, which is impotant because we move so much.
Gina, Columbia, South Carolina, December 8, 2009
I simply can't believe how wonderful my prints are. I ordered several 12x12 scrapbook pages during a .99 sale and I am truly amazed. Not that I didn't expect quality, but I really didn't expect the quality I actually got. They are just beautiful and I'm proud to put them in my scrapbooks with my paper pages. I'm definitely going to be doing more digi-scrapping now that I've found Scrapbooks Please. Thanks for being here......Don't ever go away! Very sincerely.
Carla L. Cooper, Lakeville, Minnesota, December 8, 2009
I am having so much fun making a scrapbook of a trip to Colorado that we took with our son and his family. I am giving the scrapbook to my DIL for Christmas. It is so easy to send the pages and have them printed in the 12 x 12 size. Also love the sale on this size of pages.
Cathie in Oklahoma, December 8, 2009
Hi - your Christmas cards are wonderful quality and such a great price. I didn't think I was going to be able to order Christmas cards this year, because of the expense of them. I'm so glad I found your website!!!
Tammy, Washington, December 8, 2009
My cards turned out wonderful, I look forward to ordering more through your site. I want to do some 12x12 pages. I hope to see more sale prices on those, I didn't have any ready for printing during your last special. Thanks!
Claudine, Idaho, December 8, 2009
As usual the prints are great and the turnaround time is fantastic. I love the fact you have sales to help those of us on fixed incomes to be able to share our digital work with others.
Lois, Texas, December 7, 2009
I am completely satisfied - the quality of the product for the money was amazing. I just placed another order for $64 worth of prints! Thanks!
Donna, Arizona, December 6, 2009
Rebeca, Texas, December 6, 2009
The package was delivered promptly and in good shape. I loved the way the pages turned out. Thanks!
Ellen, Knoxville, Tennessee, December 5, 2009
I was very happy with the quality and the price. I am looking forward to trying out one of your hardbound books.
Therese, Colorado, December 4, 2009
Loved the look of the pages - looked so professionally printed with a nice weight for the pages, too.! Very impressed!
Priscilla, Maine, December 3, 2009
I have recently learned photoshop and was pleased to find a website that prints the "odd" shaped prints. I am an ordinary stay-at-home mom and don't have access to fancy printing options and before finding this website, I could only print traditional sizes.
Katy, Idaho, December 3, 2009
I have always been pleased with the product that I get from Scrapbook Please.
April, Kansas, December 2, 2009
10 star quality for a 3 star price.
Sherry, Georgia, December 2, 2009
I've had a hard time finding 8x8 high quality prints and Scrapbook Please delivered. Thanks.
Priscilla, Florida, November 29, 2009
Yes! The prints were EXCELLENT quality. I especially loved the Premium Luster Prints and appreciated receiving the little sample pack of all the types of prints you have to offer.
Michele, Missouri, November 28, 2009
The 12 x 12 pages are awesome! I hope you continue to run the .99 sale for the matte pages. That is a great deal!
Julie, Florida, November 25, 2009
I love that I can inexpensively print my memories and get a great quality print.
Alecia, Missouri, November 24, 2009
Scrapbooking can seem like such a daunting task, but with your site this non-crafty, working Mom of 3 can do it and do it well!! Many Thanks for such a great site and excellent service!
Niki @ Arcadia, Wisconsin, November 18, 2009
I absolutely loved the products I received. I'm glad I ordered a few different types of prints so I could compare. The customer service was extraordinary and much appreciated. I think you have a great product and great customer service along with a great price! I don't know anyone that can beat that! Thanks for making scrapbooking so much fun and rewarding,
Nikki, Apple Valley, Utah, November 17, 2009
Once again, I was so very pleased with my order, your work is lovely and so speedily done and sent! I would never hesitate to recommend using your company! Beautiful work and so very pleased with the results.
Maryanne, Texas, November 16, 2009
I was delighted when I received my recent order to find that your print quality totally met my expectations!
Janet, South Carolina, November 8, 2009
As an avid scrapbooker, I use your site frequently for printing scrapbook pages and custom cards. You have the most reasonable prices I've found and I always receive a high quality product. Thanks for your continued excellent service.
Laura, Georgia, November 3, 2009
I was extremly happy with Scrapbooks Please! I have just started digital and was curious as to how the printed pages would turn out, but they are wonderful. Their prices were good too! I like that you have a price range to choose from. I went for the middle grade and was impressed with price and quality. I am excited to do some more pages and add them to my book! Will be back Scrapbooks Please!
----Kristi, Georgia, November 2, 2009
Delighted? - Yes, and I've told all my digital friends about you!
Dawn, Ohio, November 1, 2009
The first order I received totally exceeded my expectations! I love, love, love scrapbooking this way.
Janet, California, October 30, 2009
I was very excited when my package from Scrapbooks Please arrived. I had ordered two 12x12 framed prints as gifts for Christmas. Also 8 4x4 inch magnets also to give as Christmas gifts. I'm so pleased with the outcome and how they look. My family and friends will be so pleased with these gifts. Thank you for the beautiful work and making my digital scrapbook pages looks as good printed as they do on the computer! I will be purchasing from Scrapbooks Please again in the future.
Kimberly, Kentucky, October 29, 2009
I was (delighted). Price was great and really made my project turn out better than I thought. Thanks!
Robert, Madison, Wisconsin, October 27, 2009
I was pleased with the quality and how the scrapbook pages turned out. The Standard Matte is a great value for creating a scrapbook on a budget!
stephanie, South Carolina, October 26, 2009
I was extremely pleased with the quality of my printed digital scrapbook page. I received my order in 3 days. I will continue using Scrapbooks Please for all my digital printing needs.
Alisa from Arkansas, October 22, 2009
Excellent quality. Product exceeded my expectations.
Barb, Iowa, October 22, 2009
I was delighted with the high quality print. The frames are beautiful and the customer service wonderful. I am a happy customer.
Nayyan, Rancho Mirage, California, October 21, 2009
This was the first time I have sent 12x12 scrapbook pages to be printed. I am very happy with them and will be sending more. I even had copies made for my daughter-in-law, as they were pages of a vacation to Colorado that we took together. Now she will have a scrapbook of the trip also.
Cathie, Oklahoma, October 20, 2009
I love my cards they are so nice - I will order my cards from ScrapbooksPlease. I'm so happy to be a member!
Margie, Louisiana, October 16, 2009
I was pleasantly surprised by the crisp photo quality of the premium matte pages. The color was absolutely stunning!
Erin, Massachusetts, October 15, 2009
I made a mistake when uploading my digital scrapbooking pages to be printed by ScrapbooksPlease. Rather than just printing my order, I was contacted by customer service to bring this problem to my attention. I appreciate that Scrapbooks Please took the time to "question" my order and offered me an opportunity to fix it if it was in fact a mistake. This was a great example of customer service and attention to detail. Thank you for saving me from the frustration I would have experienced should my original order arrive and I would have, then, learned about my terrible error.
Kathryn, Washington, October 14, 2009
I have adopted 10 special needs kids. As you can imagine, making 10 pages for every event would be overwhelming for me. With your service, I design one page, and request 8-10 copies. The quality is great and I'm not a wreck trying to keep up. For 99 cents a page, I could not buy the supplies or print at a copy store any cheaper. Thanks again.
lisa lewis, Virginia, October 12, 2009
I've ordered several times....will order again, always prompt and quality is excellent. Beautifully printed pages that make my scrapbooks look more professional and will last longer. Thank you so much!
Maryanne, Texas, October 8, 2009
The quality of the prints is excellent.
Linda, Arizona, October 5, 2009
You all have the best products and the best service ever. Would not use anyone else.
Dee Williams, Alexandria, Virginia, October 4, 2009
The quality of my prints is superb! I designed some custom backgrounds in Photoshop for a special scrapbook that I'm making and was unsure of how they would turn out so I only ordered a single sheet of each. I'm so pleased with the quality of the prints that I'm definately going to order more!
Jude, New York, October 2, 2009
I was thrilled with my order. It arrived as we were walking out the door to a fundraiser. I dropped everything, grabbed the package and told the family we were going to be late. They just laughed as I tore into it. It was very exciting.
Dawn, Anaheim, California, September 28, 2009
They (ScrapbooksPlease) went above and beyond the call of duty, getting my prints to a very special event on time.
Gina, Vista, California, September 28, 2009
This was my first attempt at digital scrapbooking, so I just ordered a few prints to try it out. I am thrilled. They were of very high quality and I received them very quickly. Thank you!
Nancy, Florida, September 26, 2009
All my pages were beautiful. I took my scrapbook to a recent family gathering where cousins and aunts delighted in seeing my work and commented on the quality of the printing. Thank you for taking care with my order.
Marg, Kansas, September 17, 2009
I was very happy with my order! This was my third time ordering and I have no complaints at all. Everything arrived in a very timely manner. The quality of the prints were just as expected. Scrapbooks Please rocks!!
Melody, Wisconsin, September 17, 2009
Once again, I was very pleased with my order. The quality was outstanding, as always! I am always excited to see my work preserved in the vibrant color and quality that you provide. I am also very pleased with the packaging. I came home during a rainstorm to find my order in my mailbox. I opened it very quickly because the outside was a little wet, and I was afraid the pages may be damaged. But you had them tightly sealed in plastic, so they were never in any danger! Thanks again for the great work!
Connie, Toledo, Ohio, September 11, 2009
I LOVED my pages. The quality was excellent and exceeded my expectations by far! Thank you!
Krysta, Texas, September 11, 2009
Great quality prints. They really make my scrapbook layouts look wonderful... Great online experience.. Thank you
Kathy, New Jersey, September 10, 2009
The quality of the photos I received was fantastic. I will definetly use your services again. Thanks so much!!
Renate, New York, September 10, 2009
The quality is soooo much better than Walgreens. It's as good as ProEx (which went bankrupt). I hope you have more specials soon.
Sincerely, Debbie, Minnesota, September 9, 2009
I love the order and have gotten my mom to order prints here - please run specials on you Premium prints more often!
Carola, Texas, September 8, 2009
This was my second order and I couldn't have been more delighted. The quality of the pages was remarkable and the value was awesome. I will definitely use your service again. Thanks for the excellent quality and the sale !!!
Ann, Virginia, September 8, 2009
I was absolutely delighted with my order. The prints are beautiful and very well printed. I love them and have placed another, bigger order. I am anticipating another perfect order. Thanks for your service.
Marj, Topeka, Kansas, September 8, 2009
I was very pleased with the quality of the order. It is so nice to see my creations published so beautifully. I was notified of shipping and although I selected USPS it arrived the next day - what a pleasant surprise!
Sara, Boca Raton, Florida, September 3, 2009
I am very pleased with it overall and they look great! Just wish I could upload quicker and that I could upload pages directly from photoshop versus having to change them to PNG files then uploading.
Sonya, Florida, September 2, 2009
I was so excited to find out you printed 8 1/2 x 11 pages!
April, Florida, September 1, 2009
Received my order on Friday and was so impressed with the quality of my prints that I now want to order photo books for Christmas gifts. The quality of my prints was the best I have ever received. I will highly recommend your site to all my friends! Thanks so much!!!!
Susan, Alexandria, Virginia, August 31, 2009
This is a great affordable way to catch up all of my digital scrapbooking. Now if only there were a way so easy to do all of those prints from 21 years!!
Joanne, Idaho, August 31, 2009
Wonderful product, very pleased and would highly recommend your service.
Cynthia, Maine, August 26, 2009
Scrapbooks Please made my first digital scrapbook printing experience awesome! It was easy to uplad my pages, it clearly told me if my images were high enough quality to print 12x12 and gave me lots of printing choices! My pages arrived within a few days and were great quality! I will definetely use them again and recommend them to my friends!
Tara, Tucson, Arizona, August 26, 2009
Very nice product, ordering was easy, and the quality was as promised!
Faye, Florida, August 24, 2009
Quality, value, service, were all excellent. Would recommend this service and I will use them again. Thanks. Ann
Ann, Virginia, August 24, 2009
Yes..I was very delighted with my order. I've ordered in the area of at least 40 12 X 12 scrapbook pages and have been very satisfied with each and every one! The quality of the prints coupled with the service is outstanding. I would recommend yor company to anyone who is thinking of having scrapbook pages printed.
Mary Castonguay, Maine, August 19, 2009
I just received my order and I absolutely love the scrapbook pages. They are Christmas gifts for my family...I can't wait to see their faces when they open their personalized gifts!!
Misty, Illinois, August 19, 2009
Loved the print quality of the finished photo book. This was my first order from Scrapbooks Please, and the end product was even better than expected. I'll be ordering more! Brenna
Brenna, Wisconsin, August 18, 2009
I love the quality of the Premium prints! I had only ordered the Standard matte prints before, but I had a coupon, so I bought some premium ones. They're so worth the extra money! They're beautiful!
Laura, California, August 17, 2009
It was so great to be able to do my sons' Boy Scout Eagle scrapbooks in parts. Last fall, I designed the pages showing their project. Those pages were in their scrapbooks for their Court of Honor. Then I was able to make new pages showing pictures from the celebration. Their books look beautiful. Thanks.
Robin, California, August 17, 2009
I was very happy with my order. My pages turned out just as I had hoped.
Becky, California, August 15, 2009
Very good value. High quality, easy to order & received in a timely manner. What more could you ask for? Will definitely use again.
Clint, Texas, August 14, 2009
I was really excited to get my 12x12 prints, and I loved the price! Thanks, Terri
Terri, Oklahoma, August 13, 2009
I was so excited when my pages arrived! They are absolutely beautiful! I will definately order from scrapbooksplease again.
- Brandi, Colorado, August 12, 2009
I loved that I was able to design my own scrapbook page and upload it to Scrapbooks Please. Then when I received the book it was awesome! I will recommend this site to all of my scrapbooking friends! I couldn't believe that my order arrived so quickly and efficiently! Great job Scrapbooks Please! From One Very Pleased Customer,
Missy, Illinois, August 6, 2009
Thanks, it's nice to be able to order my pages from you and not worry about them. I know they'll show up quickly and they will be beautiful!
Michelle, Washington, August 4, 2009
This was my first attempt at digital scrapbooking - I did 4 pages and ordered them from Scrapbooks Please just to see how they would look. I was so happy with how they turned out that I ordered a new laptop the same day I received the pages in the mail so I could do many more pages. Thank You.
Wendy, Minnesota, August 4, 2009
I was amazed at how fast I got my order, and the quality is great. I will definitely keep ordering from Scrapbooks Please!
