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Q. How does the Scrapbooks Please Upload Software work?
With the Scrapbooks Please Upload software, you can upload several photos and place those photos into multiple albums at once. Once you have installed the software, simply click on the icon on your desktop. Select your images and click on 'add to upload queue' to upload multiple photos. You will then choose which albums to add the photos to on Scrapbooks Please. Once you have you photos added to the queue, simply click on upload. The software will add your images to the appropriate albums for you. The status bar will update you to the time remaining to upload.
Q. What if I want to purchase a scrapbook, but haven't created it yet?
Then you've come to the right place. At ScrapbooksPlease and our sister site ScrapbookFlair.com, you can get everything you need to create beautiful digital scrapbooks and share them electronically or print and send them to family and friends. We suggest you download ScrapbookFlair Software at www.ScrapbookFlairSoftware.com and look at some of our fabulous designer collections on ScrapbookFlair.com and start scrapping!
Q. What is the difference between Assembled Scrapbooks and Photo Books?
Assembled scrapbooks are standard post bound or ring bound scrapbooks. ScrapbooksPlease will print the scrapbook pages and insert them into the scrapbook in the order you provide. The page order can be changed once you receive the scrapbook. Photobooks are hand bound scrapbooks. ScrapbooksPlease will print the pages and bind the pages in the Scrapbook in the order that you provide. The pages cannot be moved once the scrapbook is completed.
Q. Is there a Customer Support number where I can talk to someone about my order?
Yes. The number is (770) 891-9398.
Q. What is the Scrapbooks Please Refund Policy?
Your satisfaction and enjoyment of your purchase is very important to the team at Scrapbooks Please. Our products are designed to provide lasting memories for you and your family. Did you know that you can order FREE paper samples for all of our prints before you order. Simply visit our home page and click on the link for free prints in the left menu. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the quality of your order, please contact us within 30 days of your purchase. After 30 days, Scrapbooks Place will replace or issue store credit for any item that proves to be defective under normal use. If your order is damaged in transit, please contact us to arrange for a replacement. We may ask you to hold on to the damaged item for inspection by the shipping carrier or we may ask you to return the order to us for inspection. With the exception of products damaged in shipping, merchandise must be returned in new, unused condition to be eligible for a full refund. Shipping charges on your original order are not typically refundable unless the return is the result of our error. If your return is damaged in transit to us, we will assist you in making a claim against the carrier. We recommend using a traceable shipping method and insuring shipments of high value. Along with your returned merchandise, please include an explanation of the reason for your return, and send everything in one package to the address below. Scrapbooks Please 4579 Abbotts Bridge Rd #4, Duluth, GA 30097
Creating Your Scrapbook
Q. What is the required resolution for the image prints?
For the ideal prints, High Resolution images are preferred. The resolution should be at least 300 dpi for the best prints. Prints can be produced from lower resolution images, but, the prints won't be as sharp. For Low Resolution images, we suggest smaller scrapbooks as the images will look better. If the images you use in your scrapbooks are lower resolution than the elements used for the Scrapbooks, you will see a difference in the resolution. The low resolution images will appear less crisp than the rest of the elements on the page.
Q. What image formats can be used for uploading? What if I don't have the right image format?
We recommend High Resolution jpegs for the best quality prints, but the following formats are also acceptable to upload: JPG, PNG, TIF, BMP and GIF. Scrapbook Flair software (available free on this site) accepts over 40 different image file formats and produces High Resolution jpegs. You can download the Scrapbook Flair Software for free at ScrapbookFlairSoftware.com.
Q. Can I upload my Scrapbook directly from the Scrapbook Flair Software?
The Scrapbook Flair Software format is not high resolution. You will need to export your files to create JPG files. Simply click the Export button in the upper menu on Scrapbook Flair. You will need to export each page to create unique JPG files for each page. Choose best quality option to create the highest resolution images. Once you have the JPG files, you may upload the jpegs to ScrapbooksPlease.com. You can use the Free Upload Accelerator to upload your pages quickly.
Q. How long does it take to upload images?
This is completely dependent on your internet speed. If you are working on a high speed connection, the images will upload in a matter of minutes. If you are working on a dial up connection, the upload will take longer. If you are having difficulty uploading your pages, we recommend downloading and using our Upload Accelerator software. It's free and available on the ScrapbooksPlease Home Page. This should improve your upload speed somewhere between 2X - 10X. It's super-fast, even with large image files.