Michele, Virginia, August 3, 2009
Very nice looking prints, good color and I received them in a very timely manner.
Tricia, Texas, August 3, 2009
I was as excited as a child on Christmas morning when I received my first order of prints! I couldn't wait to get them open and I sure wasn't disappointed when I saw how beautiful they were!!! Thank you for offering such wonderful quality for the price that you do & having great sales so everyone can have prints made! I most definitely will be ordering more! They brought such a smile to my face! THANK YOU so much!!
Sylvia, Pennsylvania, August 2, 2009
This is the first time I have ordered from ScrapbooksPlease and I was really pleased with the product as well as how quickly the pages came. Thank you. I intend to spread the word.
Lida, Las Vegas, August 1, 2009
I really like the pages I ordered. Once I got them I took them to work to show everyone and recommended to a fellow scrapbooker who is looking to go digital your printing service.
Tammy, Kansas, August 1, 2009
Sheer perfection as usual, will definitely order again. Thank you so much.
Maryanne, Texas, August 1, 2009
I am very pleased with my order. As a first time printer i had a few resolution issues but the pages are printed on decent weight paper and the colors are true to print. Thank you
Heidi, Washington, August 1, 2009
Your $0.99 sale kicked started my baby's album. Thank you for a great product and the gentle nudge.
--Gretchen, New York, August 1, 2009
Yes, I was very pleased with the pages, especially since I scanned old photos that I knew would be risky as far as the resolution was concerned.
Wanda, Georgia, July 31, 2009
This is the greatest site for printing my scrapbook pages. The value is the best and I always receive the quality that I expect. I have ordered from you in the past and will continue to do so. Keep up the great work.
Loel, Minnesota, July 31, 2009
The 99 cent pages were too good to pass up. I decided to try one more order because of the price. If this deal comes again, I am sure my relatives will want to order more pages, too, for their grandchildren.
Sandra, Utah, July 30, 2009
It was my first order and I was very pleased with the quality - that you for offering such a terrific service.
Cynthia, Utah, July 30, 2009
I am delighted that I can print my creations for an affordable price. As I have researched all over the web and at local stores, this price is the best! Thank you!
Rosanna, Colorado, July 29, 2009
So happy to find this service! Very fast and very good quality. Excellent packaging. Good value. Just got Photoshop Elements, so planning on using this service a lot.
Elizabeth, North Carolina, July 29, 2009
I love everything about my order, the sale, how easy it was to order, the time it took to recieve my order. The quality of my pages were great. I will definatly order again.
Linda, Michigan, July 29, 2009
Very delighted with the order. I'm new to digital scrapbooking and now I'm hooked. The prices at Scrapbooks Please are so much more affordable than other sites, and the quality is great. I will definitely order more of my pages from your site. Thanks!
Michele, Virginia, July 29, 2009
My order went in with no problem and arrived great. I wasn't sure what to expect exactly since this is the first time I've ordered 12 x 12 prints and only ordered one other time. It was a great deal and the prints came out great. I will definitely order from here again.
Debbie, Indiana, July 28, 2009
I hit the jackpot with your recent sale and was thrilled to finally be able to hold in my hands the pages that I'd only seen on the computer up until that point. There is nothing that compares to the satisfaction of seeing and holding your work in front of you.
- Elizabeth, Texas, July 28, 2009
Excellent quality for the price and FAST delivery. I also enjoyed the samples of what else you offer. I will definitely be back to order more!
Rachel, Iowa, July 28, 2009
I love my pages, I create pages through out the year and then when you have the .99 sale I order. I received my pictures with in the week I ordered them. Who dosen't LOVE that. Thanks,
Patti, Illinois, July 28, 2009
This was my first digital scrapbooking experience and I am really liking it. I still do my homemade ones but just not as much which reduces the size of my books for storage! With time I hope my pages look like all the ones I see in the magazines! Thanks Scrapbooks Please!
Julia, Florida, July 28, 2009
I order 12x12 prints on the .99 sale. Prints were good for the money.
Karen, Missouri , July 28, 2009
After searching the web, I found prices for 12X12's pretty expensive untill I found your site. I was a little worried at first but thought I'd give you a try. Man, am I glad I did! Thanks, Kim
Kim, Texas, July 27, 2009
Very fast, and a wonderful price for the quality, and size.
Simone, Florida, July 27, 2009
I am greatly impressed with the quality of the prints. I love doing digital scrapbooking for my grandchildren and it is wonderful having a place to print them out. Thanks for your promptness.
Jo, Nebraska, July 26, 2009
I love my scrapbook pages!! I can't wait to show them off to my friends and family! I will definitely order from Scrapbooks Please again and recommend you to my digi scrap friends!
Kelly, Indiana, July 25, 2009
I loved my pages ..thank you. I had fun putting my album together...this was my first time printing my scrapbook pages.
mimi, Virginia, July 25, 2009
Tried Scrapbooks Please because you were having a sale.I only got one picture,not knowing your quality.When I saw how good it was,I was sorry I didn't order a lot more!
Mary, North Carolina, July 25, 2009
I am so happy with my order. It shipped when you said and it was great being able to see where it was during the process right to my door. The 12x12 pages I had you print came and I just about cried. They were perfect. I am giving them as a wedding gift and I am very happy about the gift I am giving them. Thank you.
Dianna Peterson, July 24, 2009
Thank you for providing affordable scrapbook pages. Our parent group prints scrapbook pages to have for publicity at our events and your sales make it possible to do a 24 page scrapbook on a $100 budget.
- BJ, Illinois, July 24, 2009
Everything was exactly as the orginal which is very nice. After having over 200 pages printed I can truthfully say you do a very good job. Looking forward to the next sale...:)
Lois, Texas, July 24, 2009
It seems like the only time I actually sit down and do my scrapbooking is when you run your promotion, so I thank you for the motivation!!! It helps me play catch up and I get great looking pages at an amazing price!
Sincerly Kari, Georgia, July 23, 2009
My scrapbook pages turned out wonderful thanks to you! I am so pleased with your service. Everytime I've ordered from you the service has been excellent and the product is even better than I imagined. Thanks!
Laura, Michigan, July 22, 2009
Great quality! I save up my pages and wait for the sale! how about a sale on the higher quality pages too. The .99 pages are excellent too!
Holly, Florida, July 22, 2009
Prints were wonderful! I also really liked the sample of paper types that were included...very nice to for future orders! Thank you!!!
Kim, Minnesota, July 22, 2009
I was absolutely thrilled with my order. The quality of the paper and of the prints was above my expectations. I have ordered occasionally before, and am always very pleased. I have already sent in another order!
Connie -Toledo, Ohio, July 22, 2009
This is my 4th or 5th order and I have already ordered more. Thank you so much for such lovely work. I will reorder and will recommend you to anyone wishing beautiful prints of their scrap pages.
Maryanne, Texas, July 21, 2009
My page came out very beautiful. I liked the way you sent me small printed samples of all your papers. I would encourage my friends to order their own samples and see for themselves. Mary
Mary, Arizona, July 21, 2009
Delighted? Yes, I loved it!
veronica, St. Louis, Missouri, July 20, 2009
I have been scrapping for years and sometimes do pages for others that I find hard to part with, Scrapbookplease has allowed me to keep my original and share it with the person(s) in the layout too! I am so happy that I have found this service.
Tamika - Boston, Massachusetts, July 19, 2009
I loved the photo book I ordered!!!
Natalie, Ohio, July 16, 2009
very good quality prints packaged nicely and delivered timely. i'm a very satisified customer!
Thomas, Massachusetts, July 16, 2009
Was very please with my order! Was delivered on time! A very good experience for printing/ordering some of my digital scrapbook pages for the very first time!! Thank You!
Lynn, Wisconsin, July 16, 2009
I was absolutely delighted with my order. Not only did the quality far exceed my expectations, but the service, responses and production/shipping time were fantastic. I choked up a little when I saw my printed product! It blew me away. Thank you so much!!! I will be a repeat customer and will highly recommend Scrapbooks Please.
Ashley, Houston, Texas, July 16, 2009
Hi Scrapbooks Please.com - I was very excited and happy about my prints. I love, love the Premium Luster the best. I also ordered a Standard Glossy print. The print itself was beautiful, perfect, except the picture was a little distorted. I re-ordered another print to make sure it wasn't something I did to make it come out this way. That time I ordered Premium Luster - it came out perfect. Then I realized that it was the paper choice. So from now on, when adding pictures I will use Premium Luster. Very happy, very satisfied.
Dacky, Lousiana, July 16, 2009
Great price for the 12x12 scrapbook pages and they look great!
Michelle, Michigan, July 14, 2009
This was my first experience doing a digital scrapbook and having the pages printed by Scrapbooks Please. The process was very easy. I used many old,scanned photos for my Mom's 80th birthday album. The quality and price were exceptional. I have recommended you to friends.
Cindy, California, July 12, 2009
yes! surprised at the good quality of the least expensive prints. Thank you
Noreen, Colorado, July 11, 2009
I have ordered from you several times now. I have been more than happy with my order each time. The uploading process (using your free uploader) is quick and easy. My pages are processed quickly and of good quality. I have only used regular shipping and my pages have always arrived in less than a week from the time I ordered them. Thanks so much for a great product and service. I will absolutely be back!
Mindy, Smithfield, Utah, July 9, 2009
I am always so excited to receive an order from ScrapbooksPlease. Even our postman knows that I'll be extra happy to get these packages!
Sarah, South Dakota, July 8, 2009
I was very delighted with my order. The quality of my print was exceptional. This was my first order and I will continue to order in the future. Thank you for your service.
Weazie, California, June 30, 2009
Service was very quick. Website and ordering process was very simple. Will definitely use again.
Justine, Florida, June 30, 2009
I bought a 12 x 12 frame months ago and could not find anyone that would do a 12 x 12 photograph. I went online and found scrapbooksplease.com and noticed they did this size photo. I purchased the photo not really knowing what to expect and was thrilled when it arrived! Perfect fit and perfect quality!
Mandy, Texas, June 27, 2009
My order was perfect ~ I ordered magnets as gifts for my Mum and Mum~in~law and they both loved them! Thank you
Jacquii, Oxfordshire, England, June 26, 2009
I was very pleased with the prints I received...everyone that sees them is just in awe of how clear & vibrant they turned out! Thanks!
Ashley, Oklahoma, June 25, 2009
The descriptions of the various papers available for printing were very accurate and helpful in deciding which one to use as a first time digi-scrapper. The prices are the lowest I've found anywhere! I will definitely use ScrapbooksPlease again for my printing needs.
-- Jenette, California, June 25, 2009
The scraps were absoutely Gorgeous! It made my scraps look sooo Professional and Beautiful! The paper was so thick and such super quality!
Annita, North Carolina, June 24, 2009
My order was gorgeous. This is why I am a repeat customer. You make digital scrapbook printing affordable. Staples charges $8/page!! Who can afford that?
Connie, Connecticut, June 23, 2009
I was very pleased with my order. I only ordered two prints of digital scrapbook pages that I had made (12x12). I have been trying to find a good printing service with quality prints at a price that I could afford. I know that I have found it now! Shipping was very quick too. I will definitely be using your printing service for all my scrapbook pages now. Thank you.
Sharon, Michigan, June 22, 2009
awesome service!
Sherri, Las Vegas, NV, June 22, 2009
The scrapbook pages looked great! Thanks so much!
Melissa, Texas, June 20, 2009
The order was fast. And everything i had ordered was here in a flash.And will continue to order every time i need more copies made .So much cheaper and easier than the photo shops up here in Vermont. thank you again.
Debbie, Vermont, June 18, 2009
I was very happy with my order. The quality was excellent and it arrived promptly. I can't wait to get the 12 x 12 pages framed. Thanks,
Carol Whipkey, Montana, June 14, 2009
I'm giving the magnets I ordered to my daughter and son-in-law as a fun gift for their upcoming birthdays...and I'm so pleased with them and think they will be also.
Sharon, Salt Lake City, Utah, June 12, 2009
12x12 prints cost an arm and a leg so I was extremely pleased when I received my photo quality prints from Scrapbooks Please...Thanks!
Kristy, Texas, June 10, 2009
I am very pleased with my first order. Unfortunately, I went on vacation after I placed my order, and had to wait until I returned to open my package! The color quality was very good and more "true" than other places I have ordered from. I like the paper quality too. I will definitely order from you again! Thank you,
Anne, Kentucky, June 9, 2009
My pages were beautiful! I appreciate the quality of your Premium papers. And I love the sales. I have also become quite fond of your free kits that you send to download. Thank you so much!
KarrLayn, Washington, June 8, 2009
I was very pleased to receive my order so soon and loved everything I got. I will be ordering again soon. Thank you!
Sonia, Florida, June 7, 2009
Yes, I was delighted with my order. Communication was good, service and product was very timely.
Heather, Minnesota, June 6, 2009
I have ordered 12x12 pages of my digital scrapbook layouts from numerous sources. This is the BEST, by far. The quality and value are amazing, with very fast shipping.
Renee, Illinois, June 6, 2009
Loved the pages I ordered. The quality was unbelievable! I never thought I would be able to replace my pricier page print developer but you have done it! Will definitely be ordering from you again. Now I just have to get busy and create some more page prints!
Margaret, Florida, June 5, 2009
The quality was better than I ever expected....I even contemplated for a moment REPRINTING every layout I had ever had printed elsewhere.
Pam, Wisconsin, June 5, 2009
I have had nothing but success and great products from you! I DO recommend you to all my friends!
Rachel, Illinois, June 4, 2009
Either I'm getting really good at this digital scrapbook thing, or the quality of your printing is exceptional. Maybe both. Your printing made my pages look better than they did on my PC. It made me want to digitally scrapbook more. thx
Shari, Oklahoma, June 4, 2009
I was very pleased with my order, it was just as beautiful as I had hoped it would be. I will definately be ordering from you again, I also thought the price was very good.
Linda D, New York, June 4, 2009
My 12x12 pages came so quickly and were wonderfully packaged to prevent any damage. I am very pleased and will definitely be back. Thank you.
Krista, New York, June 3, 2009
I was so excited to find such an inexpensive place to print out my 12X12 prints - however, you were so much cheaper that I was a little worried. No need! I was thrilled with the product and will be using you over and over again! You are also the only company I found that sends out samples so you can know ahead of time what your page will look like on all the different choices of paper. Thank you!
-Dawn, Ohio, June 3, 2009
This is the only website that I have found where I can order my layouts individually to put in my own scrapbooks. I love the quality for the price it is wonderful!
Tresa, Maine, June 3, 2009
I thought it was great. I don't have time to do the conventional scrapbooks so the digital make it great for me. I am glad to have found a reasonable site where I can get 12X12 pages printed. They were excellent.
Pat, Texas, June 3, 2009
Great picture and paper quality! Great color!
Lori, Texas, June 2, 2009
Was I delighted? Absolutely. You definitely have my support as a customer and can consider me an unpaid sales person, I will be telling friends about your company.
Terry, New York, June 2, 2009
Very pleased with the price and quality of service. I had to alter the resolution of my images to reach the required levels, but that is a good thing because I'm very happy with the results!
Caroline, Texas, June 2, 2009
The pages were beyond my expectations. They were just beautiful. Suitable for framing or into a special scrapbook. Thank you such a wonderful job.
bronwyn, Tennessee, May 31, 2009
Thank you so much for the great service and quality that you offer.
Jolynn, Texas, May 27, 2009
I got exactly what I wanted. The quality is great and the price is amazing. I've checked out other websites and none of them compare. Thank you for making a great product affordable.
Lola ~ California, May 26, 2009
This was my first order with Scrapbooks please. I had read others recommendations and statements of how great the products were, but I was still shocked and amazed when I received my own. There will be no other place that I ever shop for my scrapbook prints!
Kimberly, Tennessee, May 25, 2009
I have really been pleased with my prints. They have exceeded my expectations.
Brandi, Texas, May 22, 2009
I was extremely happy with the pages that I received. I have to admit, I was nervous about ordering this type of stuff online. However, as soon as the package was delivered and I saw the quality, I immediately uploaded more pages to print.
Lisa, South Carolina, May 22, 2009
You do an awesome job on the pages!!
Charity, Missouri, May 20, 2009
I love recommending Scrapbooks Please to my friends. I am always delighted with my scrap pages, books, cards and magnets. I am excited that you are offering double sided cards.
Amy, Santa Clara, Utah, May 20, 2009
i have adopted 10 children. and each one has their own scrapbook. hence, i order 8 or 9 copies of most of the pages. this is why i have them printed and don't make them individually - i would forever be behind. i am thrilled with your service and what a fast turnaround time. the color was good and the paper quality, although i ordered the least expensive, was great. thanks so much again.
page lewis, Virginia, May 13, 2009
I was very delighted with the 8x8 photobook I had printed at Scrapbooksplease.com. The person I made it for was thrilled as well. Thanks for the wonderful service and product. I will continue to order from you.
Leah, Oklahoma, May 13, 2009
Delighted? Oh, yes. My order arrive within 4 days of placing my order. Everything was perfect and it just so happened that I had the memorial pages in plenty of time for Mother's Day at church. You helped me make some mothers very happy.
William in Georgia, May 12, 2009
Can NOT beat the price! The colors were good, the print crisp and clear! I am extremely pleased and will be telling my friends about this site!
Jewely, Illinois, May 12, 2009
I was more than delighted with my order. The prints of my scraps were very vivid and the colors were fantastic. Thank you so much.
Linda, Tennessee, May 11, 2009
I was worried about how my digital scrapbook page would look because I scanned old photos. I was so very pleased at how beautiful and colorful all my photos were in the scrap pages I ordered. Also, the customer service was great in getting back to me with the best resolution and color settings to use. Thank you. I look forward to ordering more digital scrap pages.
Rebecca, Maryland, May 11, 2009
FRANCES, TEXAS, May 9, 2009
The page I printed turned out beautiful! It turned out better than I had expected. I will definately order more!
Candace, Wisconsin, May 8, 2009
I love your company; my orders have always been excellent. The brilliant colors on the Premium Glossy paper, which I always order, make the page pop! Keep up the great work!
Diana, Arizona, May 8, 2009
I just recieved my scrapbook pages and they are BEAUTIFUL~ I am so excited to see all my scraps printed for the family to see! I can't wait to order more of my scraps; this makes scrapping so worth while! Thank you!
Annita, North Carolina, May 6, 2009
As always, the product was better then I expected. Keep up the great job! Can't beat the quality you get for the price.
Loel, Minnesota, April 28, 2009
I was delighted with my order. I am new at the digital scrapbooking and to see the outcome was amazing. I was very pleased with the quality and I appreciated the sample paper so I now know exactly which ones I will pick for different projects. I like the prices too. I have been working feverishly so I can have more printed. Thank you for offering so many choices and I especially thank you for the quality and service. I WILL order again soon.
- Kimberly, April 27, 2009
Vicki Hill, Florida, April 24, 2009
I just love your prices and the pages you produce! I love digital scrapbooking because it's so much faster than hands-on scrapbooking. I still do scrapbook hands-on, but if I'm in a hurry, the digital way is wonderful! Thanks again! Sincerely,
Esther, St. Louis, Missouri, April 23, 2009
The quality of the photo is AWESOME!
Shelley, Texas, April 22, 2009
I had never ordered scrapbook pictures from scrapbook flair but I must say I was so pleased that I did. They were absolutely beautiful and the quality of excellent!!!
Deborah, Rhode Island, April 20, 2009
I was delighted with my order! I made a photobook of a charity event that I participated in earlier this year. It was the perfect gift for the woman that it benefited. She put it on display at her job and emailed everyone inviting them to look at it. Lots of positive feedback. Thanks so much...
Carole R, Florida, April 17, 2009
I was delighted with my order! Next time I would take the next package up because I chose the value pack and the paper is really thin. The download and ordering was so easy. Great website and great product.
Sandra, Michigan, April 17, 2009
Yes, I was very happy with my order. I also loved that you sent me free samples before I ordered so I knew what to expect!
Jackie, Texas, April 14, 2009
Great Scrapbook Prints! I was so happy with the quality of the photos I will definitely be ordering more! Thank you.
- Lorraine, California, April 13, 2009
I love the color quality of the pages. I just recommend people verify the paper quality they wish to order before committing to a large order. I ordered the $.99 paper in error and prefer a better quality. Everything else was great! Thank you!
Michelle, Pennsylvania, April 10, 2009
I was stunned at how good my prints came back...surprised to see a true bleed to the edges of my 8.5 x 11" prints. This was better than I expected. Thanks so much.
Sharron, Washington, April 9, 2009
I was very delighted. As a digital scrapper it was the first site I found that I felt comfortable in placing a digi order with, I'm so pleased with the result it looks very professional.
Katie, Charlotte, North Carolina, April 7, 2009
Customer service was excellent.
J. Litman, New York, April 6, 2009
I have used Scrapbooks Please on a number of occasions. It is my first choice for printing digital scrapbook pages, and I recommend the site to my friends and family. The quality and value are great!
Renee, Illinois, April 6, 2009
Yes, it was Free!! but I will pay for your product in the future. I thought that the quality was very good and I liked that you sent me some additional paper samples. Nice to see those in person.
Frances, Florida, April 5, 2009
Can't beat the pricing and the turn around is great!
Alison, Las Vegas, NV, April 5, 2009
I really like ScrapbooksPlease. They offer the 12x12 one sided prints I've been looking for at an affordable price. The quality of the prints is great. I also got everything on time and in great condition. Other companies I've used didn't package the pages well for shipping and they were damaged, but not Scrapbooks Please! I also like that they offer a number of different printing and paper options. Thank you for some great printing services!
Beth, Tennessee, April 4, 2009
I wasn't sure what to expect but it definitely exceeded my expectations. The quality was great and the colors came through wonderful, even better than they looked on my computer. Great Job!!! You have my business.
Shawna, Texas, April 2, 2009
loved my scrapbook and magnets and will definitely order again!
Heather, Illinois, April 1, 2009
Yes, I was surpised to see the quality of the pages! I will definitely order again!
Becky, April 1, 2009
This was the first time I had digi layouts printed to put in my scapbook, and I was excited to see it! I wasn't disappointed.
Robin, Florida, March 31, 2009
I thought all the pages in my order looked great. I was so excited to get them in the mail. I will order again.
Stephanie, Payson, Utah, March 31, 2009
The quality was what I had hoped for, the price was extremely reasonable, but what impressed me most was the very prompt service.
Marion, Kansas City, Kansas, March 31, 2009
I am so excited that I found a way to scrapbook with a toddler running around. The prints were perfect and you can't tell where in my scrapbook I went computerized. It is great. Thank you.
Leslie Dion, Texas, March 29, 2009
The magnets, which I have ordered, are well received by our friends and relatives. In fact the college age Grandkids love them for their lockers and little dorm refrigerators. I've made them with their pets, parents and of course....Grandparents. "US" hahahahaa
Maggie, Ohio, March 28, 2009
I loved everything I ordered. I tried some items on the linen paper and they are beautiful. Very good quality photo finishing and paper. Will definitely order again. I have told all of my digital friends about your site.
Dawn, Chesterfield, MO, March 28, 2009
I love it that the pages bleed off the edge. Other places I looked, I got an ugly white border. Thanks.
Francha, Colorado, March 26, 2009
This was the first digital scrapbook page I'd created. I was very unsure about how it would compare to my traditional handmade pages. As it turned out, I was thrilled! I couldn't have done better if I'd created the 12x12 page by hand. I actually had to touch the paper to believe that the image I'd inserted was part of the printing. At first glance, it all appears to have dimension and the gloss of the picture stands out above the gloss of the paper. It just looks so perfect.
Karen, Virgina, March 25, 2009
Its always so wonderful to get my work back in paper form. I love digital scrapbooking but its not real until I hold it in my hands. I really appreciate that your shipping price is so reasonable. Thanks.
Kris, Oregon, March 24, 2009
Yes I was satisfied with my order. It was nice to see something I created from scratch to something I could put on a scrapbook, and still say its mine!
Jeanine, California, March 23, 2009
I'm new to scrapbooking (both digital and traditional) and I was very pleased with the quality and the price of prints. You've helped me make a special gift even more special with the quality of the prints--Thanks so much!!! I will definately use your services again AND have already reccommended your site to others.
-- Wendy, Wisconsin, March 22, 2009
Yes, everything looked better than I even imagined. I will definitely come back to ScrapbooksPlease for all of my digital printing.
Kelley, Texas, March 21, 2009
You have the absolute best service anywhere. The products are always A#1. I am so glad I found you.
Dee Williams-Virginia, March 21, 2009
This is the best place I've found to order my scrapbook pages! I'm new to the digital world of scrapbooking and love it! Keep up what you're doing!
Alison, Michigan, March 20, 2009
I was really nervous about how the prints (12x12) would come out but at your price I figured I'd at least try it. They were gorgeous. Totally professional looking. I could NOT have been happier and will be ordering all of my 12x12 prints from you and trying your other products!
Kirsten, New York, March 20, 2009
I absolutely LOVE the Premium Luster prints. Very vibrant colors and sharp images. It completely fooled my young children! "But Mommy, it's FLAT!!!" Thank you for the great quality! =)
michelle, March 19, 2009
I was delighted with the quality and service of my scrapbook 12 x 12 prints. They were outstanding and did all the work I had put into them justice. I will be using Scrapbooksplease.com for all my printing orders. Thank you so very much.
Marianne, Palmdale, California, March 18, 2009
This was my second order with Scrapbooks Please and was extremely satisfied with the service, quality and processing time. I placed my order on a Wednesday and received it the following Tuesday. I have recommended your site to several of my friends. I plan on writing a review of my experience on my blog and would like to put a link to your website on my sidebar if you have one available. Thanks for the great service!
Michele, Tennessee, March 18, 2009
I was very pleased with my order. I will be placing another order very soon.
Kim, Pennsylvania, March 18, 2009
I am amazed at the quality of scrapbook pages that I received. I have searched and searched for other places that offer the quality that you do at the price that you do and there is no other. Thank you so much for offering all of the services that you do at such an incredible price! I will definitely be ordering in the future and will also be telling everyone I know about your website!!!
Beth, Kansas, March 17, 2009
Very nice freebie. I will be ordering 12x12's soon and intend to order a couple of 8x8 books shortly after that.
Tess, March 17, 2009
My first order... very exciting to see my Photoshop creations in 12 X 12 print!
Beth, Ohio, March 15, 2009
Being new to digital scrap booking...this was my first professional print. I was BLOWN away by the quality! Your prices are very reasonable and I will definately be ordering again!
Deborah, Michigan, March 14, 2009
The colors in the pictures I received was exactly the same colors I saw on my screen before I ordered. I have ordered pictures from other services and the perfect picture I saw on my screen was very dark, washed out, or weird colored when I received the prints.
Tallene, Idaho, March 13, 2009
I am very pleased. I even made a booboo on my order and they helped me clear it up fast and I got what I wanted! I love it and I will definitely order again!
Heather, Illinois, March 13, 2009
I received my order and was delighted with the vibrant colors and with the weight of the paper. Thank you!
Debbie, March 11, 2009
I love the quality of my 12 x 12 prints. I am an avid scrapbooker and the print quality and reasonable price of a 12 x 12 makes digital scrapbooking an excellent choice! Thanks so much.
Sherry, North Carolina, March 11, 2009
great prints/quality for the value.
Amy, Pennsylvania, March 10, 2009
I ordered the Premium Luster Prints and I could not believe how sharp and beautiful the pages were when I received them. They clearly are good enough to be put in a professional wedding album.
Stephanie, California, March 10, 2009
The pictures were great. They arrived in about 2 weeks. I hope you have your $2.99 special again
Dixie, Ohio, March 8, 2009
I have ordered from you several times, and the quality of the products is wonderful! I always receive the orders quickly too. Thanks so much for your wonderful service:)
Rachelle, Gloversville, NY, USA, March 7, 2009
I loved these pictures. I love the "No Mess" scrapbooking 12x12 pages!
Nicole, Louisiana, March 6, 2009
I find Scrapbooks Please to be the best for me when ordering my scrap pages.
Olga, Florida, March 4, 2009
Perfect as always
Victoria, Ohio, March 4, 2009
I am a hands on scrapbooker but for quick and easy but nice scrapped pictures this is the way to go. Thanks again
Alice, Pennsylvalnia, March 3, 2009
Another great order. I am always thrilled to get your packages in the mail...you never disappoint!
Amy, March 2, 2009
I was VERY happy with the quality of the product Thanks very much Looking forward to doing business with you again
Geoffrey, Brooklyn, New York, March 1, 2009
I had to do a scrapbook for my grandmothers 91st birthday. I had never done one digitaly. I had never used you before. I had to trust it would be great quality. I ended up with 50 pages. I have to tell you I was very nervous opening the package. I was very, very pleased with the results. I would use you again definitly!!! Thank you very much for helping me with this gift of memories.