Q. Is there a minimum page requirement for assembled scrapbooks?
There is no minimum page requirement for the assembled scrapbooks. However, each scrapbook includes 10 refill sheets for 20 printed sides. Your book will still include 10 refill sheets even if you don't order 20 printed sides.
Q. Is there a maximum page limit for the assembled scrapbooks?
Yes. The maximum # of pages allowed in the assembled scrapbook is 40 pages or 80 printed sides.
Q. If I order an “Assembled Scrapbook” will I be able to change the page order?
Yes. An “assembled scrapbook” is made just like a traditional scrapbook with top loading pages. You will be able to re-arrange your pages whenever you like or add other traditional scrapping elements like ticket stubs, momentos, etc.
Q. Will my print be exactly 12" x 12"?
Please allow 1/8" bleed on all 4 sides of your page for trimming. This is especially important when you order a photobook. Part of the page will be in the crease when the book is bound. Don't forget to check the preview to make sure all elements and copy will be visible. Following are the exact sizes for the prints. Value Matte prints will have a white border. Premium Luster & Premium Matte: 12x12 (- 1/16") Standard Matte, Standard Glossy, Line and Value Matte: 12x12 (- 1/8")
Q. How do I order additional scrapbooks?
Go back to your shopping cart to change the quantities for each scrapbook.
Q. How long does it take to place an average order?
This depends on your internet connection. The time required to upload images will be very quick with a high speed or connection or it could take several minutes on a dial up connection. The rest of the order process can be completed in a matter of minutes.
Pricing and Payments
Q. What is the “average cost” for an assembled scrapbook?
This depends on what you order (number of pages, style of the scrapbook, size of the pages, and the type of paper you choose.) But as a rule of thumb, your cost should be as follows for a 20 Image (page) book with 10 leaves: 8” x 8” or 8.5” x 11” $45.00 - $95.00 and for a 12” x 12 “between $60.00 - $130.00.
Q. How do I pay for my order?
You can pay for your order with a credit card or you can start an account with paypal. Once you enter paypal’s screen, you will be able to choose between paying with a credit card or starting an account.
Q. Is my credit card information secure?
We use Paypal as our merchant service. Your credit card information is kept on the secure Paypal site, not with ScrapbooksPlease. Paypal goes to great lengths to protect your credit card information. If you'd like more information about their security standards, go to www.PayPal.com
Q. Can I ship to multiple addresses?
Absolutely. Once you have completed your order, you will be given the options to enter multiple shipping addresses. These addresses will be stored in your account information for future orders.
Q. What can I expect to pay for shipping?
The shipping cost is dependent on the shipping method. The least expensive shipping option is to ship via the United States Post Office. You can expect to pay the following prices which are the maximum prices for shipping prints in the continental US. Items are shipped out of Georgia. 1 page - USPS First Class: $3.01 within the continental US 10 Pages - USPS First Class: $7.55 within the continental US 20 Pages - USPS First Class: $9.89 within the continental US Express and Overnite shipping is also available. The cost is dependent on weight, distance and type of express service. Your shipping prices will be calculated in your shopping cart. You will see the actual shipping costs before you confirm your order.
Q. How is my order shipped?
Orders can be shipped Federal Express or United States Postal Service. You will be able to choose between regular or express mail for USPS or ground, 2nd day and next day shipping options for Federal Express.
Q. How long does take to receive my order?
A typical order takes up to a week to fulfill and then can be shipped by ground, 2 day or overnight service to destinations in the United States and Canada. You will receive confirmation for your order and the time of shipment via email.
Q. What happens if my order is incorrect or damaged when it arrives?
Please contact customer support at: support@ScrapbooksPlease.com or call 404-496-6519 and let us know what was wrong or the kind of damage. These events are rare, but we are anxious to fix them when they occur.
Q. What countries does Scrapbooks Please ship to?
Currently Scrapbooks Please is shipping to the following countries: United States Canada Australia England Ireland Mexico Scotland Wales New Zealand
Q. What options are available to pay for my order.
We use Paypal to process payment for our orders. You are welcome to use the credit card option on paypal if would prefer not to set up a paypal account. Just click on the credit card option rather than creating a paypal account.
Q. What if my paypal shipping address is not my current address?
Your order will ship to the address you choose on ScrapbooksPlease when you place your order. Your shipping address at Paypal will not affect your shipment.