Diana, California, February 28, 2009
Your customer service makes the entire experience great! Each question I had was answered very promptly via email, and any issues were resolved very quickly and fairly. I felt like you thoroughly read and understood my emails, and that you took a personal interest in making my order turn out well. I gave you my deadline, and you acted like it was yours. Knowing that I would not be able to wait for corrections to be made, you went the extra mile to be sure the order was right the first time. That kind of service is so rare today, even face to face. Keep it up, and I will gladly use you and recommend you in the future!
Paula, Illinois, February 28, 2009
This was my second order and I intend to continue ordering my 12x12 album pages from you. I took them to work and my other DSB friends want the link...
Jan, Illinois, February 27, 2009
Thank you! My order was perfect. I will be using this site again. Your prints were beautiful. Thanks again!
Tracy, Nevada, February 27, 2009
The prints looked awesome even better than I remembered!
Elizabeth, Texas, February 26, 2009
I was delighted to get such great quality prints of my scrapbook pages at a sale price. I will certainly do it again. Because I have to watch my budget, I really appreciate your making high quality products available at a price I can afford.
Gail, California, February 26, 2009
It was fun getting my pages in the mail, I instantly opened it up and put the pages in my book. Both the scrapbookflair.com and scrapbookplease.com have been great fun. I will use scrapbooksplease.com in the future to print up pages for friends.
Cathy, Colorado, February 26, 2009
This was not my first order, and once again I am completely delighted.
Kimberley, February 25, 2009
I am a (hobbiest) digital scrapbooker and until I found ScrapbooksPlease most of my work was stuck in the "digital world". Now I can get QUALITY 12x12 prints at a great price, shipped right ot my house in about a week. I am thrilled! Thank you for meeting my needs.
Kari ~, February 24, 2009
For the price, my pages were beautiful! I was skeptical at first with it being so under priced, but was very pleased when I received my package. I will absolutely make another order soon! Thanks Scrapbook please!
Becky, Illinois, February 24, 2009
It was worth all the work I put into making each page - my book looks great!
Sophie, Naples, Florida, February 23, 2009
I love having you print my pages for me. They are always beautiful when I get them back home :)
Tammy, California, February 21, 2009
I was very happy with the quality and price of my (15) 12x12 prints. Great job! I will definately order again.
Julie, Wisconsin, February 20, 2009
The scrapbook pages were of an even better quality than I expected. I was extremely satisfied with the quality.
Melissa, February 18, 2009
I am very happy with the quality of the pages and the quick delivery - I will recommend to my friends! THANKS
Janice, February 18, 2009
Very satisfied and will reorder more prints. Color matches my monitor very close. Thank you.
Hugh, February 18, 2009
I have ordered prints 3 times from you. The 12 by 12 inch border to border quality is exceptional! I have received excellent, quality and prompt service every time! I can't wait to order again!
Connie, Toledo, Ohio, February 17, 2009
You make digital scrapbooking easy and affordable! You don't know how much it means to me! Thank you for your service and your OUTSTANDING customer service! My son's 1st birthday party invites are beautiful, one of a kind and CHEAPER then the custom ones you order through other websites. Can't wait to order again!
Amanda, February 16, 2009
Thanks so much -- this was my first attempt at printing a 12x12 page, and I will definitely be using your services again!!
Laura, February 15, 2009
I ordered 12 x 12 pictures and was thrilled with the products. The colors were bright and vibrant with good quality paper.
Susan, February 14, 2009
I've used this site a few times including my Christmas cards. They were the best I've had yet! Good Job!
Christine, Ontario, Canada, February 12, 2009
This was my first digital creation....I was VERY pleased and delighted when I received my page in the mail today. Thank you!
Marilyn, February 11, 2009
I really enjoy the order I received from scrapbookplease.com. It arrived promptly and in great condition and the quality is excellent. I would definitely recommend this site to anyone, and I will use it again in the future. Thank you!
Jackie - Springboro, Ohio, February 10, 2009
Was even better than I expected. This was my first order, but won't be my last. I have been ordering pages for a long time from other vendors. This was the best, most professional I have received! Thank you!
Margi, Colorado Springs, Colorado, February 10, 2009
I was very happy with my order. It arrived very quickly and in pristine condition. I was also happy with the quality of the pages I ordered. I ordered my pages in value matte. I am planning on making quite a large book and was very happy with the price. Your price was by far the best I could find online. Thanks for the great service. I will definitely be ordering again!
Mindy, Smithfield, Utah, February 10, 2009
I was absolutely thrilled when I received my first order, the prints were excellent quality and excellent value and I will definately be ordering more very soon.
Jenny, Shropshire, England, February 9, 2009
I was pleased with the quality discription and was happy to receive samples of other types of prints available. I will order and buy the next higher quality print because of the samples sent to me. Scrapbooking time is cut in half by using your software and being able to order a 12X12 page for my books.
Deana, February 8, 2009
Yes very pleased. The first thing I did was call my sister and friends to let them know what a wonderful product I received. I will be ordering more shortly! Thanks!
Barbara, Minnesota, February 7, 2009
The prints were great!
Gina, Florida, February 6, 2009
I create lots of scrapbooks for others and offer to scan and get digital photobooks made of them especially if their scrapbook is a gift to someone. They want a copy! I worry every time how it will turn out but it's always wonderful! Thank you for a great product and service.
Janine, February 4, 2009
Very speedy service and good value and quality on the prints even on the budget priced value matte.
Kristi, Maryland, February 4, 2009
My scrapbook was printed and assembled perfectly. Can't wait to have an occasion to create another one.
Diana, Salem, Oregon, February 4, 2009
The quality was very good, especially at the price. I will upgrade to the premium paper next time. I would have spent 3.50 on prints and supplies for one scrapbook page.
Dawn, Houston, Texas, February 3, 2009
This is the best value and quality I have been able to find for printing scrapbook pages. It has made keeping up my childrens scrapbooks so much less expensive. My pages always come quickly and look amazing. Thanks so much!
Circe, Syracuse, Utah, February 2, 2009
Delighted doesn't even begin to describe my excitement over the quality of the scrapbook pages I received from ScrapbooksPlease. Even though I ordered the Standard Matte, I consider the pages high quality. I like that they do not have white borders on them like from the first place I ordered printed pages. They go all the way to the edge and the color is exactly what I saw when making them. I am recommending ScrapbooksPlease to anyone who asks. Also the order came so promptly I was amazed to get them in less than a week.
Joy, Texas, February 1, 2009
I was very satisfied. I designed a scrapbook page in Photoshop for my wife's birthday, because she wants to get into digital scrapbooking, and she loved it. She was especially pleased when I told her your prices & she saw the great quality. We'll bring all our business to you!
Josh & Laura Farnsworth, February 1, 2009
This was my third order in a month. I have been very happy with the pictures. I am teaching a photoshop elements scrapbooking class in March and plan to share this website with my students and suggest they use them for printing off their final projects.
Karla, January 31, 2009
I was so excited to get my first pages in the mail. They turned out great - the only issue I had was I misspelled a word so that is not anything that Scrapbooks Please could help me with. The pages looked great!!! Thank You.
Teresa, January 31, 2009
My old scrapbook printing site was having some kind of trouble, and I couldn't upload my order. After two weeks of trying with them, I gave it up and did a Google search where I found you all. I thought it was a gamble at the time going with a company unknown to me, but everything worked out better than I hoped. Thank you so much! Plus, I love having the uploader on my desktop :)
Lauren, Savannah, Georgia, January 30, 2009
Everything looked great!!!! I was very pleased with the quality.
Lori, Chattanooga, Tennessee, January 28, 2009
I was very impressed with the quality of the print I received. It was a great value as well. Thanks! I will definitely use you again for my 12x12 scrapbook pages!
Amy, Texas, January 27, 2009
My order was perfect! Looks great! Will definitely use your service for all of my digi scrap pages!
Susana, Columbia, South Carolina, January 27, 2009
My order arrived quickly and the print quality was even better than expected. I'll definitely be ordering more products!
Louann, January 26, 2009
I loved everything I received. It was sent even faster than I expected. Thank you! I will be ordering again.
Karla in Idaho, January 25, 2009
I love my pages. I am so happy to have access to a fairly priced printing service who will make 12x12 pages for me. Each order I place gives me a chance to improve on my scrapbooks and the quality of the pages in them.
Sarah, January 24, 2009
I love the magnets I ordered. They are the perfect size and quality! Thank you so much!
Vicky, Lewiston, Idaho, January 23, 2009
I've always enjoyed the quality of prints that I receive from your company. I've found this to be my best deal for the best quality prints for my scrapbook pages. I'm super excited that you are now printing cards - now I'll be using Scrapbookpages to print holiday cards and invitations.
Malea, January 22, 2009
I was amazed at the quality of my picture! It was absolutely perfect. It was everything it said it would be and more! Thank you so much...I now have an heirloom!
Karin, Indiana, January 21, 2009
High quality prints with no hassles for a low low price! You can't beat it. I've already referred you to friends!
Becky, January 21, 2009
My order was PERFECT! I am new at digital scrapbooking and I found your site to be very user-friendly and very BUDGET-friendly as well! I can't wait to order more! Thank you & I will come again!
Ami, January 20, 2009
Thank you for offering such great quality at such an affordable price. My biggest fear with digital scrapbooking was that I wasnt going to be able to afford to print the pages I was working so hard on :) I really appreciate the great work you do - I will be ordering more!
Amy , January 14, 2009
I am always delighted with my items. The service is great, the quality is awesome, and I will order again and again and again!!
Karen, Clinton, Iowa, January 14, 2009
I loved the quality of the printed scrapbook pages. The colors were vibrant and appeared just as I viewed them on my monitor.
Diana, January 13, 2009
Yet again you delivered great pages!! Thanks so much for your service.
Bethany, January 13, 2009
Love, love the 12 x 12 prints. This will add a whole new dimension to my scrapbooking! This is a quality product at a great price! Thank you.
Donna, January 13, 2009
The pages turned out wonderful! They are high quality and exceed my expectations!
karla, January 13, 2009
I am extremely pleased with my scrapbook pages!
Audrey, January 12, 2009
I was very delighted with my order. I just got my scrapbooking software for Christmas and wanted to try it out. After a lot of searching for a place that printed 12x12 for a reasonable price, I found your site. My daughter,11, had created a ten page book for fun and wanted it printed. I didn't want to pay a lot for it, so I was so pleased to find your 99 cent copies. I was even more pleased when the pages arrived. They looked great!!! I will definitely use Scrapbooksplease.com in the future! Thanks!!
Shaunna, January 12, 2009
Im new at 'digi' scrapbooking, my order was my first few pages that I had done. Im tickled at the results and cost of this process!!! Thank you for making this experience a great one, I will definitely use you for all my printing needs!!! A+
Cindy, January 11, 2009
The service was very quick and the quality of the product was beyond my expectations! Thank you!
Jane, January 11, 2009
I was very impressed with the colors in my layouts, and the quality of the paper was wonderful.Even though I ordered the standard matte paper- it was much better than I was expecting! thanks so much!
Amy, January 10, 2009
I was very pleased with the quality prints I received from Scrapbookplease along w/ the quick delivery. Definitely my one stop printshop from now on.
Beverly, January 5, 2009
The magnets I ordered were the hit of the gift opening. Everyone loved them. Thank you for a wonderful product.
Margaret, January 3, 2009
Delighted? - Yes the picture was wonderful quality
Alyse, January 2, 2009
I was very pleased with my order, and I think that the price and the quality are very good.
Tresa, January 1, 2009
I was completely and totally satisfied with my order. I was shocked at how wonderful the pages turned out and was glad that I received wonderful service. Thank you!
Angela, January 1, 2009
I actually ordered the pages for a friend as a Christmas present. Because of the $.99 sale, I was able to give her double the amount of pages for the price I had decided to spend. She loved them, and because of the quick service, she was able to share with her family members. Thank you!
Alice, January 1, 2009
My first order was for quite a few pages for several relatives for Christmas. I made the decision not to go with the most expensive paper so I was concerned about being happy with the quality. I was delighted with the final product. Additionally, I wrote the customer service department immediately after placing the order with a concern for a mistake I had made in ordering and received a quick, problem-solving solution! I will be ordering again!
Linda, December 31, 2008
I love this website. I had to do a senior memory book for my english class and this was a great way to get this done and to look nice.
Lauren Snearly, December 31, 2008
I ordered close to 100 pages for Christmas as gifts. Everyone loves them and as usual the pages were beautiful. Thank you so much!
Michelle, December 30, 2008
Yes I was delighted. This was my first time ever printing digiscraps at 12x12 and I don't know where else to go for them. These came out beautifully and I'm really pleased with the results.
Sarah, December 30, 2008
This was much better than I expected. I ordered the standard matte prints that were on sale and wasn't sure what to expect. But when I received my order, it was great....I couldn't have been happier.
Susan, December 29, 2008
Your 99-cent sale was fantastic! I cannot believe I was able to order 12 x 12 digital scrapbook pages for just 99 cents! You offer quick service at an amazing value. Best wishes for a prosperous 2009.
Renee, December 29, 2008
It was the friendliest, most user-oriented, price-conscious website I've ever used for printing my digi pages. Thank you!
Kellie Fluegge, Texas, December 29, 2008
I was very happy with my photobook. The only disappointment was with the post office, who didn't scan the packages when they arrived, so I couldn't track my packages.
Sarah, December 28, 2008
I was extremely pleased with the quality of the prints and the wonderful customer service I received. The problems that I experienced along the way were not your own, but other circumstances. The sale price I received was spectacular and I will order from you again with no hesitation. Thank you!
Margi C. , December 28, 2008
I am never disappointed with products I order from your company.
Phylis, December 27, 2008
I loved the quality and the price of the Scrapbooks Please products and will be using it again and again. I have a 12 x12 printer and this is much easier and cheaper then printing my own.
Rosalie, December 27, 2008
I have three kids and make digital scrapbooks for all three. Scrapbooks Please makes it possible with their prices.
Stacey, December 27, 2008
12 x 12 value photos were perfect for printing digital scrapbook pages.
Robin, December 26, 2008
The pages are nice, especially for the price! The fridge magnets are really a fun item, too. The magnets are an inexpensive and clever way to display a special layout. Thanks,
Sandra, December 26, 2008
I was 100% satisfied with my prints. They arrived well-packaged and in a timely manner. Thanks a million.
Linda, December 26, 2008
I actually contacted your customer service department when I realized that I would be heading out of town before the package arrived. They had me provide an alternate address and shipped my items to me out of town. Not only was I impressed with their willingness to help, but I truly appreciated being able to complete my project while out of town. So...yes, I was delighted with my order!
Amy, Michigan, December 25, 2008
Great value!
Stacy, December 25, 2008
This size is great we had about 80 pages and they all look great we love scrapbook please!
Mandy, December 24, 2008
This was my first order and I was extremely happy! What a great service overall! I'm a new long-term customer. Many Thanks!
Niki, December 24, 2008
I am so excited about this website. I just started digital scrapbooking and was thrilled to find this site with such reasonable prices and excellent quality. The vacation album I made for my parents came out beautiful and will be a wonderful Christmas present!
Christy, December 24, 2008
The pages I received were beautiful! Thank you so much for your service! I can't wait to get more pages done!!!
Jennifer, December 24, 2008
Delighted? - Yes I am. The product came out much better than I had envisioned. It was a special piece of work that I created from a souviner of my nephew's wedding and so was very important to me and I'm very happy with the way it looks, the quality of the materials and the care that you took with the packaging.
Jude, December 23, 2008
told my digi friends to definitely come here to order their 12x12 prints! much better quality than i thought it was going to be and i only ordered standard prints! thanks for your easy-to-navigate website too.
lori, December 23, 2008
I sent these pages to a cousin who was thrilled with them! We will be ordering more pages because scrapbooksplease has great quality for an affordable price. Thanks,
Sandra, December 22, 2008
Easy process to order my digital scrapbook pages! Great quality and processed in the a great time frame. I will be using this company again in the very near future!
Sandy, December 22, 2008
Loved it as usual!!! Thanks!
Amy, December 22, 2008
This was my second order - and I am thrilled once again! This is the best quality for the value that I've found anywhere for printing scrapbook pages. The interface is easy to use, and the shipping is very fast! I'll be back again and again!
Lorraine, Virginia, December 21, 2008
You guys are the best!!! I just received my 12 x 12 digital scrap book pages and they are amazing. I will definitely be ordering from you in the future :o) Thanks,
Glenn & Alisa, December 21, 2008
I was very excited to receive my order today. The pages were great and comparable to ones that I make at home. I added a few embellishments to give the 3-dimensional look as planned and could not be happier. I ordered the economy end on sale at $.99 a page and will definitely order again. Thank you!
cindy, December 20, 2008
The prints came out very well! The $.99 sale was awesome! I'll be back!
Melissa, December 19, 2008
I was incredibly happy with my order. I spent a lot of time pricing out where I could have my digital scrapbook printed and could not have been more pleased with my decision to use Scrapbooks Please.
Lisa, December 18, 2008
This was great! I got beautiful prints at a super price. Even my husband liked it--and he is hard to please! I am doing ALL my scrapbooking digitally now!
Rachel, Illinois, December 18, 2008
This site is a scrapbooker's dream, I mean affordable even on a college budget and such a great product! Also they truly package like pros I did not have one bent picture!
Sheila, Kansas, December 17, 2008
This was my first time digi scrapping and I was nervous about my order. You did not disappoint me. I was delighted with how the pages turned out! Thank you,
Sibylle, December 17, 2008
Thanks again for topnotch service...I could not have been more pleased with my order, its timely arrival and the excellent response to my communications! Happy holidays!
Beth, December 16, 2008
My scrapbook pages were beautiful and arrived quicker that I expected.
Gayle, December 16, 2008
delighted? Absolutely! I couldn't believe the price of the 12 x 12 prints! This was the first time I've printed my scrapbook pages and I didn't want to pay a fortune in case they didn't work out for me. I'll definitely order these again!
Jen, December 16, 2008
Great digital scrapbook pages at an unbeatable price!
Kimberly, December 15, 2008
I was very happy with my order, loved the customer service and quality of products. Thank you very much!
Meredith, December 15, 2008
I was very excited when I received my order because the pages were not cropped smaller than what I downloaded. The order and delivery process was supurb! I will definitely use ScrapbooksPlease again. Thanks
~ Shannon, December 15, 2008
Other services were very expensive to print. You did an excellent job. I would definitely order from you again
julie, December 13, 2008
I printed my Christmas cards at another place thinking quicker was better. They were horrible. The print was very dark and I knew it wasn't my photo. Your quality was excellent and it made my Christmas pictures look like I was a professional! Thanks
Melissa, December 13, 2008
I have researched the cost of printing 12 x 12 pages. In most cases, it was prohibitively expensive. This is so affordable and such high quality. I ordered close to 100 pages and I'll be back soon with more pages for you to print. Thanks so much for your beautiful, easy to nagivate site, and your customer friendly prices.
Michelle, December 12, 2008
Amazing quality for wonderful price!!
Misty, December 12, 2008
Really like the 99cent sales. The printing is terrific and suits my needs perfectly. Thank you and will be ordering from you in the future.
Lena, December 12, 2008
This is the second time I have used your website and I was just as happy as the first. I will be using your site many times in the future. I love digital scrapbooking and I am glad I found your site for publishing these pages so inexpensively. I plan to use you next year for my christmas cards as I had ordered from someone else before finding your site. Keep up the great work. Loved it all!!
Loel, December 12, 2008
I was excited to see the Standard Matte on sale for 99 cents. It think it is a great quality so I ordered as many as I could.
Deanna , December 11, 2008
My in-laws have tons of photos that haven't seen the light of day in a long time. Being the family historian that I am, and having to solve the riddle of 'what do you get the person who has everything?', I came upon the idea to make them a scrapbook each Christmas. So far I've done traditional scrapbooking but this year I found a lot of old vintage photos that I didn't have the heart to cut up... After shopping around I decided on Scrapbooks Please. When I received my order I couldn't believe how good my pages looked! For the bargain price I paid I got my money's worth and then some. I will order from Scrapbooks Please any time I need digital pages printed again.
Cheyenne, December 10, 2008
Great picture quality and saved a few bucks on my printing compared to my previous scrapbook printer. Fast service.
Laurie, December 10, 2008
Loved the pages I received. Thanks!
Melissa, December 10, 2008
I just love the quality of my prints. I have recommended you to my friends. I think you are just awesome!
Tammy, December 9, 2008
My scrapbook order far exceeded my expectations. Very professional, clean, and GORGEOUS! I am delighted and proud to present my friend with this completed album of our fun adventure this past August to the Longest Yard Sale.
Connie, December 9, 2008
Very delighted! I love the value and quality of your products. Scrapbooking is fun again!
Regina, December 9, 2008
The scrap book was beautiful. The 12x12 size really brought everything to life, more so than the website portrayed it. The protective pages were also something I didn't expect but appreciate.
Mary, December 9, 2008
The pictures are beautiful, colors are vibrant and true. None of my edges were cut off. People are very impressed with pages when shown. Clarity and resolution are great when ordering premium glossy.
Mary Ellen, December 8, 2008
The pages are a great value! I previously printed 8x10 pages and then mounted them on 12x12 pages and added embellishments. With ScrapbooksPlease I can save myself a huge amount and produce better books!
Sarah O., December 6, 2008
I was very delighted with this order and all my orders at ScrapbooksPlease.
Barrie, December 6, 2008
Yes, I actually thought the quality was better than expected! And on sale too! Loved it!
Pam M., December 5, 2008
I finally found a place to get my scrapbook pages printed. My local Sam's, Kinko's can't seem to get the correct color and the 8 1/2 x 11 size I want. Thank you Scrapbooksplease!
Pam W., December 5, 2008
Your products are reliably excellent and the ordering process is really simple. Thanks!
Phylis, December 4, 2008
I am very pleased with my order and would order again.
Vickie, December 4, 2008
YES! The 12 x 12 prints were spectacular! I will be having all my digital pages printed from now on!
Martha, December 4, 2008
I'm always well pleased with my orders from Scrapbooks Please!
Cyndi, December 3, 2008
I was pleased to find someone who would print my scrap pages at the quality and price I found here.The pages looked great and I can't wait to give them to my daughter for her first anniversary!! Thanks, ScrapbooksPlease for being here!!
Judy, December 3, 2008
I have to thank you. This was the first photo book I ever ordered and it brought tears to my eyes when I saw it. My Grandfather passed away last year and I created this scrapbook for my father for a Christmas gift. The quality has blown me away. Its always amazing to see my work in print. Thank you so much. I am so happy, I'll be ordering more! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. One Happy Customer
Sarah Barber, December 2, 2008
I just received my Christmas cards today and they are beautiful! The quality is beyond belief! Processing time was very quick. Thanks for such great service.
Alfreda R., December 2, 2008
My photos arrived in the middle of a snowstorm shortly after I left for work. Despite being covered with very wet snow for several hours, my photos were perfectly dry! I couldn't ask for better quality or service.
Laura, December 2, 2008
I am so pleased! My cards are of exceptional quality, and I just couldnt believe that I received them so quickly. Fantastic!
Bonnie McLaren, December 2, 2008
The shipping was way faster than expected and the site was very easy to navigate. I will definitely be using Scrapbooks Please again!
Sarah, December 1, 2008
Very delighted. Good quality paper. Color true. Would definitely use again!
Lina, December 1, 2008
Yes I was excited when I received my order. I ordered during your sale. I am giving the scrapbook to my daughter for christmas. She has no idea that I have even done it. This is a trip we took to Disney in 2003 with her and her best friend. It was a week I will never forget. Hopefully now she won't forget either. Everyone who has seen the book loves it. I bought a Tinkerbell 12 x 12 scrapbook to put it in. They have all been astounded at the print quality of the photos. Keep up the great work and I'll keep taking pictures.
Tina, December 1, 2008
I love ordering from ScrapbooksPlease.com. Everything always arrives just as I ordered and it comes so quickly. I do plan to order glossy photos from now on. I just didn't like the look of my pictures in matte format, but that wasn't your fault at all. Your service is great!! Thank you!!
Carrie, November 30, 2008
I was very happy to receive the scrapbook pages that I had you print for me. The quality was great and the pages will look great in my scrapbook. If this is how great the least expensive pages look, I look forward to seeing the high end products. Keep up the good work and thank you for making the printing process so affordable.
Valerie, Mt. Shasta, California, November 30, 2008
Very pleased, shipping was fast, and photos arrived in perfect condition!
James, November 29, 2008
I had created a memory book for my parents (mostly my mom) filled with memories from a vacation we took to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. I created the book in 8x8 so that it was easy for them to handle. I wanted some of the same pages for my personal scrapbook. However, my scrapbooks are all 12x12. When you offered printing of 12x12 pages for only 99 cents each, I felt it was worth the "risk" to get copies printed for my book. The prints I received are BEAUTIFUL. Thanks for the great quality and service. I will definitely be returning for future projects. Thanks again
...Lisa, November 28, 2008
Yes, I was so happy with my order. Thank you for your service. I have close to 2,000 digital pics sitting on my computer and I am finally getting them off and into scrapbooks. Your site is very easy to use and I tried several, to check for ease and cost, before I placed my order with Scrapbooks Please. I placed my order online on November 19th and received it November 25th. Thank you for the paper quality samples that were sent with my order. I ordered the least expensive and the printing was extraordinary, brilliant. The next time, I may try a different weight paper.
Diane C., Clockville, NY, November 26, 2008
It was exactly what I needed. Thank you for the reasonable prices and quick delivery.
Candice, November 26, 2008
I was absolutely delighted! I was worried about the quality of the pictures after having sized and cropped, etc. I was afraid they'd come out pixilated and distorted. The pages look fabulous! I made my pages as a gift for my mom and I know she's going to love it!! Thank you very much for such an easy to use software and convenient printing option!!
Jenn, November 23, 2008
I was very pleased with my order and have already told several friends about it! Thank you so much!
Gail H Vancouver, WA, November 22, 2008
This was my first order and I am very, very impressed with the quality of the prints and the delivery - one week from order to delivery in England - thank you from
Madeline - SBF's Grandma M, November 21, 2008
I just received my first order, and want to let you know that I am completely satisfied! I am quite picky about quality and was expecting that I probably wouldn't be thrilled with these prints, especially at your low prices. But you have exceeded my expectations and I couldn't be happier. As long as you keep your prices where they are, I will continue to send all my pages to you for printing. Thanks!
Kimberley, November 20, 2008
The quality was wonderful
cassi, November 18, 2008
I loved My 12x12 Photo Book, it was better than I had hoped it would turn out to be.I made it for a gift and I can't wait to give it.I was also surprised at how quickly I received it.Only 9 days from when I placed the order and I live in Canada. Thanks Scrapbooks Please!!
Chris, November 18, 2008
I sent in a small order because I was very unsure. I like the 3D effect from hands on embelishments but the digital was just fine. I was very pleased.
Linda, November 17, 2008
The photo album I ordered was just wonderful. The quality of the cover and pages were exceptional! Thanks for the great service.
Cindy, November 17, 2008
The framed picture that I received of My precious granddaughter. It is beautiful. The cherry wood frame really accented the beautiful picture of Elli. I will definately be ordering other items from Scrapbook Please. Thank you so much.
Paula Montgomery ScrappinMeMe , November 16, 2008
Every page arrived just as ordered and certainly in a timely fashion! I will order again from ScrapbookPlease again and again!
Janet H., November 16, 2008
I am very pleased with my order, and the service. I will definitely be ordering more from you.
Edna B. , November 15, 2008
I had my digital scrapbook printed by Scrapbooks Please. I love that I can have 8x8 or 12x12 printed on my choice of paper and it is great quality.
Heather , November 15, 2008
Loved the quality of the print and have showed it to many friends who liked it as well.. Thank you
Betty, November 15, 2008
It was wonderful to be able to give a family member something I knew would be so meaningful to him. He loved it!
kathleen, November 14, 2008
Since I take pride in my photography, and have used it for my magnets and for the cards I've ordered I must say the quality of reproduction has been excellent. I am very pleased at the clarity and color saturation on both cards and magnets.
Margaret, November 14, 2008
This was my third order with you all. I was so excited to see the package I opened it before I took my sunglasses off and set my purse down. They look wonderful! Thanks so much!
~ Christine, November 13, 2008
I am completely satisfied with my order, and have placed another order.
Edna B., November 11, 2008
As usual, the quality was excellent, shipping was fast, and I couldn't be happier.
Tinea, November 10, 2008
I was very pleased with my order.
Tresa, November 9, 2008
I am thrilled every time I get the pages they are awesome!
Elizabeth, November 7, 2008
OMG! The pages I ordered are a Christmas present for my in-laws. They exceeded my expectations tremendously. The book looks wonderful and I can't wait to see their expressions when they look through it! Thanks Scrapbooksplease! You are great!
Sandi, November 7, 2008
Good first time experience. Paper types helpful for my next order.
keshia, November 6, 2008
I accidentally uploaded some of my pages twice. When I realized it, several hours after placing the order, I emailed you guys and you took care of everything perfectly and quickly - thank you so much. The 12x12 Linen scrapbook pages came today! I made the pages for a wedding sign-in book for my sister-in-law. The quality was amazing. We cried happy tears when we looked at the order. Thank you so much!
Amy, November 6, 2008
I was looking for a on-line service for printing my scrapbook pages at a reasonable rate. I found your website and tried it. For the cost the scrapbook pages I received were much better then the other services I have tried and paid at least 3 times the amount. I will continue to use your service before using any others. I am glad I stumbled upon your website. Thanks
Loel, November 5, 2008
I was absolutely delighted when I received my order, It was so much nicer than I expected. Will definitely buy from you again. Thanks
Donna, November 5, 2008
The premium matte prints were crystal clear, on nice, heavy paper, and overall, were even better than I had expected them to be. The detail is incredible and at first glance I can't tell them from a traditional scrapbook page. Thanks! I will definitely order from you again.
-Meg, Boise, Idaho, November 5, 2008
I can't tell you how fabulous it was that your customer service is on top of things. When you discovered an error in my ordering I appreciated how fast you called and discussed it with me.Thanks for the fast turnaround and getting my layouts to me in a timely manner You are the best!
K., November 4, 2008
I was so impressed by the quality of the 12x12 scrapbook page prints that I received. I'm completely sold on digital scrapbooking now that I've seen how good the prints look. And the prices are great, no other site offers such a good deal. I have recommended your site to all of my friends!
Kristine, November 3, 2008
The pictures were of high quality, and none of my scrapbook elements were cut off. Cut very well.
Mary Ellen, November 2, 2008
My card looked like something that was made in for a Hallmark store, it was wonderful!
Christine, November 2, 2008
The pages were beautiful!
Charity, November 2, 2008
I was so happy when I received my order. I had these prints done for my sister and I couldn't wait to give them to her. The quality is very good and I will become a regular customer and will refer you to friends.
Michele, November 1, 2008
I am new to digital scrapbooking, so I ordered a few test pages printed to get an idea of how they would look. I'm very excited to see that when Scrapbooks Please printed my order they turned out beautifully. I can't wait to finish scrapping the rest of my vacation! Thank you Scrapbooks Please!
Diana, October 29, 2008
I was absolutely floored at the 8 x 8 scrapbook pages I received. They were vibrant in color and clarity. I have received so many fabulous comments on the pages since placing them in a scrapbook. My mom was shocked when I gave it to her as a gift. I will definitely be sending more scrapbook pages your way. Digital is the way to scrapbook as far as I'm concerned.
Tina, October 27, 2008
Thanks for sending the sample pack of all the paper qualities available! It will be a great help when I order in the future which I am sure I will!
Nicki, October 27, 2008
My order from Scrapbooks please arrived quickly and in great condition. I was very pleased with the prints I ordered. Great value!
Sara W., October 23, 2008
I received my photo pages today. They are fabulous. It is my first time doing digital scrapbooking even though I am a major computer geek. I love the pages I sent in they turned out perfect. I can't wait to show others the terrific work you do. Keep it up. Many more orders will be coming your way.
Tina Moore, October 23, 2008
I am SOOO excited you are now printing cards.
Deborah , October 22, 2008
I was so pleased with my first order. I was a little nervous because it was my first time and I will definitely order from Scrapbooks Please whenever I need scrapbook pages processed.
Lora , October 21, 2008
I was very pleased with my order, and I sent your website to many of my friends who are getting into digital scrapbooking. Your prices are very affordable, and I like having a choice in the type/quality of paper. I also am pleased to see you have 5x7 photo cards with envelopes to use as announcemnts, invites and christmas cards. Very happy to have found your site...thanks so much!!
sharon krol , October 21, 2008
great products, great prices
Joy, October 20, 2008
I couldn't believe how wonderful the quality was along with such a great price! This is definitely the best site ever!
Heidi - Savannah, GA, October 19, 2008
I was delighted with the turnaround on my order. Being new to this, I had a huge learning curve to learn a new software while trying to meet a tight deadline. Thank you for your prompt responses!
Beth, October 18, 2008
It was really nice to be able to order the free sample cards so that I could decide which print was best for me! It took the guesswork out of the ordering process. My order came quickly and was exactly what I had hoped for! I love the pages, and can't wait to order more!
Corin, October 16, 2008
Very clear and bright page. Thanks alot!
Cindy, October 11, 2008
I was very happy with the pages that were printed. The new glossy paper was very nice and the service was quick. Thank you so much!
Heather, October 10, 2008
I have been very pleased with the prints and the easiness to order at Scrapbook Please!
Sylvia, October 10, 2008
Delighted? - Very. can't wait to start learning.THANK YOU FOR THE WONDERFUL SITE
June, October 10, 2008
I was very pleased with my pages. I thought I couldn't afford to make a whole album in digital 12x12 pages but thanks to Scrapbooks Please I can now afford to go digital:)
Tamara in West Virgina, October 9, 2008
This is a wonderful site, very user friendly and very relevant to todays scrapbooking.
Barbara, October 9, 2008
I received my order within a few days of ordering, and was absolutely delighted with the quality of each print. I ordered over 70 pages and haven't stopped looking at them since they arrived! The printing is incredible value for money, and the prices per page beat even the biggest chain stores out there...
Debbie, October 9, 2008
Product was exactly as expected AND at a wonderful price! I will definitely recommend you to my friends.
Tracy, October 9, 2008
I am still relatively new to digital scrapbooking but with a little one running around and another one on the way it it is an answer to my love for scrapbooking without having to get out all sorts of supplies on my very limited time to do it! Your website offers me a great place to get great prints and put them in an album and my family loves looking at them!
Jennifer, October 8, 2008
On a scale of 1-5 your Co. is a TEN. BEST over all. I recommend SCRAPBOOKS PLEASE to every one who sees my prints. Recently I did a book for My Moms 90th Birthday, I waited late to get them off to you, and a printer friend of my Family printed them as a gift to my Mom, and he said your Quality and prices are Super he could't believe, your services...and said he would RECOMMEND SCRAPBOOKS PLEASE to every one who asks where to get 12x12 prints.........Love You Guys,
ANN, St. Louis, MO, October 7, 2008
I was delighted with my order! My order came fast and the prints looked great! The price was great too! Thank you!
Angie Leslie, October 7, 2008
Scrapbooks please is really out to please after uploading my photo's I was informed that they weren't any good for 12x12. The resolution was bad. Scrapbook please went out of there way to help me correct the problem.
Naomi, October 6, 2008
I do like ordering "kits" as everything is coordinated and I don't have to go searching for everything. The order was shipped immediately and received prompty.
Pamela, October 6, 2008
This was a trial run, I have never ordered any of my scrapbook pages online before so I wanted to know what to expect! Not bad! I'm excited to do more!
Ashlee, October 6, 2008
The scrapbook pages came out beautifully.
Mary Ellen, October 5, 2008
I just received my first digital scrapbook pages. My daughter is in high school drama and I completed two books (one for her and one for the school). I was a little apprehensive to place such a big order (74 pages) without being sure if I would even like going digital. I was very pleased with your quality and your pricing. I am already working on the album from her last play and will be placing another order soon. Thanks for providing such a great product at such a great price!!!
- Donna, October 5, 2008
I really enjoyed the high quality print I received. I am going to return to this website for my scrapbook page printing.
Beth, October 2, 2008
I loved the quality of my prints and I also enjoyed the little sample pack of papers. That was very helpful.
Pam, October 1, 2008
It was better than I expected!
Amy, October 1, 2008
I am quite happy with my order. I ordered the standard matte which is a nice quality and printed edge to edge with nothing cut off. I am from Canada and I worried about customs and duty. I am happy to say that there was no customs and duty charged. However, it took two weeks for the order to arrive. My local post office told me that it is not uncommon to wait 10 to 14 days for mailings from USA. All in all, I am happy with my order and will order again.
Rosalie, September 29, 2008
This is my third order and I have been very pleased with the quality and timely delivery as well as low prices. I have recommended you to a number of fellow scrapbookers.
Roberta, September 25, 2008
I've been longing to see what my pages would look like in real life. Boy I need a new monitor and these pages just prove it. They look terrific!
Gretchen, September 25, 2008
Absolutley pleased with the prints! Thanks again for such great service :)
Tina, September 24, 2008
The product was even better than I expected. Quite pleased.
Pam, September 23, 2008
Positively more than delighted with my order. Prints were simply gorgeous, and am impressed with the entire transaction. I had a deadline to meet and Scrapbooks Please expedited the order and went beyond normal customer services. Will always order from Scrapbooks Please and highly recommend them in every way. Thank you sincerely,
Charlene Vanness, September 23, 2008
I was so impressed with the printing quality of your products!! The price is so inexpensive as well. I will be ordering all my prints from your site, I wish you did 11x14's! I did rave to all my photoaholic friends of the quality in your prints. Very satisfied customer,
Julie, September 23, 2008
Absolutely delighted, my order was everything I expected and more.
Debra, September 22, 2008
Excellent photo sheets! I had made an error when ordering and ended up somehow uploading the wrong scrapbook page that had a black border. Someone emailed me to make sure that this was intentional. It wasn't and they removed that item from the order. Great customer service! thanks!
Melissa, September 21, 2008
The pictures turned out great, and the delivery was on a timely manner and came as scheduled.
- Phoenix , September 19, 2008
this is my third order, love all my books. Thank you
kat, September 17, 2008
I was very pleased with my 1st order and my daughter immediately went(came) back to order some of her sports pages I had done! I especially was pleased and happy for the sample paper(s) pack that came with my prints. I will be back and be happy to pass on the site to my friends and fellow scrappers :) Thank You so much!
Tina, September 16, 2008
Your website is astounding! The pages come back so professionally finished. The quality is wonderful! I shopped around on many different websites & your prices are exactly what I was looking for!
Sharon Gubbins, September 16, 2008
I am so pleased with my order! I've been looking for months for a company to print my 12x12 scrapbook pages but everywhere else was either too expensive or didnt print the size i needed. I will use Scrapbooks Please for all my album printing!
Tana, September 16, 2008
I gave the product as a gift and the recipient was delighted.
-- Jennifer H., September 14, 2008
Overall, I am very happy with my product and will order from Scrapbooks Please again.
Jennifer Z., September 13, 2008
I'm very pleased with my experience, and I'll be back.
~ PJ, September 11, 2008
My scrapbook pages turned out beautifully. I can't believe I got such high quality prints for such a great price.
Brittney, September 9, 2008
I was very pleased with my order! The shipping was fast and the quality was great!
Cheryl, September 9, 2008
I was so excited to get my 12x12 prints. I have only ordered 12x12 one other time from another company and it was very expensive. When I ordered prints from you I ordered the least expensive prints to see what your quality was. Wow!!!! I was very impressed with the quality of my 12x12 page prints. The colors were very bright and the pictures were good and crisp. With the economy the way it is I am so glad that I have an affordable website to print my scrapbook pages. Thanks!!!!!!
hope, September 8, 2008
This was my first order and I couldn't be more pleased. The quality is exceptional and the ordering process was so easy. I am thrilled and will order more soon!
Terri, September 8, 2008
This was an excellant service and delivery was really fast. I would be glad to order from you again and will do so in the future. Thanks for great quality work and service.
Wendy, September 7, 2008
EXACTLY what I wanted.
Lynda, September 6, 2008
I received my first set of prints from you today. I was very pleased with the quality. My scrapbook pages turned out great.
Brandi , September 3, 2008
I have used your August promotion of 2.99 for premium luster prints and am delighted at how they turned out. My page looks exactly like it does on my monitor.
Janet, September 3, 2008
I just wanted to say thank you for your great product, great prices and timely turn around. I will be ordering again.
Pat B, September 3, 2008
I was very happy on recieving my pages so fast. I checked around for prices and yours was the best price. I will continue to send my pages to print to you. Thanks so much!!
Sonia, September 2, 2008
This was my first attempt at creating a digital page...Perfect quality for a Perfect price! I can't believe how quickly my page was received; even my husband was impressed! This will definitely be my "go-to" site for future pages...soooooo much quicker than traditional scrapbooking...perhaps I can get caught up now!
- Renee, September 2, 2008
I just wanted to say thank you for your great product, great prices and timely turn around. I will be ordering again.
Pat Barnes, September 2, 2008
I am overly satisfied and impressed with your turn around time and delivery. I received my order very quickly and with frequent updates...thank you. I will keep on my list of favs!
sharron, August 30, 2008
I was very pleased with my order, especially the Linen look paper - I was very impressed. It made my LO very professional looking and I love the magnet too. I shall certainly be using this service again.
Aggie (Aussieland) , August 29, 2008
I love the quality and value of digital scrap booking, and I have not found a better place that I would trust with my photos than scrapbooksplease.com. Thank you!
Victoria, August 28, 2008
I was nervous to buy because I had not heard of this company and I couldn't believe that I could get quality for such low prices when other places charge around $6 and up. I ordered just a couple of pages at first and they arrived quickly, well wrapped, and they looked just awesome! So I then placed another order for 10 pages and I'm just as happy. I told my sister all about it and she should be ordering soon. Thank you guys! I love your stuff!
- Dana, Oly WA , August 26, 2008
I ordered the value quality this time to see if I would like it as much as the higher quality printout. I was pleasantly surprised with the printout, and I find that the border around the edge doesn't bother me as I had thought it would!
Sharon from Texas , August 26, 2008
I ordered quite a few pages for my son's birthday party. The pages are such good quality and they were received within a weeks time. Thanks so much for another group of great 12x12 scrapbook pages!
Michelle, August 25, 2008
This is a great website. I'm new to digital scrapbooking and always wondered where you get your pages printed. The quality and color accuracy was excellent!!
Melissa M, August 24, 2008
Once again Scrapbooks Please exceeded my expectations! Super fast shipping, beautiful quality prints, awesome prices and exceptional customer communication. So glad I found you!!!
Jacquie O. , August 23, 2008
Excellent quality for a lot less than certain other online photo printing services. Very happy with the product!
Amy, August 23, 2008
I am new to digital scrapbooking and was so excited to find that Scrapbooks Please printed on 12x12 paper. I placed my order and waited in anticipation for it to arrive. I was amazed at how quickly it came and was so impressed with the quality. I can't wait to order more pages for my scrapbook! Thank you Scrapbooks Please, for making this process such an easy one for a novice like me! Your new and loyal customer,
Ivy, August 22, 2008
I digital scrapped some pictures of my nephew's wedding and wanted them run off in 12 X 12 format....I sent the JPGs to you and I was extremely pleased with the quality and service of your service. I would highly recoommend your company and services.
Mary, August 22, 2008
The pages came in good time and were good quality. Thanks Scrapbooksplease.
Lisa, August 21, 2008
I was very pleased with the quality of the prints received and with my whole shopping experience!
Marisa, August 20, 2008
My prints arrived. I hadn't ordered the most expensive previously, but they arrived in great condition and the pages were beautiful. Took them to work, and everyone was so impressed. GREAT JOB!
Mary Ellen, August 19, 2008
Best prices I've found anywhere!
Melissa, August 19, 2008
I have the best time making scrapbook pages for my family. Thank you so much for offering a fun way to share memories. I framed adorable pages I made for my daughter to give as Christmas presents. I am very happy a friend told me about your service. Thanks again,
Joni, August 19, 2008
I'm fairly new to digital scrapbooking. I've tried printing my pages several places, nothing compares! Thanks for the great work.
Lesley, August 18, 2008
I am so very pleased with the work you do. The paper quality is AAA+, so is the service AAA+ !!!! Looking forward to my future orders!!! Thank you so much !!!
Theresa, August 18, 2008
I was a little nervous to see what my scrapbook pages would look like in its printed format afterall, uploading a high res version is quite different to what you see on-screen) but I was extremely happy with my prints and I can't wait to show them off! Thanks for the great service, value and customer service :)
melissa l. east stroudsburg, pa , August 18, 2008
I was totally blown away when I received these pages! I'm a traditional scrapper and just crossed over to digital. I was a little nervous about the crispness of the photos. There's no way I'm going back now!
Amy, August 17, 2008
I was delighted with my order and have already put in my second order with scrapbooks please.I will be using scrapbooks please often for my scrapbook printing.The pages look great and the order came fast.Very high quality!Thank you so much,a happy customer.
James, August 16, 2008
I love the 12X12 scrapbook pages that I ordered. The quality is great, and the coloring perfect. The shipping was very fast. Thank you so much.
Priscilla, August 16, 2008
Loved seeing my pages in full 12x12!
Jennifer, August 14, 2008
This is the second time I've ordered from you all and I absolutely love the quality and look of my prints. Because I have this service, I am switching to digital scrapbooking for good!
Tinea, August 13, 2008
Scrapbooks Please has printed several hundred 12x12 pages for me over the past year. The pages are high quality and the service is fast at an affordable price. I will not use any other printing company for my scrapbook pages.
Sandra, August 11, 2008
This was a great experience for me! I originally messed up my order, but customer service was quick and friendly when they fixed my problems! I received everything, and they are great! I will certainly use this service again!
--Brooke, Salt Lake City, UT, August 9, 2008
It was great quality and arrived extremely fast!!
Tara, August 9, 2008
This was my second order. My pages were printed with the border around them. Only $.99! What a deal. SBP - I am hooked! No one else will ever print my scrapbook pages. Thanks so much for the excellent service.
AR, August 8, 2008
I was so happy to find 12 x 12 prints at an affordable price. I can finally print my digital scrapbook. Thanks,
Michelle, August 7, 2008
Pictures absolutely beautiful. Order was filled and shipped very fast; only 3 or 4 days. I have also ordered magnets from you and they were the best of all places in which I have ordered. Your linen prints are also very nice and unique. Thank you,
Evelyn Paullin , August 7, 2008
I received the product much faster than I expected and everything looked great. Thanks. I will continue to use your services.
roberta, August 6, 2008
Love the pages just had my 2007 book printed - would love to see another sale on the premium luster prints!!
Liz, August 5, 2008
I am absolutely thrilled about the pictures, I appreciate your customer service and I have already told quite a few people about your services. I will be doing more business with you soon.
KB, August 5, 2008
As a first time customer - I was very please with the color and quality as well as ease of service and timely delivery. I also appreciated the print samples - that will make it so much easier for me to order in the future. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
Heather, August 4, 2008
I've been extremely pleased with my orders from you. The color and quality have been excellent. I also am very pleased with your reasonable prices. Thanks for all you do.
Marilyn, August 4, 2008
I thank God for you! I know that when I order I will get exactly what I wanted. Actually it is better than I envisioned. Thank you so very much! I recommend you to all my friends...
Kim Foreman Hyannis, NE, August 4, 2008
Thank you so much, I just love digital scrapbooking i can redo old photos and have them come alive once again
Kimberly, August 4, 2008
This was my second order and if anything, I was even more pleased with the product I received. Thank you for the great printing job and the paper quality was the best, as I expected.
Eileen, August 3, 2008
My friends were so totally jealous when I showed off my beautiful 8X10's! They were also amazed at the quality and the prices. You probably have 4-5 new customers now!
Jacquie O., August 3, 2008
It was great to see my pages up close and not on a computer screen. They looked great printed. Thanks.
Yolanda, August 3, 2008
I was thrilled with my order. It was affirmation that switching to digital was the right thing to do. It has also inspired me to get going again on finishing pages. Thanks and I look forward to future orders with your company. Keep up the great work!
Bethany Thornton, August 3, 2008
I love the quality of printing I received by scrapbooksplease. My pages were great and were shipped nicely to protect them. THANKS so much!
cherri, August 2, 2008
This was my second order, and I am VERY pleased with the outcomes. The pages look great. I have received many complements. I will definitely order again.
Susan, August 2, 2008
I had one of my scrapbook layouts made into a 4x4 magnet ... and the quality is excellent! On top of that, it arrived right on schedule (to Australia!) and the cost wasn't exorbitant. I'm rapt. Thanks, ScrapbooksPlease :)
deb, August 1, 2008
Quality was exceptional. I have ordered before and every time was very pleased.
Kathy, August 1, 2008
I was absolutely stunned by the quality!! Thank you!
Crystal, August 1, 2008
I loved the results of your printing of my 12 X 12 pages. They are beautiful! I hope you have frequent sales on printing - I will be a loyal customer and also recommend your site to others! Thanks!
Connie, August 1, 2008
Excellent quality prints at a great price. will definitely be ordering again! thanks
leslie, August 1, 2008
Thank you! My order is very nice. Printing is excellent. Shipping packaging very secure. WDBWA!
Lena from AZ, August 1, 2008
The quality of the prints was wonderful!
Alice, August 1, 2008
I liked my order a lot. This was the first time using Scrapbooks Please. I appreciated the samples of types of papers used. I can physically see the difference now without having to wait and order more pages with the different types of paper and now I know the types I like.
Tracy, July 31, 2008
A year of ordering from Scrapbooks Please, and I haven't had one order that I was unhappy with. Your quality and service is awesome...I gave up all my scrapbook supplies and have gone digital. Clean, easy, fun, fast, the best site I ever clicked on,and continue to recommend you to all.
ann, July 31, 2008
I got my order earlier than expected. And the final product came out better than I had thought. I'm very pleased and will continue to use ScrapbooksPlease in the future
Julie, July 30, 2008
My order was earlier than I had expected it to arrive and was in perfect condition just the way I ordered it, thanks. I will definitely be ordering from you again. Thanks again,
Danese, July 30, 2008
Thanks so much for the great pages! My family loves them!!
Faith, July 30, 2008
Thanks so much for sending my order out so quickly. It was of better quality than I expected from the $.99 I paid for each 12X12 page. I also loved the samples of your other papers. I think I'm going to try the linen one next.
Michelle, July 30, 2008
I have used scrapbookplease.com for over a year now. You have printed several hundred pages for me. The quality of the scrapbook pages is great, the prices reasonable, and the colors are true to what I expect. Thanks.
Sandra, July 29, 2008
I was surprised at how nice they turned out. It was my first time ordering and it has convinced me to go completely digital on my scrapbooking, its definitely less of a mess!
Talena, July 29, 2008
As a graphic designer for a local newspaper, I am particularly fussy when it comes to quality. My prints from Scrapbook Please were absolutely beautiful and I can't wait to order again! Thank you,
Kirsti, New York, July 29, 2008
I am very happy with the quality of my pages for this price. My order came as promised packaged perfectly for shipping. Thank you!
Sarina, July 28, 2008
As always, the product was great and so was the service. No place else offers so much with such great service.
Dee Williams, July 27, 2008
Awesome! I have already referred several friends. Ya'll have the best prices and best quality around.
Angela, July 27, 2008
I was unbelievably delighted. I have been searching for a place to order my 12x12 page layouts that I create on photoshop, and you guys came through in a major way. At $1.99 it's a deal, but with a sale price of $.99, wow. How could I not be satisfied.
sonya, July 26, 2008
I just received my order and I LOVE IT. Hope to do lots of business with you.
Lesley, July 26, 2008
The color of my photos were great. The paper and borderless printing makes the page appear larger and of very professional quality.
Deanna , July 25, 2008
The pages you printed are just amazing! The color & quality are superior to other companies I have tried in the past. I will continue to send all of my digital scrapbooking pages to Scrapbooksplease!
Sharon , July 25, 2008
I must say, between my $5 Off 1-year Membership Bonus and the .99 sale on 12x12 prints, I am THRILLED with my order and am so pleased with the quality and value. I wouldn't be able to afford to scrapbook any other way!
Marissa , July 24, 2008
I loved the magnets. The color was amazing and the clarity was exceptional. They were so much nicer than I expected. They also arrived very fast and were packaged to protect the product. Thanks for the great service. A future customer.
Louise, July 24, 2008
Your customer service was wonderful and very very prompt. They had almost instant responses to my questions. It was very surprising and wonderful!
Holly, July 23, 2008
I took advantage of the $.99 prints to see how my layouts would come out. They were beautiful. I just recently have been teaching myself digital scrapbooking and using 12 x 12 layouts. I am so glad I found this site! I am also thankful for the sample paper that was provided with my order. Thanks again!!
Kristin , July 23, 2008
I loved this quick and economical way to get caught up on all my scrapbooking. Now I can feel better about being creative w/ my family photos and not breaking my bank. Thanks a lot!
Laura, Pickerington, OH, July 23, 2008
Thank you so much for giving me a way to print my digital scrapbooking layouts at a reasonable price. I love the quality of the prints, the ease of ordering and the speed of delivery.
Jane, July 23, 2008
Everything about this purchase was great! It was easy to upload my pictures, the prints I wanted were on sale, so they were an exceptionally good deal, and my order arrived at my door in great shape and fast, fast, fast! Thank you for a job well done. I love my scrapbook pages.
Laura , July 23, 2008
I LOVED my pages so quick and easy to have them finished and show up at my door!
LS, July 23, 2008
I have to admit that I was very nervous printing out my first digital pages, especially since I thought they wouldn't come close to the quality of pages I normally produce doing paper scrapbooking. I was VERY pleasantly surprised by your quality of printing and at how beautiful the pages looked - also how well they fit into the same album as my paper scrapbooking pages.
Debbie, July 22, 2008
As a customer for over a year, I have ordered many 12x12 scrapbook pages from scrapbookplease.com because the quality is wonderful and the price is very reasonable. I appreciate the fact that there is almost always something on sale on the site.
Sandra, July 22, 2008
Yes! I was very delighted with my order and all the past orders that I have made. My family loves the pages as well!
Wendy, July 22, 2008
I didn't waste anytime giving my testimony once I received my order. It was my first order and I was extremely satisfied and overjoyed with the look of my scrapbook pages. Will definitely recommend to family and friends.
Alfreda, July 21, 2008
I read about your website in a Forum that was discussing getting scrapbook pages printed. You were running a special, so I thought it was a good time to give you a try. I was very impressed. Ordering was easy and I received my pages in less than a week and they were fantastic! I also liked that you sent samples of your other papers. Now I know what each one is and will probably try other papers. Thanks again.
Debbie F., July 21, 2008
I can't believe how nice my scrapbook pages turned out. The quality is great. Digital scrapbooking is the way to go.
Angie, July 21, 2008
Thank you so much I love all the pages I have ordered all have been terrific quality. Prompt service and now with the new uploader sooooooo much easier to use. Will be placing more orders with you soon. Thanx a million,
Mat, July 21, 2008
I was very delighted with my order, it was shipped promptly and packaged well. I will definitely order items again. Thank you!!
Barrie, July 21, 2008
I was a bit skeptical when I ordered my prints, after all 12x12 prints are pretty big. I anxiously awaited my prints which wasn't very long they arrived sooner than promised, and to my surprise they were absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I love them. I had to have sat there for 30 minutes just adoring them. The heavy weight paper quality turned out great and for .99 what a wonderful buy. Thank you so much,
Annette, July 21, 2008
The pictures turned out even better than I imagined! I was planning to use them as backing paper for scrapbook pages, but they are too beautiful to cover up!!!!
Beth, July 21, 2008
I have ordered again, and gotten my mom to order - you have a wonderful product at an excellent price!
Carola Tolleson , July 21, 2008
The pages I received (quickly, I might add) were great..bright colors, lovely matte finish, fine quality! Certainly the best deal on the web for printing 12 X 12 pages!!
Rhonda, July 21, 2008
I was so happy with the quality of the prints and really liked the samples that came along so I could really see (and feel!) the quality of the other papers. I'm definitely going to be ordering again, and soon!
Megan, July 21, 2008
I was very happy with my service and I will be ordering more stuff in the future. thanks again!!
debbie, July 21, 2008
My scrapbook prints turned out PERFECT! Customer service was exceptional -- I was told my pages were going to be blurry and was asked to resend them in a better quality, and my first order was cancelled with no problems. My second, better quality prints arrived within a few days. This was my first digital scrapbook project...now I'm addicted! Thanks!
Amy, July 21, 2008
The quality of the scrapbook pages was excellent! I can't wait to order more!
Audrey, July 21, 2008
The quality is excellent! The price is reasonable! The pictures are irreplaceable! Thanks,
Kay, July 20, 2008
I just started digital scrapbooking this year. I wasn't going to print any of the pages, I just intended to leave them on my computer and share them with family and friends that way. But I decided to try having a couple of pages printed to see if I liked them. When I recieved my order from you, I was extremely pleased. I know that I will be having alot more printed now, some of them even framed. Thank you Scrapbook Flair. Sincerely,
Brenda, July 20, 2008
I can't believe the quality of the prints for such an inexpensive price ! I luv it !
Roger, July 20, 2008
This was my 4th order and am still very pleased with the quality and speed that the prints arrived. This time I made sure to post to my groups about the sale, just to give them a chance to give you a try at such a great price.
Lois, July 20, 2008
I just received my first order from Scrapbooks Please...and immediately put in my second one!! I am now in love with digital scrapping and will be able to catch up on my scrapbooking!!
Renee, July 19, 2008
WOW! I received my pages today and I am overjoyed with the look. The colors just "pop" and the paper is fantastic. There aren't enough words to describe how happy and satisfied I am. God bless you all!!! The ordering process was very user friendly and receipt of the order was extremely timely. I can't wait to order more pages. Gotto go now and get busy creating more pages to upload. Thanks again so very much!
AR, July 19, 2008
I am thrilled with my order. I took advantage of the half-off sale (which is a must for my budget). This was my first time having digital scrapbooking printed and the finished product was amazing and exceeded my expectations. Keep up the sales! Next time I will have many more ready. Thank you so much.
Catherine, July 19, 2008
After many years of spending hours and a whole lot of money putting scrapbook pages together by hand, it was like magic to see them come back so quickly after doing it digitally. The quality of the pages was excellent. I'll never go back to doing it the hard way.
DW, July 18, 2008
I am thrilled with my 12x12 prints! I'm so excited that I've found a COST efficient and high quality print site that I can upload to and have my scrapbook pages delivered right to my door. I will definitely be placing more orders in the future. I've already sent a link to my scrapbooking friends about your site. Thank you!!!
Christy Williams-Dacula GA, July 17, 2008
I loved my pages and am excited to get them in just the right album. I would love to have the 12 x 12 sheets go on sale for $.99 more often. Thank you!
Andrea, July 17, 2008
My scrapbook pages were great. They were reasonably priced and I will use Scrapbooksplease.com in the very near future.
laquana, July 16, 2008
Scrapbook Please is the best value I have found for 12 x 12 printing... more economical and excellent quality. I recommend you to all of my friends.
Cyndi, July 16, 2008
I was thrilled with how my scrapbook pages turned out. The colors were gorgeous and the paper was higher quality than I expected given I ordered standard matte.
Christine, July 15, 2008
I absolutely loved the magnets I bought... will definitely buy from you again.
Heather, July 14, 2008
I am THRILLED with the pages I ordered! I wasn't sure how they would look and feel in person, but they are better than I expected. I'm hooked on digital scrapbooking now, thanks to Scrapbook Flair and ScrapbookPlease. I tell everyone I know who is hesitant to start scrapping to try Scrapbookflair first!
Kimberly, July 14, 2008
Excellent product, I will be ordering again.
Alison, July 14, 2008
Because of the low prices I figured I would give it a try and order my 12x12 scrapbook pages. I was so excited to receive the order and when I did I could not get over how amazing the quality was. They far exceeded my expectations and I need to get working on some more pages so that I can order some more!!
Maggie, July 14, 2008
The color was amazing. The sample prints are an excellent idea.
Jessica, July 14, 2008
I was extremely pleased by the quality of service. This was my first time ordering from Scrapbooks Please and I had a few questions. I was thrilled by how quickly someone got back to my emails. Plus, my prints look great!
Erika, July 11, 2008
I just received my frame. It is just beautiful. I love it & I hung it up where everyone can view it. This page is my favorite because it means so, so much to me, so thanks so much!!
Sonia, July 11, 2008
I am very pleased with everything here. I got the 12x12 value matte prints and they were gorgeous.
Stephanie, July 10, 2008
Not only my order was not late at all but also I emailed to ask for a shorter delivery date, which ScrapbooksPlease was able to accomodate. I was very happy with that and I'd like to thank ScrapbooksPlease Customer Service.
Marcia, July 10, 2008
Second time customer here. I have been very pleased with the photos I have ordered and I LOVE the low prices! Your website is easy to navigate and easy to underdstand- no surprise costs at the check-out either! I'm so glad I found you!
Jacquie O., July 7, 2008
Shipping was superfast. This was my first, but definitely not my last order! Very pleased with the service and the product! Thank you.
Emily, July 3, 2008
The quality was very good and the service was excellent. I get the feeling if something had been wrong you would be very willing to fix it asap.
Tia, July 2, 2008
The quality wasn't what I expected - it was even better! I'm excited to have such professional-looking pages in my scrapbook.
Monica, July 1, 2008
I loved the ease of ordering and the finished product. No complaints at all!
Karen, June 30, 2008
I just learned digital scrapbooking and even though my husband bought a fabulous very large printer....I just knew my pages could look better. And with your company...there were fabulous! I was so thrilled with the pages after they were printed! Thanks!
Tammy Eula, June 28, 2008
We are delighted with the quality of our 12 x 12 prints. We can't wait to order more! Seeing these old photos being transformed into a new format is really fun, we are so glad that we found Scrapbooks Please!
Lisa, June 28, 2008
I started scrapbooking 5 years ago, but I didn't have the time to sit down and create even a page because I was too busy taking care of my 3 kids, and besides I created only 4 pages and 2 of them were incomplete. Then I discovered digital scrapbooking. In a matter of 2 weeks I created 14 pages! I was able to print them out, proofread them. Now, thanks to you I have my Army scrapbook completed up until my latest accomplishments and am very proud to see how good the scrapbook came out. Thanks again -
Ely, June 27, 2008
I was very satisfied with the quality of the order as well as the fast delivery. I have ordered through this website before and I will order again.
Luis, June 23, 2008
I am so impressed with my digital pages. This was my first time to make digital pages and they look fabulous!! I will be using your services again and again. Thank you!!!
Lynnelle, June 23, 2008
I have used other companys. But after one order with Scrapbooks Please, there is no going Anywhere Else...YOUR SITE AND PRODUCT QUALITY IS WONDERFUL.
Annie, June 22, 2008
Thank you so much. I just received my first 12x12 scrapbook page and it is beautiful. The print is awesome. I have tried other places and they never turned out, but yours was beautiful. This will be the only place from now on that I have my scrapbook pages printed. Thank you again from a satisfied customer.
Jennie, June 20, 2008
This is the best quality product I've seen at this price. I will definitely be ordering again.
Dan S., June 17, 2008
I have placed several orders with Scrapbooks Please and have always been 100% pleased. The quality is fantastic and the products are hard to find other places. Please continue doing everything as wonderfully as you do now.
Karen - Iowa , June 17, 2008
I was so pleased with my order of 48 prints. It arrived so fast. The emails of confirmation letting me know that my order had been shipped along with a tracking number was great. I was a little hesitant at first to place such a large order for my "first time". But after reading the testimonials of others and their great comments about Scrapbook Please I thought to myself ... Self... have a little faith in these people. Look how many people are so satisfied with the results. I'm glad I had a little faith. I've been showing off my pictures to everyone and they are so impressed; especially when I tell them where I got them and how much it cost. Thank you for providing such a great service!
~melody , June 17, 2008
I just received my magnets in the mail today. They are beautiful... I absolutely love them!!! they are bigger than I thought, but they are PERFECT!!! I will definitely order more in the future. Thank you.
Donna, June 17, 2008
I loved my order. It was easy to order and the prints turned out great. I especially liked the linen paper. I can't wait to order my next order.
Arlene, June 16, 2008
I have gotten 4 or 5 orders from you and have been very pleased with everything. You do a great job and your service is the "best". I will shop with you again, many, many times. Thanks for the opportunity.
Dee Williams-Alexandria, VA , June 15, 2008
I've ordered from ScrapbooksPlease 8 times so far and I've loved the quality and service. I've ordered over 40 12 X 12 high quality prints and they have been excellent quality. All the pages have been delivered on time. I would recommend ScrapBooks Please to anyone who wants repints (small or large)-I am a very satisfied customer!
Mary C., Jay, Maine, June 11, 2008
I received the prints of the pages i am putting in my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary Scrapbook. They were absolutely wonderful! The quality of the print was awesome! Thank you soooooooo much!
Sandi Bergeron, May 28, 2008
Just got it today. Nice work! I will definitely be using your services in the future. Thank you,
Denise Wadzinski, May 23, 2008
Got my order and the paper quality is wonderful! FAST SERVICE! Loved it! Have a wonderful day!
Antoinette Chatagnier, May 20, 2008
My pages arrived today. I was so pleasantly surprised! I absolutely love the way they turned out! I will be using your service again in the future. Thanks so much!
Addie Blevins, May 13, 2008
I just received my first prints from you and must say, THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL. The service was so fast, your website was easy to use. Thank you too for the sample prints. Now I have a perfect understanding of each of your categories. Thanks again. I'll be back.
Linda Curren, April 26, 2008
I just received my second order from you guys and I just wanted to thank you. The prints arrived quickly, and the quality is incredible. I can't wait to display my pages. I will refer all my friends to you and continue to order from you as well. Thanks so much for providing such quality service.
Michelle McGee, April 21, 2008
I just want to thank you on the speed and quality of your products. I just received my order, my first Photo Book and I am very pleased with it. It is very beautiful and my family and I will enjoy it for many years. Also, I was very pleased with the rest of my order, the 8x8 prints were very high quality.
Pam Gibson, April 11, 2008
I received my 12x12 page on Premium Luster and absolutely love how it turned out. It looks so good and even better in my scrapbook. Thank you!
Chelsea, March 25, 2008
I received my order today... I am VERY pleased with the quality as well as the speed it was delivered.... I will be ordering more and also will tell all my friends about your site.... Thank you
Roger Crocker, March 25, 2008
I received my order today, my first with digital scrapbooking. What a wonderful job you did. I am thrilled and I will certainly be back. Thank you so much.
Deanna Williams, March 13, 2008
First of all, your shipping was prompt - I received my order on Christmas Eve, just in time to put my 2 Granddaughters Memory Books together, so my first impression was relief. I was almost afraid to open the package. Smiles. I ordered the (Standard) Matte Prints and was so afraid they would not live up to my expectations. I literally wept with joy when I saw them. Incredible Quality - Every Detail Jumped Right Off of the Page! The Colors Are Vibrant, the Prints Were Not Clipped Around the Edges - They Look Exactly Like the Layouts I Originally Created and Your Company Has a New Advocate and All of My Future Orders. Thank You So Very Much!
Laurie Ann Phinney, AKA Idgie, December 31, 2007
I wanted to create a scrapbook in memory of my grandparents but am not a "scrapbooker." Thankfully I came across your scrapbook program. I was able to create a beautiful scrapbook and use your service for creating 12x12 prints. You provided quick service and beautiful prints at a great price. Thanks so much.
Denise DeGuzman, December 21, 2007
I just received the magnets I ordered and I love them!!! Thank you so much. I can't get over the quality of the images, even at that resolution. I know the family members I will give them to will love them as well. Have a wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year! Continued success in 2008.
Marina Valcarcel, December 15, 2007
Thank you!! My first scrapbookplease order, 27 12x12" pages has arrived, and we are very happy with the results! This is my first scrapbook, digital or otherwise. We had a dream vacation in Alaska in 2006, so this scrapbook was important to us. Your service was fast, and the each page was printed correctly. Additionally, the colors are crisp and true. We couldn't be more happy! Thank you!
Judy Gampfer, December 13, 2007
Just wanted to let you know that I received my scrapbook today. I am so impressed!! I love it and I know my husband will too (it's a Christmas gift). Your website is so user friendly and your shipping is super fast! I will be using your service again, I'm sure. Thanks again,
Shannon Jarvies,, November 29, 2007
Whoa! I just got the book that I ordered and I am beyond pleased! After the nightmare of doing a book using my 8x8 digital scrapbook pages through Shutterfly, what a pleasant surprise to find that none of my pages were cropped, that there were no white borders anywhere, and that everything was perfect. Thank you so much for doing a fine job. Your process is MUCH more straightforward, and the results are wonderful.
P. Dillon, November 9, 2007
This was the first time I used your service which I found googling 12 x 12 scrapbook prints - and the product was outstanding! You have a new loyal customer!!
Victoria Wagner, October 24, 2007
I placed my first order with you while thinking this was too good to be true. I have to admit I wasn't expecting much. However, I was thrilled when I saw the finished product! I have told everyone I know about your website and services! You have restored my faith in website vendors! Thanks!!!!
S Jewell,, September 28, 2007
Oh my word! I am in receipt of my order and can not believe how "true to life" the pages really are! You cannot go wrong using ScrapbooksPlease to print your pages! I'm one happy customer and I'll be back! Thank you so much for the great quality prints!
Deborah Reeder, September 20, 2007
Just wanted to let you know that I received my photos in yesterday's mail. I am very pleased with the results, especially since most of them were from slides and older photographs. Your company did a great job and I will continue to use your service and will recommend your company to my customers. Thanks!
Therese Paquette, August 30, 2007
I received my order today - that was fast! Everything was exactly as I ordered and I'm very pleased with my shipment! I look forward to doing business with you many more times in the future.
Kimberly Bartlett , July 21, 2007
I have to tell you that I was a little weary of ordering prints from your company, especially when I couldn't find anyone to verify the quality. That fear was completely laid to rest when my prints arrived today! They are absolutlely stunning!!! There were no issues with the coloring being off or the prints being cut off. I am so impressed by the quality of your service that you will be seeing my next order right away. Thank you so much!
Jaime Grove, July 18, 2007
I ordered my first pages in the 12 x12 size in this last .99 sale...I ordered 16 pages and they are absolutely gorgeous, will be ordering more. The quality is really awesome and the service is very fast. Love this feature of SBF.
Mat's Scrapbooks , July 17, 2007
I just wanted to drop a line and tell you the standard printed page special ScrapbooksPlease did was a great deal! I ordered 17 12 x 12 pages and they are OUTSTANDING. They shipped yesterday) and arrived today. Some of you were wondering if the pages would be good, and I want to tell you, they are!!! It was borderless and perfect for framing, or slipping right into your postbound scrapbooks. I'm so excited about the pages, and now I have something to show my friends!
Jeanette , July 16, 2007
I just received my pages and I can't even close my mouth. They are outrageously beautiful, look awesome and the most important thing for me, the QUALITY of the printing service is FABULOUS. The time that I had to wait for them was right, and was sooo worth it!!!
Erica Nunez , July 16, 2007
AWESOME!!! I am SOOO pleased with my order from you. I will be using your site to print my 12x12 scrapbook pages from now on. THANK YOU for the great job!!!
Elizabeth Struck , July 14, 2007